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+Jawaher Al Suwaidi

Sharina Lootah

Sara Al Uraifi

Daniya Al Dryaan

Noora Al Qassimi

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+FAB Matrix

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The traditional forms of interactive communication are available however the department should improve their social networking skills on websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Facebook could help by having all of the MCM majors interact with one another in addition to informing prospective students about the features, attributes, and benefits of the MCM department. Twitter would help the MCM department update students and faculty about upcoming events and lectures hosted by the MCM department.

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By creating a FAQs page, the MCM department could limit the amount of trouble prospective students go through to find answers about the department. FAQs could answer questions about the facilities, the professors and the major itself.

Chatrooms would offer international students an opportunity to communicate with AUS students and faculty members within the MCM department.

Page 8: Mass Communication Webpage


Blogs and Youtube accounts could help add credibility and help prospective students visualize the events that go on within the department.

Update information on the website.

Page 9: Mass Communication Webpage

+Feng Shui

The colors of the website, maroon and beige, is consistent with the AUS logo.

The colors, maroon and beige, are warm and therefore are pleasing to the eyes, which makes it welcoming for the viewers. These two colors combine two contrasting feelings; both the feeling of excitement and calmness. This makes it more effective.

Page 10: Mass Communication Webpage

+Feng Shui

The tabs at the top and on the left corner of the website make it very easy for the viewers to navigate through the website. It also shows a clear title for each tab, which minimizes the confusion and breaks through the clutter.

Page 11: Mass Communication Webpage

+Feng Shui

The footer at the end of the website shows contact information of AUS, however, it doesn’t include the MCM department’s contact information. This makes it difficult and confusing for those who want to directly contact someone at the MCM department.

The news under ‘News & Events’ tab is not updated and should be update regularly especially for anyone who is seeking of getting information about MCM.

Page 12: Mass Communication Webpage

+Feng Shui

Also, the ‘Faculty Profile’ should be updated since the Head of the Mass Communication Department has been changed.

The application to the MCM program under ‘Forms and Applications’ links to a webpage that isn’t available.

Page 13: Mass Communication Webpage

+Feng Shui

Even though the look of the website is consistent with the AUS logo, it doesn’t represent the MCM department. Each department should have a page that represents it and this website doesn’t provide that. Since MCM is a creative major, the webpage should be creative as well.

Finally, most of the information on the website is not updated and wrong so this should also be fixed.

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