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  • 1. Using Propps character Theory
  • 2. The Hero: Raleigh Becket Raleigh Becket is the Hero of the Pacific Rim story, he pilots the Jaeger, Gypsy Danger along with Mako Mori. His role in the film was to pilot the lead Jaeger Gypsy Danger. At the Start of the film he describes himself as not the smartest in the class but he can hold his own in a fight. At one point he leaves the Jaeger Project due to the lose of his brother, leaving him mentally and physically scarred.
  • 3. The Villain: Kaiju The picture depicts; Slattern the Category 5 Kaiju. Kaijus come in all sizes, there main purpose is to destroy the life on the planet. It is revealed later that the Kaiju have a Hive mind and can communicate through the breach. The Kaiju are actually controlled by a race of Aliens called the Precursors, that only get a little bit of screen time in the film.
  • 4. The Donor: Mako Mori Mako Mori was the head of the mark three Jaeger restoration Program, that rebuilt Gypsy Danger after it was Damaged by the Knife head Kaiju. She eventually becomes the Gypsy Danger co-pilot to Raleigh Becket. Even with her fighting skills and knowledge, shes still held back from the memories of the day she was orphaned and then adopted by Stacker Pentecost.
  • 5. The Helper: Newton Geiszler Dr. Newton (Newt) Geiszler is a scientist that studies Kaijus. He manages to drift with a Kaiju brain and learns the secrets of the breach which allows Rayleigh and Mako to pass through the breach in Gypsy Danger.
  • 6. The Princess The Princess in Pacific Rim isnt a physical thing that you can touch. In the film its the winning of the Kaiju War.
  • 7. The Dispatcher: Stacker Pentecost Stacker Pentecost is a Marshal in the PPDC and an ex-Jaeger Pilot. He over see the Jaeger Project and he convinces Raleigh to return after he quit. Later in the film it is revealed that he saved Mako Mori from being killed by a Kaiju. He ends of self destructing his Jaeger Striker Eureka to give Gypsy Danger a clear path to the breach.
  • 8. The False Hero: Chuck Hansen Chuck Hansen is the Pilot of Striker Eureka, he piloted it with his dad until his dad was injured so Pentecost took his place. Chuck is the hot head of the Jaeger Pilots, he thinks hes the best because he Pilots the most advanced Jaeger ever. Because of this he treats Raleigh and Mako like they shouldnt be pilots. He self destructs Striker along with Pentecost to give Gypsy a shot at getting to the breach.