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  • 1. Deconstruction of my products newspaper website By Rebecca Black A2 Media Studies

2. Daily Mail - Internet/video home 3. When looking at home pages for the research of making my own product I looked at the daily mail website. Colour I really like that they have used the same colour palette for the website as they have done for the newspaper as this allows readers to relate the newspaper with the website and vice versa. I like that they have used the blue in most of the website as this is the main colour but if I were ton create a product I would have used the blue to attract readers to specific places of the website rather than use the blue for all the elements of the website. Composition The composition of this website of the website is very cluttered and in your face as there no empty space as even the space beside the website which is where a advertisement has been placed they have placed a bright orange advertisement. I suppose they have thought about their audience as they have used full use of the space of the website but they have made a cut off point because so the page is a4 portrait because when you create an mage over the a4 so that it is the width of the page the information on the page doesnt get registered and so the reader becomes disinterested. Layout I like that they have placed the main stories at the top of website and they have also used a big image beside to attract people into the main story. I dont particularly like that they have put the search engine part way down the page as when you want to search for something you want to find it straight away however they have probably done this so that you read at least the main story. I really like that they have placed the masthead at the top of the page and especially at the left as hen looking at pages you always read from the left to the left and so by placing it at the top left it lets readers know straight away what and who they are reading. 4. Image/Video content The mail online have used a lot of imagery to appeal to the audience and they have even used images for the videos to show parts of the video. They have also used a variety of different shot types for the different stories. For example the main story they have used a medium close-up and medium shots to make the story feel more personal as you get to see the person closeup as if you were talking to the person yourself. Content I dont particularly like that they have used a femail section for the female readers to look at as it is too patriarchy as news should be for all not focused towards one particular gender. They have used a very emotional story of a young woman and how an illness has ruined and her life and how her family thought it was a just post-natal depression. This newspaper website has a variety of stories to appeal to the reader from celebrity news to nature and I think that this is the best thing to do story wise as you will be appealing to a wider audience by putting stories of a wide variety and with it being on the website you will have a wider audience than just your local community. I would like to use images however I would like to use a more simple and clean lined layout as when I looked at this website I felt that the top of the page was very cluttered and there was only real order with the stories along the right hand side and when creating my product I would like to create something like this as I like the order of the image to the far right and a small extract from the story. 5. Daily mail internet/video news 6. Main image The main images are situated in a different place to the images that were on the home page for this website which doesnt give continuity throughout the website however they have used images in the same place but they are advertisement images and when looking at the comparison between the homepage and the news page you can see that there are a lot more advertisement on the page and I think that they have done this to give the impression that there would be minimal advertisement in the website because if you have too much advertisement on the home page it will put the readers and the audience of the newspaper off because they want to focus on the content as this is what they have went onto your product for. Content Text, style, font and size They have used a conventional font as newspapers tend to use font without any curls or tails as when a reader reads this it would take them longer to process the writing and so they only use curls or tails for the mastheads as they are only short. When looking through the stories I have noticed they are bold in what they say as they say things matter of fact and make you believe every statement they say as they report it rather than comment on what they think for the exert of the story. Colour The blue is used for most of the text however it seems to be more organized in this page as they use the blue for the main text and then if you choose to read more into that particular story they have used black to give different colour for different elements of the page. Layout Even though they have used a lot of images to appeal to the audience I feel that they use a lot of writing and in my opinion I think it looks to be more text orientated because of the layout and this is even more apparent just under the main headlines (shown in the middle image below), I think they have used a lot of text underneath the main headlines as they need to use as much content in the pages as they need to appeal to as many readers as possible so using a lot of content will be the best way to guarantee that the audience is satisfaction. Even though they have used more advertisement on this page I think the layout of the page has been well designed as the black background of the page helps to frame the page of the website and the same advertisement follows you as you scroll down the page. 7. Daily Mail Internet TV and showbiz 8. Colour I really like that they have chosen to use a bright bold colour for this particular hyperlink as showbiz and television have a more happier outlook on the world. They have also used the colour pink as their audience for this particular hyperlink is going to be stereotypically geared towards the female audience because of the amount of fashion, celebrity and gossip that would interest female audiences. They have also used a lot of pink to appeal to the female audience but they also needed to keep in with the colour palette so that readers would recognize