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Usually, one would fain imagine an avatar like anybody else: pampers for Jesus. This one

never entered a bookshop; positively had no teacher and his only reference was the stars.

In this world, stars are nobody’s business, since people live their lives because of money.

 Not love, which pertains to true mind, fate, charisma or fifth attention: that you don’t even

find in the old films: for money. That was the lives of them 67.


Follow your own star, even if it leads into a swamp; particularly when it leads through a

swamp: you may find Yoda there! But in order to know your  own guardian angel

ascendant, you are after your true natal stars! Welcome the Academic Zodiac and Eastern

Precessed Ascendant Set.

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1)  ANGEL – (prosperity) 

2)  POWER – (money) 

3)  DREAM – (bogeyman)  

4)  BARYCENTER – (real estate) 

5)  RIVAL – (competition) 

6)  NETHERWORLD – (employees) 

7)  ENEMIES – (devil) 

8)  IMMORTALITY – (death discreation) 

9)  ASTRAL – (scouts) 

10) AIM – (godhead) 

11) LOVE – (protection)  

12)  NIRVANA - (illumination) 

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a)  Do live any eventful future*

of your own choice with the RTRRTT


Time Track.

 b)  Remove bad transits‡

from your future forever; all miscalculated anyway§.

c)  Save time and money: scan any futurity and change it at will with RTRRT.

d)  Insert any event within your  future time schedule with RTRRT Time Track.

e)  Become the first Astrologer on your own continent in twenty minutes.

f)  Get to know anyone’s anything in no time at all.

g)  Calculate anyone’s e.g. next marriage date in seconds by memory.

h)  Get to know anyone’s any future event at all in minutes, by memory.

i)  Change anyone’s future event in minutes.

 j)   Avert anyone’s maladies, past, accidents, fate, karma or death in minutes.

k)  Get to know your true natal ascendant, one of the 16. Angel guardian.

l)  Learn the basic 16 and 88 ascendants or guardian angels.

m) Explore dozens of zodiacal constellations for Venus, the Moon and planets.

n)  Become familiar with the 22 basic constellations of the zodiac.

o)  Explore and peruse dozens of extended zodiacs such as the P and X zodiac.

 p)  Work with the 13 - 16 solar zodiacal stations.

q)  Progress secondary e.g. centaurs through extra-zodiacal**


* Or past!† Real Time Reality Rendering Tools.‡ Amateurs scare people and themselves with transits.§ Around 500 directions represent the basic mathematical predictive tools, of which e.g. precessed secondaryascendant transits come as last touch. Transits are therefore the least relevant direction among the 500 in general use

as concern quick prediction. Predictions are made using directions. Anyone can be trained in half an hour in the art

of directing. The beginner will scan your life by memory, thus determining e.g. all the loves in your life by date and

quality: in quarter an hour.

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Do you know your own true Sun-sign? Ascendant? Moon sign? What you don’t know

could  hurt you! Your true natal skies reflect your original nature. This has been taken

from you as you embraced default††

. Since you were imposingly asked to embrace default

at an early age, false personalities took root within you allegedly “for your own good”.

Your true natal ascendant not only acts as personal exorcism, revenge and freedom path

maker, but also opener, guide and guardian angel. Your original natal skies reflect your 

true nature. So does the true eastern ascendant represent your own guardian angel.


Alixe has Moon ascending in Cetus, Mercury in Sextans and Venus in Orion. Her Juno

hovers in zodiacal Scutum while her Pluto sits on the USA ascendant in Serpens Cauda.

** 88 – 22 = 66†† Default mind, see RTRRT.

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How many zodiacal stations there are? How many ascendants?

22 is the number of zodiacal stations.

16 is the number of eastern ascendants for the current epoch.

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