objectives discuss the paris peace conference, the league of nations, and the treaty of versailles.*

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Slide 2 Objectives Discuss the Paris Peace Conference, the League of Nations, and the Treaty of Versailles.* Slide 3 The Mood in 1919 Most countries felt Germany should pay for the damage and destruction caused by the War. The countries of Europe were exhausted. Their economies and industries were in a poor state. Millions had died. Almost every family had lost a member in the fighting. Ordinary citizens faced shortages of food and medicine.* Slide 4 The Aims of the Leaders There was disagreement about what the conference was aiming to do. Some felt the aim was to punish Germany. Some wanted to cripple Germany so it couldnt start another war. Some felt the winning countries should be rewarded. Some aimed for a just and lasting peace.* Slide 5 The Four Major Leaders Slide 6 Woodrow Wilson President of the USA. Wilson was an idealist and reformer, who wanted to build a better and more peaceful world. He didnt want the Treaty to be too harsh as he believed this would lead to revenge. He wanted to set up a peace keeping body The League of Nations Wilson did not understand the deep feelings of hatred in Europe.* Slide 7 David Lloyd George The prime minister of Great Britain. He was a realist. An experienced politician who realised there must be compromise. The people of Britain wanted revenge. He knew this would lead to war but he represented the people.* Slide 8 George Clemenceau President of France. Clemenceau had seen France invaded by Germany in 1870 and 1914, he wanted to make sure this would never happen again. France had suffered greatly during the War they wanted compensation and revenge. Uncompromising.* Slide 9 Italian Prime Minister. Wanted land and territory for Italy. Self determination stopped Italy getting the lands especially Fiume. Walked out of the meeting when he didnt get his way in April 1919. Returned to sign the Treaty in May.* Orlando Slide 10 PARIS PEACE CONFERENCE BIG FOUR GEORGE ORLANDO CLEMENCEAU WILSON WANTED TO MAINTAIN TRADE RELATIONS WITH GERMANY BUT WANTED COLONIES WANTED LAND PROMISED DURING WWI WANTED TO PUNISH GERMANY AND PREVENT FUTURE INVASION WANTED 14 POINTS AND FAIR PEACE FOR ALL Slide 11 THE TERMS OF THE TREATY OF VERSAILLES 1919 WAR GUILT CLAUSE GERMAN NATIONAL TERRITORY GERMANYS MILITARY FORCES REDUCED GERMAN OVERSEAS TERRITORRIES NO UNION WITH AUSTRIA REPARATIONS Germany had to accept blame for starting WW1 - Army restricted to 100,000 men. - No modern weapons such as tanks, military air force. - Navy could not have battle ships over 10,000 tons and no U-Boats. - Germany lost national territory which was given to Belgium and Denmark, most went to Poland. Germany lost Chinese ports [Amoy and Tsingtao], Pacific Islands, and African colonies [Tanganika and German SW Africa]. RHINELAND TO BE DE-MILITARISED Germany forced to pay massive fine for war damages - 1,000,000,000 Marks (6.6bn pounds). The Treaty was designed to cripple Germany militarily, territorially and economically Slide 12 TREATY OF VERSAILLES ISSUES TO BE SETTLED -------------------------- TERRITORIAL ADJUSTMENTS REPARATIONS ARMAMENT RESTRICTIONS WAR GUILT LEAGUE OF NATIONS Articles 1-26 The Covenant of the League of Nations Articles 27-30 Boundaries of Germany Articles 31-117 Political Clauses for Europe Articles 118-158 German Rights and Interests Outside Germany Articles 159-213 Military, Naval and Air Clauses Articles 214-226 Prisoners of War and Graves Articles 227-230 Penalties Articles 231-247 Reparations Articles 248-263 Financial Clauses Articles 264-312 Economic Clauses Articles 313-320 Aerial Navigation Articles 321-386 Ports, Waterways and Railways Articles 387-399 Labor Articles 400-427 Procedure Articles 428-433 Guarantees Articles 434-440 Miscellaneous Provisions Table of Contents from actual treaty Slide 13 TREATY OF VERSAILLES, GERMAN ARMAMENT LIMITATIONS TYPEAMOUNT ALLOWED PLANES0 WARSHIPS6 SOLDIERS100,000 CONSCRIPTIONBANNED Slide 14 GERMAN WAR GUILT CLAUSE The Allied and Associated Governments confirm and Germany accepts the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage to which the Allied and Associated Governments and their national have been subjected as a consequence of the war imposed upon them by the aggression of Germany and her allies. Slide 15 1914--------------------1919 Slide 16 Slide 17 The Middle East in 1914 Slide 18 German Territorial Losses: 1919-1921 Slide 19 League of Nations Mandates in Africa Slide 20 TREATY OF VERSAILLES SIGNED JUNE 28, 1919 Slide 21 Close