their website with newspaper as they have use the white background, some black text and some blue text about mid way down the page shown in the images below. I feel that they have used the blue for several reasons, one to keep in with the colour palette of the magazine, also to appeal with the male audiences and too much of one colour can make everything blend in together. Images The main images that go with the main story for the website match the colour they have chosen for this page and after looking days after I had taken the images of the website I have found that this is just a coincidence as the clothing Rochelle Humes matched perfectly the colour of the website colour of choice. I really like the images that they have gone for one of the main stories for this website as some websites can make fun of celebrities and can purposely/accidently take mug shots of celebrates however this image shows both a long angle shot and a mid angle shot of what the celebrity is wearing and so the article content is probably geared more towards the fashion rather than how late was she out last night. For the rest of the other images they have used on the page they have used medium shots and the purpose I think for them using this is because you get to see more of the person and it feels more personal, as if you were having a conversation with the celebrity rather than just looking at them from a distance. For the sizes of the images they vary as you can see from the first screen shot of the web page you can see there are two images of Rochelle, bigger than the other images beside her, the other images beside show other main stories and the Mail Online has decided to put these smaller as they are going to change in a minute to the size of the Rochelles images and the purpose of this is because if the fist image/story does not appeal to the reader they still want them to carry on reading the web page and so change the main image so that they have a bigger chance of appealing to the target audience. 9. Layout/Move The layout for this web page is conventional to all web pages in that there is the masthead head at the top, advertisement either below or beside and then stories and images below. I dont particularly like this layout that includes the advertisement at the top of the web page as it gives a false representation of what my web page is going to be full of advertisement. I like that they have used a strip banner at the top of the page as this is going to be the main focus and the first thing readers will see when they click onto the this page and so like that they have put thought into what to include on the banner as they have got the masthead in the left hand corner, in the middle they have a selection of celebrities that they have probably researched that would interest and appeal to their target audience and at the end they have TV & Showbiz in the right hand corner with fuchsia pink background and white text along with flashes to give the impression it is camera flash's to make it look more showbiz than just mundane. I like that they have used a bar along the top to show the different hyperlinks you could click onto for the website, they have also included more hyperlinks you could click onto once you have clicked onto the main hyperlinks along the top. The purpose of this layout is so that it can give readers more choice than just what is on that one page. I like that they have used a search engine and links to Facebook and Twitter at the top of the page as this will entice readers to look for their articles because sometimes people will get disinterested quite quickly if they cannot find the article they are looking for. 10. Daily mirror internet - home 11. Colour The colour for this page is a lot more neutral for the website as the previous website (mail online) was fuchsia pink whereas the mirror has used red and blue which is a more neutral colour which will appeal to both male and female audiences equally. I dont particularly like that the colour for the advertisement look like the colour palette for the website because it is used so much and the actual colour palette for the website is close to none existent except for the text they have used. If I were to chose between the previous website and this website I would have to chose the previous as the colours are used to appeal to the audience. I like that they have used red for the masthead of the website which follows the same style they have used for the newspaper. I like that they have used a conventional format for the masthead as this allows you to relate between the newspaper and the website. Layout The layout for this website is quite disorganised as there seem to be stories just dotted all over the place and there doesnt seem to have any clear order. I like that they have a strip of stories to the left hand side of the page and then they have got the main story at the top of the page, I also like that they have used a strip of stories for the main stories as this will appeal to more people. They have used a lot more advertisement on the front page than other websites do and I dont think that this is a good decision as this will give the impression that all their products are going to be this way full of advertisement. Images The images they have used are a lot more personal as they have used close ups and medium close ups for most of the images on the website and the purpose for this is to make the reader feel more personal and more involved in what the stories are about. Text The text that they have used for this website has no tails or curls which makes the text a lot easier to read. The content of the text gives you information of the news and on the odd occasion it will put words in your mouth/ make you think in a certain way for example 21 reasons why we love Kate Upton in GIF form. 12. Daily mirror internet - news 13. Content The content for this website is much better as there are far few advertisement and the subtle statement colour palette colours can be seen more easily than on the home page. I wonder why they have went for such imposing layout for the advertisement on the advertisement as the only people who would be happy with the amount of advertisement on the previous page would be the company the advertisement belongs to. The content for this website is a lot more serious and sad than I would like to use for my product as they have stories that relate to tragedy, dramatic near misses, death and killers all through the website where as I would