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Magritte Describe Once, Get Everywhere [René Magritte, 1966] Decalcomania

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Magritte is a recursive meta-model to describe objects. The framework closely integrates into the reflective meta-model of Smalltalk. Providing an adaptive model enables not only developer, but also let end user build their own meta-models on the fly. Magritte allows one to easily instantiate views, editors, validators, parsers, object-factories, and mapping-tools on any meta-described object. The possibilites are endless. Describe once, get everywhere!


  • 1. [Ren Magritte, 1966] DecalcomaniaMagritte Describe Once, Get Everywhere

2. Rumours 3. What it is not! 4. n o UML / EMOF 5. n oCode Generation 6. n o 7. Facts 8. ++ R 9. Photo by svilen001, 10. ! 11. ! Photo by Renxx Garmider, 12. MIT License 13. Describe Once, Get Everywhere 14. Demos