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    Kill La Kill RPG


    This tabletop RPG runs on a d100 system. What this means is you roll a 100-sided die with the goal of

    having a number lower than the target characteristic. Furthermore, you have degrees of success or

    failure depending on how different the die result and target number are. These are a measure of how

    well or how poorly you have performed a given action. Every ten below the target number is a degree of

    success, and every ten above the target is a degree of failure. Furthermore, a roll of 1-5 always succeeds,

    with a roll of 1 being a critical success, and a roll of 95-100 always fails, with a roll of 100 being a critical




    The GM reserves the right to override any of the rules in this handbook and any die result on the table.

    This is rule zero, the absolute power of the GM. You may appeal to your GM for changes in rules or

    personal changes to how certain things work for your character (for example, you may ask if you can

    change the second characteristic bonus of your uniform type applies to something else). ALL BOW


  • 8/11/2019 Kill La Kill RPG


    Character Creation


    Roll 4d10 (drop lowest) 8 times and choose the best 7 results. Add 15 to each of these.

    Strength- A measure of physical power. This statistic determines the ability of a character to handlephysical tasks, such as lifting, climbing, jumping, and how much the character may carry. It also

    determines the characters power in melee.

    Agility- A measure of the characters speed and dexterity.

    Fortitude- A measure of toughness. This statistic determines the ability of a character to take damage,along with performing arduous tasks, such as running, extended periods of climbing, and sleeplessness.

    Also determines blood loss per round for unawakened Kamui.

    Intelligence- How book-smart a character is

    Willpower- A measure of the characters strength of will.

    Charisma- A measure of the characters inter-personal skills and ability to work with others.

    Insight- A measure of a characters observational and insightful skills. This determines how well acharacter perceives the world around them.

    Other characteristics

    Sanity: This score starts at 90 + your willpower bonus. This is a measure of your characters grip on


    Blood points: This is calculated as your primary uniform types bonus + your fortitude bonus. If these

    points are depleted, reduce your blood points permanently. Only treatment or extended rest can return

    your blood to normal.

    Resolve Points: These are calculated as your blood points + 3x your willpower bonus. These rejuvenate

    at the end of each combat session. This represents the heroic resolve of your characters, and the

    increased durability of Honnouji Academy students.

    Initiative: This statistic is temporarily generated at the beginning of each combat encounter. It is created

    by rolling a D10 and adding your Agility bonus and whatever modifiers you may have together.


    You may select one primary and one secondary uniform type, or you may remain pure in your primary

    type. You may choose one primary uniform ability to apply to your character. If you choose to remain

    pure to your primary type, you may choose a second primary ability to apply to your character. A level

    up (20 star points) grants another star level, from a minimum of no stars to a maximum of three stars.

    You must head your own club under the primary type of your uniform to receive a two-star uniform. You

  • 8/11/2019 Kill La Kill RPG


    must appeal to the Student Council to receive a Three Star uniform at 60 star points. Three star

    Uniforms must transform to gain bonuses, however, you retain your two star uniform bonus when

    untransformed. Transformation takes a half round. Bonuses from uniforms do not stack. If you are lucky,

    a Kamui may be made for you in the same style as your Goku uniform.

    Bruiser TypeThis type of uniform is for the bold, the all-out attacker. Most often, the athletic clubs are this type. You

    may swap which is the larger bonus between Strength or Agility based on whether you are melee or

    ranged based.

    10 + Fortitude bonus blood points, 3 + Intelligence skill tags

    No Star: No bonuses.

    One Star

    Primary: +5 to Strength, +3 to Agility

    Secondary: +3 to Strength

    Two Star

    Primary: +10 to Strength, +5 to Agility.

    Secondary: +5 to Strength, +3 to Agility

    Three Star

    Primary: +20 to Strength, +10 to Agility

    Secondary: +10 to Strength, +5 to Agility.


    Eyes of God: Reroll a number of attack rolls equal to your insight bonus per combat encounter.

    Energy Rise: Once per encounter, you may double the amount of actions you take for a single round.

    All I See Are Weapons: Improvised weapons lose the penalty and become melee or thrown weapons.

    Tank Type

    This type of uniform is created from the iron-clad rules of Honnouji Academy. Most often, the

    Disciplinary Committee uniforms are this type.

    15+Fortitude blood points, 3+Intelligence skill tags

    No Star: no bonuses

    One Star

    Primary: +5 to fortitude, +3 to willpower

  • 8/11/2019 Kill La Kill RPG


    Secondary: +3 to fortitude

    Two Star

    Primary: +10 to fortitude, +5 to willpower

    Secondary: +5 to fortitude, +3 to willpower

    Three Star

    Primary: +20 to fortitude, +10 to willpower

    Secondary: +10 to fortitude, +5 to willpower


    Disciplined Warrior: Once per encounter, shrug off a single attack on a successful fortitude roll.

