nme cover deconstruction

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NME cover deconstruction

NME cover deconstruction

MastheadSkyline Main cover line Main Sub headingCover linesbarcodeDominant imageplugCover lines

Sub headings

Main cover line The main cover line is made up of three parts in this cover. It adds on to the cover line list, making the last and most important name larger, a different font and a bold red. And then it has a very small and white reveal next to it showing that it isn't the main focus of the cover but is needed to ensure the title makes sense. Then is has the main section which explains what the article is, in a white large font that spans across the bottom of the cover. This makes it extremely prominent and draws attention and creates a sense of flowing within the text.

Main sub heading The main subheading is in a bold, sharp and capitalised font that almost covers the width of the page. It is also split into two colours, blue for the artist and red for the audience. This creates a sense of importance as it is in a different colour and is more prominent against the artists dark shirt. Cover lines The cover lines are very bold and obvious in this cover as they as large and clearly overlap the dominant image. These are alternating colours of white and blue making them stand out from each other and attract the readers attention as they dont look like a large chunk of writing , but a list.

Plug This plug is large and hints towards information that could be inside the magazine. It is in a bold red sticker, contrasting the whitewashed wall as the back ground and has equally contrasting black and white writing making it obvious and easy to read. Dominant image -As with almost all dominant images on cover pages, the image here is the background for the entire page. It has a light and fairly plain background of a white brick wall and it has the main focus of the image which is an artist from the band mentioned in the main article. It is cleverly layered to show the level of importance of each feature and to ensure everything is easily read.Mast head This mast head is not as large as other mastheads but it is still bold an simple making it obvious to the readers what brand this is. It is an eye catching red and is placed behind the main focus of the dominant image showing that it is important enough to catch readers attention but not important enough to cover the image.