like to create a product where local people can feel better about themselves and their community. With all the website I have looked at so far all of them have this section of different hyperlinks at the bottom of the page so that if the reader has read from the top all the way to the bottom the website can still offer more stories for them to read in different sections of the website. Images The images they have used are different from one to the next as the main image looks to be from a holiday photo album as the woman seems to look very happy, the location is on a beach and the sun is out and then you read onto the story that relates to the image and it describes of how the woman has been missing for 17 years and they have found new clues. Other images include more close ups of politicians, tax avoiding citizens and a young boy before he had his asthma attack. Audience Appeal I think that they have appealed to their audience by using shock tactics as in all the stories I have described above they all use dramatic scenes to entice people into reading about the story from debate to death. I think that they have appealed to their audience by using colours using strong colours but only using them liberally on the page as they have only used them on small amounts of the page where as other websites would use bold colours and have it all over the page for example mail online. Text They have used the same font style throughout the website which is conventional when creating any product that you use the same font throughout. I like that they have used a different colour of font for the main extract of the story and then underneath they have a more detailed account of the story in a different colour. 14. Daily Mirror Internet - TV 15. Content This content is similar to the previous page and I like that they have tried to use the same colour palette for both hyperlinked pages from the main home page as it is conventional to what people use when creating a product. I like that they have also used minimal amount of advertisement on this page as well as the other hyperlink page as I think if you put too much advertisement on the website it will send out the wrong message that all of your product will be full of advertisement and reader's will focus more on the advertisement rather than the actual content of the product. I also like that the dark advertisement is around the edges of the web page as positioning it here will help to frame the product inside, but looking through the website I have noticed that havent followed this trend all the way through which lacks consistency for a product as there is a Snickers advertisement in the middle of the page in between stories, however looking at the way it has been placed I think they have actually thought about this as using advertisement helps to section off the stories which makes the reader not get disinterested with the amount of text. They have also got a Sky advertisement at the bottom which help mark out to the reader that it is the end of the stories. Images The images they have gone for tend to appeal more towards a younger audience because of the amount of young people they have used apart from the few exceptions from Coronation Street and a film critic but the context of the two stories will most likely appeal to the audience. As you can see the main image they have used for the web page is a clip from Geordie Shore which is a programme for younger audiences 17-35 year olds. Font The type of font they have used is the same they have sued for both the home page and the previous hyperlinked page which makes me realise that using the correct convention for a website is important when creating a successful product. 16. Sunderland Echo Internet home 17. Content/Layout I really like the layout for this website in particular the banner for this website as the banner follows on from the page and then extends out further to the end of the window. I dont think that the whole layout works the best however I do like certain aspects of the website as I like that the masthead stands out more than the advertisement above it. I also like that they have used a changing main story as this will appeal to more readers as the stories change every few seconds and so if the first story you look at on the page doesnt interest you the next story might. I also like that they have a main story underneath that and several other stories underneath that with images beside it but I dont like the layout for the page as nothing seems to align up right and if I were to create a product I would like everything to align so that the reader could understand the layout. Text The text that the Sunderland Echo have gone for matches the style of font they have used for the masthead and I think this helps to give continuity throughout. Colour I really like the colours they have used as the white background and the black text makes the text easy to read and they have also used red to highlight different parts of the page and I would like to use a bold colour to highlight parts of my product as I think this will be conventional for a newspaper website. I like that they have used black strips on either side of the masthead as this makes the masthead stand out and by using the black as a border strip they have also used the white text for the different hyperlinks and just within the masthead you can see what the colour palette for the website is. 18. Sunderland echo internet news 19. Content/Layout The first hyperlink from the main page looks very similar as the home page for this website the main information the website wants to give you is about the news and essentially the main headlines. I like that they have gone for similar layout from the first page as it keeps the reader interested and it doesnt confuse the reader as they will be familiar to the layout from the first page and s by completely changing the layout will not only confuse the reader but could even loose their interest. I like that they have used Picks of the day as these are specially designed stories that will get readers interested. I also like the bottom of the website as there is a little black box full of little links that would interest readers and I also like the layout of this box as it is positioned at the bottom of the web page because if it was positions at the top some readers might just click to the part of the site they want to read but by putting it at the bottom this lets readers scroll down to the bottom which could intern interest