    Unquestioning Loyalty: Upon activating this power, the Character may not be stunned or knocked prone

    for a number of turns equal to their willpower bonus.

    Heroic Resolve: Once per session. At the beginning of combat, you may treat your Resolve Points as

    double their normal amount for the remainder of the combat session.

    Data Type

    This type of uniform obsesses over collecting and interpreting data, using the knowledge gleaned to

    their advantage. Most often, the Research and Development department has these uniforms.

    10+fortitude blood points, 5+intelligence skill tags

    No Star: No bonuses

    One Star

    Primary: +5 to intelligence, +3 to insight

    Secondary: +3 to intelligence

    Two Star

    Primary: +10 to intelligence, +5 to insight

    Secondary: +5 to intelligence, +3 to insight

    Three Star

    Primary: +20 to intelligence, +10 to insight

    Secondary: +10 to intelligence, +5 to insight

  • 8/11/2019 Kill La Kill RPG



    Analytical Mind: Once per encounter. Make an Intelligence Check as a full-round action against a single

    opponent. If successful, add your Intelligence bonus as degrees of success on any To Hit rolls against

    that opponent.

    Quick Study: You may choose an ability from one other uniform type. It must be an ability that you haveseen in person. This is up to your GM to allow.

    Literal Data Acquisition: Transform accumulated data into your very own. Once per session, you may

    make an intelligence check. If you succeed, you may add 2x your insight bonus to either your attack and

    damage rolls or to your Resolve points. If you choose the former, you are converting the data

    accumulated about your opponent into a replica of that opponents weapon.

    Caster Type

    This type of uniform prefers the fun in life, whether it is found in theatre, music, literature, art, or just

    hanging out. This uniform is very adaptable. Most of the time, the non-athletic clubs use this type of


    10+fortitude blood points, 4+intelligence skill tags

    No star: no bonuses.

    One Star

    Primary: +5 to Charisma, +3 to either Agility or Insight

    Secondary: +3 to Charisma

    Two Star

    Primary: +10 to Charisma, +5 to either agility or insight

    Secondary: +5 to Charisma, +3 to either Agility or Insight

    Three Star

    Primary: +20 to Charisma, +10 to either agility or insight [NANI SORE INTENSIFIES]

    Secondary: +10 to Charisma, +5 to either agility or insight


    Glorious Blast: When you take this ability, choose an energy type. Once per round, you may make a

    ranged weapons attack using charisma instead of agility. If successful, you deal 1d10+your charisma

    bonus in damage. A star increase may add either another energy type or add a d4 of damage. Energy

    types: Fire, Electricity, Ice, Sonic, or Light. For example, Nonons uniform utilizes Sonic and Light energy.

    Take Flight, These Wings of Mine: Once per combat encounter, you may fly at your normal movement

    speed for a number of rounds equal to your charisma bonus. A three star uniform may make a charisma

  • 8/11/2019 Kill La Kill RPG


    check to stay flying for another set of rounds equal to your charisma bonus. This check increases in

    difficulty (-10) each time.

    Rally: Make a Charisma check as a full round action. If successful, one character suffering negative status

    effects from Fatigue or Fear are restored to normal status, and one ally within close proximity (squares

    equal to your Charisma bonus) receives a +10 bonus to their rolls for a number of turns equal to yourCharisma bonus.


    These are rare and powerful uniforms made 100% out of life fibers.

    These are given on GM discretion.

    When you have a kamui, it has an unawakened state and an awakened

    state. You must spend a half round to transform your kamui, like a three

    star uniform. Unlike a three star uniform, it costs a single blood point totransform your kamui.

    You must also roll 4d10 (dropping the lowest) and adding 10 and your

    willpower bonus to generate a new characteristic: Sync Ratio. Your sync

    ratio with your Kamui affects your effectiveness in battle, and will

    change based on different circumstances. Give this result to your GM

    and let the GM bullshit run its course.

    Unawakened kamui add a +10 to all characteristics, and you may reroll a single roll per encounter.

    However, you lose blood points equal to a d8-fortitude.

    Awakened kamui add a +30 to three characteristics and a +10 to all others, and you may reroll a single

    roll per encounter. These kamui may also change form based on the situation. If you have an awakened

    kamui, your power runs on GM bullshit.

