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Managing Technology in Education. Michael Oldenkamp Director of Technology and Information Services. Topics. Buy-in Staffing Budget One-to-one environments Virtual Environments. Buy-in. Establish Open Communication Get users to believe in technology and support upgrades Down-time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Managing Technology in Education

Michael OldenkampDirector of Technology and Information ServicesManaging Technology in EducationBuy-inStaffingBudgetOne-to-one environmentsVirtual Environments

TopicsEstablish Open CommunicationGet users to believe in technology and support upgradesDown-timeUpgradesEstablish A Technology CommitteeBe open to communication yourselfDemonstrate new technologies and conceptsHow these technologies will improve a persons jobGet students involved

Buy-inStudentsStart technology clubStudents are your eyes in the classroomDocumentationJustification for requesting more helpMakes your job easier in the long run

StaffingDo more with less fundingBudgetEmergencies are going to happenHave backup plans/DR planSpare pieces of equipmentphased-out equipmentguaranteed contracted servicesBudgetPlanning/DocumentationApproved buffer zone in budget3-5 year planOpen-source software

BudgetPros:Lot of good alternativesGenerally good supportCons:Lack of Industry supportSome Products tied to one person

Open-Source SoftwareFilezillaFirefox7-ZipTrueCryptFreeMindGIMPVLC Media PlayerOpenOfficeMySQLMyPHPANT RenamerOpenVPNPuttyNotepad++Smoothwall

NCC Open-SourceWebsites:

Open-Source SoftwareEach student has one deviceAnytime Anywhere learningDevices:Laptops, Netbooks, iPads, iPods, SmartphonesWill the students embrace it?

One-to-OneBudgetWho is paying for it?GrantDistrict InitiativePackage DealsOne-to-OneInfrastructureBackboneSwitchesStorageManaged WirelessOne-to-OnePoliciesuse and support clearly definedSecurity concernsOne-to-OneStaffingSupport peopleTechnical Service staffOther staff cuts?Instructor useOne-to-OneDocumentationWho has what device?Special apps for programs?Linked to accountsOne-to-OneSupport concernsReady-swap sparesWarrantyDamaged EquipmentOne-to-OneVirtual DesktopVMWareCitrix MicrosoftOther open-sourceVirtual EnvironmentsThe report, Learning in the 21st Century: Taking it Mobile! shows that students now view the inability to use their own devices in school as the primary barrier to a successful digital educationLearning in the 21st Century: Taking it Mobile Nov 1, 2010Virtual EnvironmentsWithin five years, every K-12 student in America will be using a mobile handheld device as a part of learningWill Smart Phones Eliminate the Digital Divide?, David Nagel02/01/11

Virtual EnvironmentsVirtual Desktop Environmentsaccess to softwareaccess to printingcontrolled environmentsSecurityVirtual EnvironmentsIf we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow-John Dewey21st Century Learning