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Programming Ideas in Makerspaces BRIAN PICHMAN | EVOLVE PROJECT

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Programming Ideas in Makerspaces

Programming Ideas in MakerspacesBrian Pichman | Evolve Project

Organizing Your Makerspace

So many thingsso little time.

Organization: Storage?


Overcoming Space RestrictionsMaker TableNominate a table and have a different activity out each week.Could be a project that each patron adds to, or an individual project that gets reset at each completionRotating CollectionShare some Maker-Kits with fellow libraries/branches and spread out your activities across the area.

Overcoming Security Concerns

Is it Really NeededBased on the studies reported, there is a loss of .15% to .5% per year; or overall loss rates of 48% when an inventory, or inventory sample, is conducted periodically.Why do books go missing? Some are simply miss shelved and will eventually resurface; others are lost by library users, with the lost item fees paid. Sadly, many are stolen, though electronic detection systems do minimize that risk

Organization: Instructions?Instructions:People read. Follow. Complete.No Instructions:People Fail. Try Again. People Innovate Something NewHelpPeople Fail. Ask for help. Succeed. People Innovative Something New

Organization: Rules?Rules can offer a sense of SecurityPeaceOrderRules about Rules:Avoid the use of No.Choose colors carefullyUse Positive LanguageDont write and post a rule about that one incident that occurred

Marketing Your Space

Its a lot easier if you make someone else do it for you.

Tips n TricksFacebookEngageShare the funOffer Challenges Lots of Commenting / Liking TwitterInfluencePromote MilestonesMajor InnovationsAsk for people to share

Self PromotionsRecording StudioAdd the outputs (videos, music, etc.) to the collectionHost movie nights, share the works.ProgrammingRobots: Do a robot nightGame: Do a game nightEngineeringCircuits: Build Displays / Wall DisplaysRobots: Build Displays / Demo AreasArt or Craft OrientatedDisplayAllow things to be Borrowed

Local BusinessesAdvertise What You Can Do For Businesses:3D Print Prototypes/FixesSpace to make marketing materialsSpace to tinkerSpace to Hang OutHaving something to tinker with while brainstorming can actually help innovate.

Local Business ExpertsTurn local businesses into educators for your space.Train staff/patrons on coding, engineering, electricity, robotics, photography, cinematography, and more!Get them to promote to the programIf they have a strong customer base, they will share what they are doing with their customersand in turn, advertise your library. Open up your phonebook and look at whats local to your area.

Planning Your Makerspace

Planning for StaffStaff Involvement Promoters and ChallengersEncouragement of new ideas is keyStaff TrainingTeaching non-technical people the technical. Teaching the technical people empathy.

Planning for FutureWork with school curriculum Find out what they are trying to focus on. Many of the tech gadget companies build curriculum for free that matches what schools accomplish through all the core competencies. Start smallDont have to buy multiples of a single item. Get one as a demo and see where it goes. Survey your users.What worksWhat didnt Remove the bad!Budget appropriatelyOr fundraise appropriately.

Survey TipsShort and Sweet (less than five minutes)Open Ended vs Closed Ended Questions Evaluating Loyalty and SatisfactionThe average satisfied person will only tell 1 or 2 people how happy they areThe average unsatisfied person will tell 3-6 people how unhappy they are.Loyal users will return and encourage others to come. NPS ScoringMethods of DeliveryPhone, Email, On the Spot

Places to Watch for IdeasCrowdfunding WebsitesKickstarter/IndiegogoConsumer Electronic ShowLiving In Digital Times MediaBe active (please). Community Start-Up Hubs

Programming Ideas

Other than Open Play

Robotics and Programming

Activity Based Ideas

Programming Ideas for Coding/RoboticsTactile Programming (programming without a computer)MazesGet from Point A to Point B and avoid Obstacles 1, 2, and 3. Coding on A ComputerGoal OrientatedMake Character do XYZDesign OrientatedBuild a story and program to that story. Coding a Robot / Built Robot Obstacle Courses Races Battle Bots

Circuits and EngineeringActivity Based Ideas

Programming Ideas for Circuits/EngineeringSimple CircuitsChallenge Based: Process Driven (turning on a light switch)Story Based: Tell a story with interactionMaps: Create a map of the town and light it up. Complex CircuitsDesign Challenges (accomplish this scenario)Build art as an output. Circuits/Programming (Arduinos)Transition from Lights and sounds to movement to interactive

3D Printing and Prototyping

Activity Based Ideas

Programming Ideas for 3D PrintingBasicGroup: Build a design (or edit one) and see what occurs. AdvanceBuild a Drone, 3D Printer, RobotSolving IssuesCommunity Project to print models of buildings in townPrinting prosthetics

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Activity Based Ideas

Programming Ideas for Virtual/Augmented Reality At its core, its about transporting to another placeYou can re-build a lost city, relive a recent moment (recorded with a 360 Degree Camera)Moving in a direction of Virtual/Augmented reality where interactions are taking place on a new layer of reality.

Key Objectives (Recap) You want to be a fun environment.People and space are keyYou dont have to have structure within your environment.Open play is great!Failure is OKNot all ideas work. Not all gadgets are awesome.

Questions?Contact me!Brian [email protected]: @BPichman