    Leveling Up

    Your GM awards Star Points at the end of each session. You may spend these points to upgrade your

    character. For every 20 points spent, your level increases, and you receive a new ability (NOT uniform

    ability) and a single skill tag.

    Star Point Costs Character Upgrade

    1 1 Chance Modifier Token

    2 1 Major Chance Modifier Token

    3 1 Additional Skill Tag, Increase Sanity by 2 Points

    4 1 Ability. 1 extra re-roll per session.

    5 1 Uniform Type Ability, 1 Minor Characteristic

    Upgrade (increase characteristic by 5), 1 Blood


    10 1 Major Characteristic Upgrade (increase

  • 8/11/2019 Kill La Kill RPG


    characteristic by 10). 1 Fate Point.

    A Chance Modifier Token allows a player to add +5 to any roll. A Major Chance Modifier Token adds +10

    to any roll.


    Each player gets a number of Tags equal to their Intelligence bonus plus their class skill bonus. Thesetags are used to tag skil ls. A skill with a single tag may be used without penalty (a character attempting a

    Climb check with one tag rolls their Strength score, unmodified, as Climbs governing attribute is

    Strength). Each successive tag increases the skill by 5 points (so a Climb Score with 2 tags would increase

    the users Strength check to climb by 10). You may tag a skill any number of times equal to your

    Intelligence bonus.

    Using a skill without any tags is done at a -10 penalty. In some cases, the skill may not be performed at

    all. Skills that may not be used without tagging are asterisked below.


    Climb: A measure of your ability to climb up surfaces. Some surfaces may not be climbable.

    Lift: A measure of your ability to lift and move a heavy object.

    Melee Weapons*: Your aptitude with Melee type weapons.

    Thrown Weapons*: Your aptitude with Throwing Type Weapons (ninja stars, knives, etc)

    Unarmed Combat: Your aptitude when fighting without a Weapon.


    Awareness: Your ability to notice things in your surrounding environment.

    Intuition: Your effective sixth sense, this skill may be rolled to discern details that are not readily


    Investigate: Your characters ability to pursue a dialogue line of investigation with another person.

    Navigate: Your characters ability to navigate over land.

    Treat Injury: Your characters ability to stabilize wounded individuals. Cannot be used to restore hit

    points, but merely to prevent another character from dying. Can also be used to restore Heroic Points as

    a Full Round Action (can restore Xd4 Heroic Points, with X as your Intelligence bonus)

    Sense Motive: Your characters ability to discern if individuals are lying to them.Fortitude:

    Concentration: Your ability to focus despite external stimuli.

    Fortitude: Your ability to stand up to physical punishment or attacks against your vitality or health (such

    as sickness). Also can be rolled to resist knockback.

    Intimidate: Your ability to scare a lesser individual using your physical bulk or presence.


    Bluff: Your ability to tell a convincing lie.

    Disguise: Your ability to disguise yourself as another person or object. The object/person must look

    relatively like you and be your size (your GMs discretion is required).

    Persuade: Your characters ability to use diplomacy against another party.

    Art: Your characters ability to sing, play an instrument, paint, or draw.Intelligence:

    Computers: * Your characters computer aptitude.

    Electronics: * Your characters electronic aptitude.

    Knowledge (insert knowledge type here):

    Mechanical: *Your characters mechanical aptitude.

    Speak Language (insert language here) *:


  • 8/11/2019 Kill La Kill RPG


    Acrobatics: Your characters ability to jump, roll, tumble, and perform other acrobatic feats.

    Dodge: Your characters ability to dodge.

    Infiltrate: A measure of how well your character can move quietly and conceal objects.

    Lockpicking *: A measure of your characters ability to pick physical locks.

    Ranged Weapons: A measure of your characters aptitude with Ranged Weapons.


    Resolve: A measure of your characters ability to act in the face of fear or adversity.


    A character may choose two abilities at character creation and one per level up.


    - Half Round Action, 3x per day. Your opponent must re-roll the next successful attack they perform

    against you.


    -You may use either hand to wield a Weapon. Without this ability, your off hand attacks are at a -20 to


    Battle Focus:

    -upon a successful Concentration skill check, you may re-roll a number of failed To Hit rolls up to your

    Insight score per battle encounter. Using Battle Focus is at first a Full Round action, then maintaining it is

    a half round action per turn.

    Combat Reflexes:

    -if an opponent has used the Disengage action, you may make one free Melee attack against them.

    Feel No Pain:

    -Incoming attacks only deal of their normal damage (after all modifiers have been applied) to you. Youmay continue to act normally at 0...


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