readers to a story they might not have came across. I like that they little random thing along the side of the page that would interest the reader for example job searches and this breaks the page up as well as a giving other companies advertisement. Colour I like that the website has chosen to colour co-ordinate the different sections of the news for example they have used green for property and blue for announcements. I like that they have used a bold colour to highlight different elements of the text/articles and I also like that they have chosen to use different colour tones of red because by doing this it stops the page from just blending together and by doing this you are still using the 3 colours from the colour palette but you are getting more out of it. Image I have also noticed that the images that they have used for this news page they are a lot smaller than they were for the home page and the reason why I think that they have done this is so that they can fit more stories and articles and also the home page sets a standard for the website and the home page is the greeting page, the first page people come to, and so they dont need to use as many images and have them as big as they have already seen some of the articles that are available. 20. Sunderland Echo Internet Whats on 21. Content and Layout There is a lot more going on in this page than on the news and home page and I think the reason for using a big advertisement is because this is the last page that the Sunderland Echo has full control over as the other pages either takes you to another site or it advertises things like cars on the whole page and so to make money on loosing parts of the website they need to use a big advertisement on at least one of their pages. I like that they have used the same layout from the home page all the way through until this page as I said earlier it makes things easier for the audience to read if they already know where to find certain things as they are in the same place as the home page. The style and layout is practically the same as the news hyperlink on the previous page and it is only the content that separates the two. As the content for the news page was similar to main home page as the main home page needed to tell readers about the news and so took articles from there onto the home page. Images The Whats on page looks like it would appeal more to the older audiences, at the top of the page, as it has older people in the image and after reading the articles that go along side the images I can say for certain that this page is going to appeal more to the older audiences as it talks about old-fashioned board games etc. but when looking at the articles below the main articles it would appeal to the younger audiences as it talks about meet the chart toppers of the future and I am not sure the older generation of readers would want to read about things like this. I then move even further down the page and it talks about the theatre and then I come to the conclusion that the audience age range for this page is going to be an eclectic mix with a mixture of both young and old from the content I have seen along side the images. The images they have used match with the rest of the website as they have gone for close ups and medium shots of people and the purpose of this is to give a more personal image so that the reader feels a closer connection with the person in the story. 22. Front covers 23. The colours for this newspaper are quite simple as they have used the conventional amount of 3 main colours white, black and red. I think that they have used the black colour for the text as black is a lot easier to read and especially with it being used for a newspaper there is a lot more text in a newspaper than a poster and so you want to want to appeal to your audience and you want to keep them interested in your product for as long as possible. The layout for this newspaper has a lot of borders around this which helps to keep everything separate and also helps the reader know when one story ends and another one begins. They have used a black line to underline the masthead and to add little elements of date, and temperatures. I like that the main story takes up most of the page as this is what a main head line should be however the layout of the main story I would have changed as I would like to have a few more stories along both the left and right of the main story as I think symmetry sometimes makes things a little better to look at. The text they have gone for is simple and they have opted to go without the curls and tails and this is the conventional thing to do as tails and curls are harder to read and you want your audience to read the whole of your product and so by not putting funky font the reader will hopefully read all of my product. I like that the newspaper has opted to use a multiple amount of images as this will also appeal to your audience as using images it will grab peoples attention of readers walking past as well as big pull-quotes. 24. Second pages 25. i newspaperLayout As I dont read the i newspaper I am not accustomed to the layout to the layout however I do feel that it is very structured in appearance as the columns from the article have clean lines, the images used in the newspaper also have clean lines as they line up with each other and with the two images the article underneath the lines follow structurally also. I particularly like that they have used a red line at the top of the page so that all the images, articles and advertisement start at the same point. Colour I really like the colour palette style they have used as they have used red, black and white however comparing this colour palette back to the Sunderland Echo newspaper it is completely different as they use the black to section off different parts of the page. I prefer the i newspaper layout in this particular instance as they have used the red to pick out different parts of each article and image as well as red text for the headings. Content The content for this newspaper is generally more political newspaper and this is something that sets them above the rest of other newspaper as they specialize in one particular area of media niche. Audience Appeal I really like that the newspaper has tried to appeal to the website audience as they have used the same style as the website with the headings and they have even highlighted the NEWS heading just like it would be on the website. They have tried to appeal to their audience by using 3 