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In this talk presented at Lean UX NYC 2013, I reflected on how lean startup is applied in a consulting context. This is an iterated second version of this talk, focused on the Lean UX NYC audience. I gave a longer version of this talk, focused on UX designers, with Martina Schell at Interaction 13. You can watch that talk over here: http://vimeo.com/62646947


  • 1. Lean Startup in Design Consulting:Lessons Learned.Johanna Kollmann ~ @johannakollshiny new version for LEAN UX NYC 2013Photo by NASAs Marshall Space Flight Center: h:p://www.ickr.com/photos/nasamarshall/7045389347/in/set-72157625188331491

2. Photo by Jason Rodman: h:p://www.ickr.com/photos/jrodmanjr/2775877760/A startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.~ @ericries 3. Setup Make Finish 4. Setup 5. Problem/Solution FitProduct/Market FitScaleAdapted from Ash Maurya, Running Lean: Iterate from Plan A to a Plan That Works 6. Photo by RikVan Colen http://www.ickr.com/photos/43293576@N00/6029488/ 7. Founder? 8. Photo by Anders Zakrisson h:p://www.ickr.com/photos/anders-zakrisson/4982281184/ 9. Make 10. BUILDMEASURELEARN 11. Photo by Thomas Hawk http://www.ickr.com/photos/thomashawk/155918164/ 12. Photo by @polaroidgrrl 13. Photo by Ryan OHara h:p://www.ickr.com/photos/eaghra/4817433684/ 14. Finish 15. Photo by Rudi Riet:h:p://www.ickr.com/photos/rudiriet/109718350/ 16. Support? Coaching. 17. Photo by: h:p://www.ickr.com/photos/herr_e_aus_b/8290177683/ 18. Conclusion 19. Thinking about things as business changes everything. 20. My role as a consultant is tohelp the client learn. 21. Certainty is a closing of the mind. ~ Milton GlaserIImage credit: miltonglaser.com 22. @johannakoll