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1. TEETH CLEANING WITH GUM: FIGHTINGTHE ILLUSIONMay 12 2013Michael JohnsonCraig FinlayJustin Pevnick 2. GUM GIVES THE ILLUSION OFCLEANING TEETH According to professionals even gum that can clean teeth doesnot replace daily dental hygiene needs ( 3. DESIGN GUM THAT ACTUALLY CLEANSTEETH Sticks to plaque like it sticks to shoe 4. WHY WOULD THIS BE GOOD Save people time Prevents dangerous behavior Saves people money Can be used mid-day in order to add an extra brush Reduce heart disease 5. HOW WOULD IT WORK? Particles in the gum would bind to the plaque pull it off the teeth 6. WHEN ARE YOU DONE? The gum would change flavor as the plaque bonded once the newflavor completely takes over then the process is over 7. CAN BE DEPOSED OF INCOMPOST The gum can be deposed ofin compost People should not swallowthe gum because it keeps theplaque in the body yourtrying to get rid off 8. THANK YOU!!

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