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Martiros Saryan (1880 – 1972) was an Armenian painter, the founder of the Armenian national school of painting. He was born into an Armenian family in Nakhichevan-on-Don (now part of Rostov-on-Don, Russia). In 1895, aged 15, he completed the Nakhichevan school and from 1897 to 1904 studied at the Moscow School of Arts, including in the workshops of Valentin Serov and Konstantin Korovin. He was heavily influenced by the work of Paul Gauguin and Henri Matisse. He exhibited his works in various shows. He first visited Armenia, then part of the Russian Empire, in 1901, visiting Haghpat, Shirak, Echmiadzin, Lori, Sanahin, Yerevan and Sevan. He composed his first landscapes depicting Armenia which were highly praised in the Moscow press. Recalling his own background, Saryan said, "My ancestors had come to the banks of the river Don from the Crimea, and to the Crimea from Ani, the capital of medieval Armenia. I was born into a family which followed the old patriarchal customs. There were nine children and I was the seventh." I do not know when the artist was born in me. It was probably in those days when I used to listen to my parents' stories about our mountainous, enchanted country, when I used to run as a small boy over the land around our home, and was filled with joy at the many colors of the butterflies, insects and flowers. Color, light and day-dreaming - those are what fired me". From 1926–1928 he lived and worked in Paris, but most works from this period were destroyed in a fire on board the boat on which he returned to the Soviet Union. From 1928 until his death, Saryan lived in Soviet Armenia. His former home in Yerevan is now a museum dedicated to his work with hundreds of items on display

Martiros Saryan park, YerevanSculptor Levon Tokmajyan, 1986

Mountains 1923 Date palm 1911

Egyptian night 1912

Panther 1907

Bedouin with a camel 1911

 The Spell of the Sun 1905

Fruit shop - 1910

Cairo 1910

In Persia, 1915

Yerevan 1924

By the sea 1908

At the well 1908

In Barfursh Persia, 1913

Old Tbilisi 1917

Constantinople, 1910

A nook of old Yerevan 1928

Evening in the Garden 1903

Worker's settlement and concrete plant, Davalu, Ararat region 1937

April, 1947

Ararat and Saint Hripsime Church, 1945

Ararat valley, 1945

Armenia, 1957

Armenian landscape 1934

Blossoming mountains 1905

Fairy Tale. Garden of Eden 1904

Bars and women 1909

Gathering peaches in the collective farm in

Armenia 1938

In the springtime

July 1937

Lalvar 1952

To the spring 1909

The day 1917Mount Abul and passing camels 1912

Mount Aragats, 1925 Spring day 1929

View of the Gorge from the Pushkin Pass 1949

Village Ashnak -1957Settlement 1932

Street and the ditch in Ashgabat 1934

Scene from the Train Window 1960

Persian house, 1913

Seller of greens, 1912

Ararat 1923

Mount Ararat 1946

Ararat 1951

View from the Banks of the

River Araks 1954

Winter in Yerevan 1933

Yard in Yerevan, 1928

Collective farm of village Karindzh in the mountains Tumanyan, 1952

Mount Aragats at summer 1922

Mount Shamiram 1922

Midday Silence, 1924

Landscape with mountains 1960

Mottled landscape, 1924

Aragats and Mount Ara, 1922

Morning in Stavrin, 1912

Ararat 1958




m D




Ararat from Byurakan 1957

Ararat 1958

Armenia 1922

Armenia 1926

Armenia 1959

Gazelles, 1926

Mount Ararat 1961

Picking cotton in the Ararat valley, 1949

October landscape 1953

Sunny landscape, 1923

Ararat at spring 1945

Byurakan 1958

Notable day in the mountains 1926

Flamboyant landscape 1933

Cliff in the slope of Aragats 1958

Dvin excavations 1952

Clear day 1957

In Armenia - 1923

Evening in the mountains 1907

Orange Rocks 1958

View of Bjini Fortress, Armenia 1923

Mountains 1961

Red Stones 1956

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