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Page 1: Pampers marketing plan

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Page 2: Pampers marketing plan

Pampers in China1.1998 - 2006 Enter and slow development

2.2006 - 2010 Boost by its new slogan

3.2010 - now Decrease in sale and MS

Page 3: Pampers marketing plan

To support this product, we made our plan now

The new product Launched to solve the problem

High Quality Made in Japan!

Page 4: Pampers marketing plan

Part 1: Product vs Consumer

● Made in China

● Good quality

● Moms in general

● Looking for economical goods

● Made in Japan● Top quality● New middle-class ladies● Looking for the best

Page 5: Pampers marketing plan

Although we used to think that the customers of China more concerned about price, however as the economic developed, we find that when it comes to children,the parents seems like does not mind the price, instead what they actually mind is the cost. That’s to say, they want to the product worth the price.

2. Price vs. Cost

Page 6: Pampers marketing plan
Page 7: Pampers marketing plan

From 2009 to 2014, the sales of diapers in China grew from 10 billion to 30 billion, that’s nearly tripled, while the captia GDP grew from 30000 yuan to about 40000 yuan; much more faster than the income. In this way it shows that the parents is willing to invest and pay more on their kids.

Page 8: Pampers marketing plan

As all we was concerned above, we suggest that the Pampers may focus on the the middle-high level market.

To achieve this, the Pampers may need to emphasize the new products and its quality such as 100% chemical additive free and can prevent skin disease like miliaria. And the price should around 2 yuan per piece; higher than the locally produce Kao, but lower than the Japanese Kao which is around 3 Yuan.

Page 9: Pampers marketing plan

Part3: Promotion vs Communication

Activities in China:

1, In June 10th 2007, the carnival “growth journey of Pampers” was launched. This activity mainly conveyed a concept of infant caring to educate consumers.(educate customers)

2, In August 2007, Pampers support a disaster area to reconstruct its living area and devoted 114 thousand dollars to them.(public power to advertise)

3,.In April 2010, Pampers broke a Guinness Record. (public hit to advertise)

Page 10: Pampers marketing plan

Pampers’ factory in Japan invited a well-known star to visit its factory.

They experienced the quality and technology of new pampers’ products.

Page 11: Pampers marketing plan

1, Improving the policy of returning goods. Especially in China, P&G hold a narrow and strict policy to customers in returning goods.

2, Giving out free products for customers to try. Customers can try the products and then decide whether to buy it.

Page 12: Pampers marketing plan

The main channels of P&G

Part 4: Place vs Convenience





Page 13: Pampers marketing plan

Part 4: Place vs Convenience


Wholesale(bad relationship now) ×

Retail(market saturation) ×

E-Commerce( the most convenient way)√

Page 14: Pampers marketing plan

Why (and only) E-commerce:

1. Reduce the intermediate link

Part 4: Place vs Convenience

2. Help aim the target customer

Page 15: Pampers marketing plan