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  • New Book Announcement Publicity contact: Eileen Duhne April 1, 2015 415.459.2573 !

    The Transfiguration of Our World: How a Light Alliance Is Transforming

    Darkness and Creating a New Earth

    by Gordon Asher Davidson

    "An inspiring and positive vision which reveals what's really going on today behind the scenes, and how we can integrate new spiritual approaches to create the future we all long for in our hearts." -John Gray, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

    Why is our world in such upheaval today? What or who is causing it,

    and where are we headed? The Transf igurat ion o f Our World gives a comprehensive overview of the world situation, why we are having such problems, and the solutions now being put in place. According to author Gordon Asher Davidson, the world is being guided by an interdimensional Light Alliance working closely with many members of humanity to release the hold of darkness on our planet. In order to loosen the impasse currently gripping the world, it is essential for us to recognize and understand the purpose of higher beings and civilizations from beyond our planet. Their intention is to help us co-create a sustainable and spiritually fulfilling civilization based on love and aligned with a higher spiritual plan for human evolution. The Transf igurat ion o f Our World offers new insights into the history and current state of the ancient struggle between the forces of light and darkness on our planet; the cosmic decree following the events of 9/11, which brought about a galactic response that offset the power of the dark cabal; the inflowing powerful, new spiritual energies and resulting movements for planetary liberation; and a detailed outline of the unfolding plan now being implemented for regenerating our planetary life.

    The plan for Earth’s evolution includes financial, political and media reforms, a more enlightened use of resources, the regeneration of the environment, and a renaissance of spiritual cooperation between humanity and the subtle spiritual worlds, including galactic civilizations.

    Based on 20 years of deep meditation and contact with higher beings by the author, this book provides a corrective lens for humanity’s vision of the future. Some of the topics explored are:

    • The formation and cooperative work of the Galactic and Earth Light Alliances - How these alliances were formed, their relationship to Earth’s leadership and the plan for the transfiguration of Earth and humanity.

    • How the matrix of love is being activated – The awakening of humanity to the omnipresent, infinite matrix of love energy which transcends all dimensional limitations of time and space and creates an indissoluble bond between all worlds.

    • The struggle between the light and dark forces on Earth - How the spiritual Masters and higher beings have offset the influence of the dark forces over millennia.

    • The true significance of 9/11 - How this event totally transformed the rules of the game for humanity’s evolution and catalyzed a galactic response.

    • Detailed plans for the reorganizing of world systems – Transforming the structures of financial and political systems and reorganizing the use of resources.

    • What each of us can do – How to use your co-creative power, raise your energy frequency, and use meditation and other techniques to cooperate with the Light Alliance.

  • Gordon Asher Davidson

    Gordon Asher Davidson has a long career of active leadership in social change institutions and movements, while simultaneously pursuing a deep, inner meditative life culminating in his book, The Transf igurat ion o f Our World: How a Light All iance Is Transforming Darkness and Creat ing a New Earth. His experience includes co-authoring with his wife, Corinne McLaughlin, The Pract i ca l Visionary and Spir i tual Pol i t i c s (forward by the Dalai Lama); co-founding Sirius, a spiritual/environmental community; serving as founding director of the Social Investment Forum; founding and co-directing a Washington D.C. institute, the Center for Visionary Leadership; and offering many clients worldwide deep spiritual guidance and

    transformational consulting for over 20 years. Gordon has maintained a 20-year meditative practice and contacts with spiritual beings in the inner worlds who are guiding human evolution. In his new book, The Transf igurat ion o f Our World , he illuminates what is occurring today from the perspective of the higher spiritual intelligences who are inspiring and supporting humanity’s evolution into greater compassion and understanding. He provides a vision of humanity co-creating with Masters and galactic civilizations who are assisting the transfiguration of all life on Earth through shared purpose, love and boundless creativity with humanity and all dimensions of life. Praise for The Transfiguration of Our World "After considering the information and monumental insights in Gordon's book, The Transf igurat ion o f Our World , when I wake up in the morning and hold the belief and knowing that I am part of a vast community of light helping create a transformation on our world, I feel deeply inspired. This is a completely different view of reality, and I think it is very important that everyone who is interested in the future of our planet read this book, which I will be sharing in my courses and recommending to people who are interested." —Barbara Marx Hubbard, author, Consc ious Evolut ion

    "Finally, a view of world events that reveals what's going on behind the scenes! The Transf igurat ion o f Our World helps us make sense of current upheavals, placing them within a vision of a world moving into a higher level of consciousness and being. Gordon shows there are spiritual beings supporting and guiding human evolution, a clear plan for how this is unfolding, and an active alliance of human and higher forces working together to transform the darkness in our world into a lighted civilization. Anyone who wants to know what's going on in the world today should read this book!"

    —Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times Bestselling author, Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

    “The Transf igurat ion o f Our World is a brilliant guide to our new, lighted world. It is both beautiful and uplifting as it directly addresses how to banish forever the fear that afflicts and disempowers us in the world today. It provides a clear picture of the future we are creating from the courage and love in our hearts and the spiritual help being offered to us. Read it now! Share it with everyone.”

    --Sonia Choquette, NY Times best-selling author, The Answer Is Simple: Love Yourself Live Your Spirit

    The Transfiguration of Our World: How a Light Alliance is Transforming Darkness and Creating a New Earth

    $13.95 trade paperback ! 172 pages Pub date: April 1, 2015 ! Golden Firebird Press ! 9780983569138 !

    Publicity contact: Eileen Duhne ! 415-459-2573 !