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  • 1. Legacoop collaborations in theBalkan Region Sofia 23 June 2009 Ste niaMa o farc ne He d o Inte tio l Re tio a Euro e n P lic sOffic a frna na la ns ndp a o iee

2. LEGACOOP: the mission P m tec o e tioro o o p ra n; P m tec o e tiveid a a e e nc ;ro o o p rae ls nd xp rie e id ntity va sa c elue nd ulture; Re re e a s fe ua a s c tec o e tive ;p s nt nd a g rd s o ia o p ra s C ntro a a iting o l nd ud; Ens ac ns nt a g w c ntrib to the ure o ta nd ro ing oute s lutio o theo ta ingna na is ue ;o n f uts nd tio l s s C ntrib to theinte tio l d o ute rna na iffus n o io f c o e tioo p ra n.Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali 3. LEGACOOP in figures Ove 15 0 m m e c o e tiver ,0 0 e b r o p ra s 5 ,2 1 b 3 5 illio turno r ( 2 0 /0 +4 9n ve 0 6 7 ,0 %) 4 2 3 e p ye s( 2 0 /0 +2 7%) 4 ,0 5 m lo e0 6 7 ,8 7,9 3 0 m m e ( 2 0 /0 +2 7%) 8 ,3 6 e b rs0 6 7 ,6During the last ten yearsour cooperatives have doubledthe number of their employees Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali 4. What we do in the Balkanssupporting the co-operative experience in Balkans in their process towards EUHow we act? In 19 1 (a a ove thew r): solidarity actions9 nd llra Institutional relations and promotion of cooperative know-how p uttingLe a o pe e nc , fro m e to l, s c ra a re io lg c o xp rie e m ultis c ra e to l nd g na o a a ns a d p s l o Ba n c o e tives te rg nis tio , t is o a f lka o p ra ys m Cooperation to development: recostruction of the local socio- economic fabric Promoting exchange and business collaboration among co- operatives, in c lla o tio w na na a re io l ins o b ra n ith tio l nd g na titutio thans t p m tetheinte tio liza n o Ita n c o e tive ro orna na tio f lia o p ra sUfficio Relazioni Internazionali 5. Legacoop activities Balkan Focal Point (Le a o pFVG): a e agcoim d tc o ina o rd tinga p m tingre tio a c lla o tiond ro ola ns nd o b ra nsw Ba n c o e tiveo a a ns ith lka o p rarg nis tio Te hnic l a s ta e s p rt toc -o e tivec a s is nc / up o o p rao a a ns P je t PRO.COOP rg nis tio . ro c C o e tio to d ve p e fo p m tingc o e tiveo p ra ne lo m nt r ro oo p ra sin d a va g da a : p je tsm inly c rrie o b ois d nta e re s ro c aa d ut y urc o e tive , in c lla o tio w NGOs lo a o p ra so b ra n ith , clinstitutio a c o e tiveo a a nsns nd o p ra rg nis tio Inte tio lis tio s p rt to o m m e c o e tiverna na a n: up our e b r o p ra so e tingin there io p ra g n Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali 6. What are the needs in the region? Re rmo thele a fra e o o theBa n c - fof g l m w rk flka oo e tives te p rays m Te hnic l a s ta efo theim ro m nt o s c a s is nc r p ve e f killso c -o e tiveo a a nsa c -o e to f o p ra rg nis tio nd o p ra rs Im ro m nt o theim g o c -o e tive p ve e fa e f o p rae rp ea a e ie to l o s c -e o m nte ris s n ffic nt o f o io c no icd ve p e e lo m nt P m tio o s c l c he io a s bro o n f o ia o s n nd ta ility Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali 7. The project PRO.COOP.PROmotion of COOPerative enterprises for economicand social cohesion Ma o je tive :in b c s - Provide technical assistance for their legislative reform, training activities for the improvement of co-operators skills and for the strengthening of Balkan co-operative organisations; - Promote collaboration among small and medium enterprises, fostering local development, socio-economic cohesion and internationalisation processes.C untrie : C a , Mo ne ro Bulg riao s ro ziante g , aUfficio Relazioni Internazionali 8. PARTNERS LEGACOOP FVG, CONFCOOPERATIVE FVG C U BULGARIA, CC ROATIAN ASSOCIATION OFCOOPERATIVES, LOC DEMOC AL RACYAGENC NIKSIC MONTENEGRO Y REGIONE FVG, INFORMEST, ICEIn collaboration with LEGACOOP NATIONAL DURATION OF THE PROJECT: 2 YEARS (2008-2010)Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali 9. ACTIONS1. Analysis of legalframework andterritorial context2.Strenghtening of Balkan co- operative associations:technicalassistance - pilot action of4. civil economy Publication of projectsoutcomes3. Development ofeconomic opportunities (Networking/ Balkan Ufficio Relazioni InternazionaliFocal Point) 10. CARRIED OUT/UP-COMING ACTIVITIES Kic ff m ek-o e ting- Za a ria 2 Ma 2 0g b , 7 y, 0 8 2Ma g na ing C m itte s o m e: Ud , 17-18Se te b r, 2 0inep me 08 So , 2 -2 Ma h 2 0 fia 6 7 rc 0 9 Tra iningw rks p a s m rs in Bulg riao ho s nd e ina a , C a , Mo ne roro tiante g C m a tivea lys o thec -o e tivele a o p rana is f o p ragl fra e o in there iom w rk g n We s / Da b s b iteta a e Sta e in Ita n c -o e tivea s c tio fogs lia o p ra s o ia ns r p rtne o a a nsa r rg nis tio B2 m tc B a hingUfficio Relazioni Internazionali 11. Italian co-operatives operating in Balkans - P s nc o Ita n c -o e tive in s m c untrie re e e f lia o p ra s o e os fo te dad e kno le g o thec nte a re b a s reepw de f o xt nd lia le nd trus re tio hip w lo a o a a ns ty la ns s ith c l rg nis tio , c m unitie a inso ms nd titutio . ns - Ma s c rsinvo d in e to lve : Re ile a c ns e c o e tiveta r nd o um r o p ra s Servic c o e tivee o p ra s Ag -fo d s c l c o e tio fis ry, to ro o , o ia o p ra n, heuris , w rke m o r a p d tiond ro uc nUfficio Relazioni Internazionali 12. Fostering peace and social cohesion through multiethnic cooperatives C o e tio to d ve p e p je tso p ra n e lo m nt ro cin thea ao Do o Bo nia re f b js He g vina 3m thnicc o s rze o:ultieop c a d re te P je tsa c rrie o in ro c re a d ut p rtne hipw a rs ith: - TheC -o e tiveAs o ia n oo p ra s c tio f Bo niaHe g vina s rze o - Lo a ins c l titutions - Ita n c o e tive (Re g Em ),lia o p ra s g io ilia na na a re io l instio l nd g na titutio ,ns NGO.Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali 13. It is not a matter of imaging new development strategies: learning by and working with Italian cooperatives we can find our path towards the European Union. Branko Joksimovic - Bosnian farmerThank you! s.marcone@legacoop.coopwww.legacoop.coopUfficio Relazioni Internazionali