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  • 7/23/2019 Analysis of Music Magazine Kerrang



    Photographic image

    placed in fron t of

    masth ead. This

    show s that not the

    whole m asthead

    needs to be seen in

    order for the audience

    to see it. It also gives

    i t a dramat ic look

    because the art is ts on

    the main im age are

    the first thing youre

    drawn to .

    The colour

    yel low is used

    for surround ing

    the cover l ineswhich is a clever


    because it

    makes i t stand

    out and gives

    clear direct ion

    as to wh ere the

    audience shou ld

    be drawn to f i rst .

    There is a

    variety ofcolours used

    for the cover

    l ines to make

    cer tain wo rds

    or images

    stand out .

    Fonts used is sansser i f which s uggest

    they are going for a

    more modern sty le

    approach to the

    magazine and also

    suggests the mus ic

    art ists featured are of

    mod ern sty le rock.

    The image on the

    front is related to themain story featured

    insid e and relates to

    what type o f ar t is ts,

    the audiences

    interests are. Fans o n

    YOU ME AT SIX wil l

    be drawn into reading

    the magazine.

    The cloth ing is a

    basic sty le

    ( jeans, t s hirt)

    that the target

    audience wou ld

    mos t l ike ly wear


    This means that

    the audience

    can relate to

    them as art is ts

    as well as the

    magazine as itg ives a good


    of the bands


    Their poses are them all standing

    stra ight facing the audience with adirect gaze. The impress ion it

    creates is that they are looking at

    the audience of the magazine which

    capt ivates the audiences and makes

    them want to read the story inside.

    Main co ver l ine use

    bold text to draw

    attention and the

    name of the band is

    highl ighted to show

    its importance to the


    Text is of a decentsize therefore it is

    able to read from a

    good distance which

    is wh at the intended

    audience wou ld look

    for because they

    wouldnt want to

    spend lots of t ime

    reading the front

    cover .

    Lots of puf fs to make

    the audience more

    incl in ed to read- free

    st ickers is one

    example. Thisobvious ly appears to

    the younger


    The names of ar t is ts/bands

    are high lighted and are in

    bold wr i t ing in order to

    capture the g aze of th e


    The current publ isher is

    Bauer Media Group.They also are the

    publ isher of Q music


  • 7/23/2019 Analysis of Music Magazine Kerrang


    Yellow is used to

    highl ight the

    di f ferent sect ions

    of the magazine.

    The image is

    placed to the left

    s ide of the

    contents page

    whi le the text is

    placed on the

    r ight . Which is a

    very simple

    layout for the


    therefore m aking

    it easier to read.

    Modern text is

    used (sans s erif)

    because the

    magazine is about

    modern rock .

    The image

    represents the

    type of audience

    interested in the

    The person in the

    image is facing the

    crowd which g ives

    the impression

    that th is person is

    very popular and

    also because he

    isnt facing the

    camera i t can draw

    the reader in

    because they want

    to f ind out who

    that person is.

    Highl ighted the

    tit les of each

    sect ion of the

    magazine to give

    clear direct ion to

    the audienc es

    interests.The older

    generat ion isnot addressed

    because its a

    mod ern sty le

    magazine w ith

    features that

    wou ld on ly



    generation due

    to the sty le of

    bands featuredin the


    Same sty le is con t inued on the dou ble page: spread