different articles and have even added a comment attached to one of the articles to appeal to mostly the younger audience but also to give interaction between the reader and the writer to give the impression that the newspaper care about what people think. When looking at the content of this newspaper I have realized that they have used a lot more text content than image content and I feel that they have done this to appeal to the audience as looking at the newspaper I would think that the target audience for this newspaper would be higher class and more politically interested and they have only used a small amount of images to break up text rather than just to appeal to the audience like other newspapers would do for example the Sunderland Echo. Image The images the newspaper has used are quite important as they have used iconic or well known people or places which makes me think have they done this to appeal the audience into reading the rest of the article as most people will want to know about these things. I quite like that they have used a circular image of Barack Obama which illustrates the point I made earlier that they are more text lead as they have made good use of the space by making this a circular image. 26. i newspaper 27. i newspaper 28. i newspaper 29. Poster 30. When looking at real-life research I noticed that there are few newspaper posters. Layout I especially like this poster as I like the layout of the poster as the Evening Standard (masthead) is at both the top of the poster and at the bottom of the poster which helps people looking at the poster know what the newspaper they are advertising for and that is exactly what a newspaper poster is for - to advertise the newspaper. I would like to use the masthead for my newspaper to appear twice on the poster just like this as I want it right at the top of the poster and at the bottom as I feel that when you read something you read from the top to the bottom and so having the name of the newspaper located at the top and bottom it will help audience find the poster better. I like the layout of this product as they have a image located in the middle of the poster and the text located to the side of that image which shows that the story and text relate to each other which keeps the layout of the poster very simple. When creating my poster product I also opted for a simple design as the poster is used to advertise all the products collectively but it has to stand out and make people want to not only read the poster but also my other products so I dont want to give the impression that the layout of my products are going to be cluttered and too confusing to understand. Colour Palette I like that the background for the poster is in black and and white which is keeping to the colour palette for the newspaper which will also help their audience recognize there poster as they use the same colour palette as the newspaper. I like that they have kept to the same colour palette as this will be something the audience will become accustomed to and look out for when looking for other products of the same brand and so when creating my products I will like to create a colour palette that will be used all my products as the colour of my products arent a conventional colour used for magazines and so I would like to try and keep to the main conventions of the products I am going to create. 31. Audience Appeal For the Evening Standards poster they have used the special edition to appeal to the audience and I like the idea of using an appealing element to my poster and as it is my first local newspaper I feel that it would be fitting for that to appeal to the audience by advertising that this is going to be the first ever edition of the newspaper and as this is the poster of the newspaper product I can advertise this on there. I think that they have used audience appeal with the storyline as Michael Jackson is a very iconic pop star and using this type of status to attract people however I would like to use more the storyline to pull people into my product than star names in the newspaper and I feel that many newspaper rely on who the person is rather than what is their story and I feel that this would be another element that would make me stand out from the competition. They have used rich colours in the poster with the orange strips along the bottom of the poster which is a symbol of happiness and wealth and with the location the newspaper is printed (London) for it will appeal to the people living in the local area. As I am using yellow for my colour palette to represent happiness for my product I feel that my product is similar in the use of colours for this newspaper poster. Image Use I feel that only using one image for the poster is risky as a wide audience for the first edition for a newspaper, it would have to be something impressive and eye catching but looking at how using one image for a poster can help make the poster look professionally presented. I also like that the newspaper has opted for an iconic dance pose for the poster as the image along will help to attract readers into reading more into the poster. I would like to use an image that would attract readers into reading not only the poster but also the newspaper. 32. Text For the Evening Standard they have chosen to use small pull-quote which is used to attract people into reading more into the story by the eye catching or interesting pull-quote. I would like to use a pull-quote from the story to attract people into the product. I like that they have used text that match the colour palette and I like the font they have used as it gives the impression that they are sleek and professional just my using the correct style of font. I would like to create a product that would give the impression that it is a professional product and although it has just started to print still understands the needs of the audience and the conventions of a newspaper product. Main Differences The main differences for this poster is that I would like to use lighter colours as the colour palette for my product includes yellow which is quite bright and so I need to soften the colour to make it appeal to my audience. I will probably be using more than one story for the poster as I need to appeal more to a wider audience as this is going to have to appeal to a new audience rather than an audience that has been formed especially for the first edition. I will also only be using one image of a masthead rather than the two that is displayed here.