napoleonic wars 1793-1815 napoleon tried to conquer all of europe britain led allies against france...

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War of 1812

1Napoleonic Wars1793-1815Napoleon tried to conquer all of EuropeBritain led allies against France

U.S. got dragged in

2NeutralityJefferson kept the U.S. neutral like the Washington and Adams administrations

American Merchants profiting by trade with both France and Britain

3Neutral Rights ViolatedFrance and Britain threaten to search and seize ships trading with the enemy

ImpressmentBritish sailors often desertedPoor pay and conditionsBritish would stop ships and look for deserters and force them to serve in navyForced native born Americans tooStill have English accent4Attack on the ChesapeakeBritish warship, the Leopard intercepted the Chesapeake June 1807 off the coast of VirginiaChesapeake captain refused to allow searchLeopard opened fire Killed 3, Wounded 18 and crippled the American ship

Americans outragedJefferson avoids war

5Embargo ActDecember 1807Banned trade with European countriesWas a disasterBritain traded with Latin America for goodsNew England trade hurtMerchants not happyRepealed March 1809Replaced by Nonintercourse ActBanned trade with France or BritainAlso unsuccessful

64th PresidentJefferson follows Washingtons precedentJames Madison wins electionNot ideal time to be president

Father of the Constitution

7The FrontierGovernor of the Indiana Territory making treaties with Natives to gain landWilliam Henry HarrisonPowerful and charismatic Shawnee chief uniting the Native American nationsTecumseh

8Battle of TippecanoeHarrison concerned about Tecumsehs successDecided to strike first (1811)Battle lasted 2 hours

As a result Tecumseh allied himself with the British

9War HawksRepublicans

John C. Calhoun S. CarolinaHenry ClayKentuckyLand HungryCanadian landFlorida

Congress quadrupled armys size

10War Madison asks Congress to declare warJune 1, 1812Britain was trying to avoid war, ended search and seizure policy, but too late

Americans still relying on militiaPoorly trained and equipped

NicknamesMadisons WarThe Forgotten WarThe Second War for IndependenceVideo

11Invasion of CanadaThree-pronged attack

Detroit July 1812General William HullAmericans fearful of Indian cruelty and surrender Niagara American forces defeatedThird attack never happened12Battle of Lake EriePrezi

13Battle of the ThamesTecumseh killedOctober 5, 1813

William Henry HarrisonNative Americans will no longer be a problem

Americans burned parliament buildingsYork (Toronto)14End of NapoleonNapoleon loses at Battle of WaterlooExiled from the country

With Napoleon out of the way British can focus on U.S.

15U.S.S. ConstitutionThe worlds oldest commissioned warship afloatWooden shipUSS Constitution vs. HMS GuerriereAugust 19, 1812Cannon balls bounced off the side of the shipAn American sailor reportedly exclaimed "Huzzah! her sides are made of iron!"Old Ironsides


16Battle of Horseshoe BendAndrew JacksonOld Hickory

March 1814Attacked Creeks in Mississippi TerritorySlaughtered more than 550 CreeksLost land

17Attack on the CapitolAugust 1814Capitol not well defended

The British sailed into Chesapeake BayOverpowered militia Marched into the city and burned buildings including the presidents mansionA storm prevented some damage



19Fort McHenryThe British move onto Baltimore

Baltimore was waitingBarricaded roads, blocked harbor, 13,000 militiaHeld back the British attack

Francis Scott KeyStar Spangled Banner

20Battle of Lake ChamplainNaval Battle won by AmericansSeptember 1814

British decides war is not worth the cost

21Treaty of Ghent Ghent, BelgiumDecember 1814

Peace agreementDidn't change bordersImpressment was not mentioned

22Battle of New OrleansDid not know that Treaty of Ghent had been signedStill takes about a month for news to travelJanuary 1815Andrew JacksonLeads Americans to victory, becomes hero

Video23Hartford ConventionDecember 1814New England Federalists met in ConnecticutProposed amendmentsSeen as unpatriotic

Federalist Party loses respect in American politics24Who Won?

The Battle of New Orleans

Arrogant Worms25StalemateNeither British nor Americans won the warNeither gained territory

Although:Americans get Star Spangled BannerRevived sense of Nationalism (especially after winning the last major battle)Manufacturing developed when werent getting goods from EuropeGained respect from other countries26The real winners of the WarCanadaHeld off invasionsNationalismWilliam Henry HarrisonGains fameUses Tippecanoe as presidential sloganAndrew JacksonWar hero who later becomes presidentErie, PAShipbuilding industry builds the economy and city27And the losersNative AmericansWithout Tecumseh will not unite

FederalistsTheir lack of support for American cause during the War will lead this party to disappear