promotion advertising media visual merchandising written advertising publicity and public relations

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  • Promotion

    Advertising Media Visual Merchandising Written AdvertisingPublicity and Public Relations

  • PromotionPromotion is any form of communication a business or organization uses to inform, persuade or remind people about its products and improve its public image

  • Types of Promotion

    AdvertisingPublicitySale PromotionPersonal Selling

  • AdvertisingThe nonpersonal presentation and promotionof ideas, goods and services by an identifiedsponsor.Advantageslarge numbers see the messagecost per customer is usually lowappropriate media can be easily chosen to reach target market control of content and easily adapted to market integrated to media possible: TV, radio, print- a fixed message

    Presell products can influence people to make up their mind before they shop

  • AdvertisingThe nonpersonal presentation and promotionof ideas, goods and services by an identifiedsponsor.Disadvantagescan not focus on individual needs (message the same for all)can be too costlycan be wasteful and inefficientmust be brief, often cannot achieve required depth

  • Publicityinvolves creating a demand for a business or product by placing news about it in publications or on radio and or TV


    the way a business or organization is defined in the public eye

    Huge audience for newsOften freeHas the potential for negative image

  • Sales PromotionIs the use of marketing devices such as displays, premiums and contest to stimulate purchases

    Displayswindowsfloorcounter visual forms of merchandising

  • Sales PromotionPremiums-prizes, reward as an added inducement to make a purchasetrading stampscouponsfactory packscontest, sweepstakes, rebates; games and discounts offered by manufacturersproduct samples

  • Personal SellingPersonal contact with the buyer in an oralfashion: Order takerOrder getting

    Most flexible and individualized promotion device

  • Promotional MixA combination of different types of promotiona business uses to get customers to buy itsproductsMore than one type of mediaMust complement each otherStimulate interest in varied formsMust be coordinated: local vs. national or bothInsure smooth transitions between areas

  • Advertisement DevelopmentAdvertising agenciesClient services: forecast market needs, prepares marketing plansCreative services: creates the advertisement and produces the adsResearch services: studies targeted populations and their buying behaviorsMedia services: makes decisions on how advertising budgets will be spent on mediums

  • Advertising MediaPromotional Helps business by:creating an interest in productsintroducing new productspresenting product informationsupporting personal selling effortscreating new marketsLimits: bad products unlikely to change a customer whos mind is already made up

  • Media TypesPrint MediaNewspapersMagazinesDirect MailBillboardsDirectory AdvertisingTransit Advertising

  • Broadcast AdvertisingRadioProsReaches 96 percent of all population over age 1215, 30 and 60 second segmentsSelective audienceFlexible and mobileConsShort life spanCompetitiveLack of visuals

  • Broadcast AdvertisingTelevisionProsPulls together all mediumsPopulation inclined to believe what they seePersonal and mass audienceFlexible short life spanConsCost prohibitiveAudience size not assuredCommercials considered a nuisance

  • Specialty AdvertisingRelatively inexpensive novelty items with an advertisers name printed on themhatspenscalendarsmemo padsgive away items

  • BrandsA name, design, or symbol that identifies the products of a company or group of companies

    Brand Name: Kleenex, Pepsi, Arbys Miracle WhipBrand Mark: Fords Blue Oval, US postal service EagleTrade character: human form, Pillsbury Doughboy

    Slogans are often used: Have a Coke and a Smile Dodge -Grab Life by the Horns

  • Selection of MediaDoes the medium reach the greatest number of customers at the lowest cost?Does the medium provide opportunity to illustrate the product?Does the medium provide an opportunity to present an adequate selling message?

  • Selection of MediaDoes the medium present special problems?Is the medium flexible in terms of promotion? Does the medium meet the targeted geographical area?Does the medium fit the image of the business and offer enough prestige and distinction?

  • Parts of a Print Ad

    Headline- lettering slogan or saying that gets the readers attention, arouses interest and leads them to read an ad.Example Headlines:With Prices Like These, Who Needs a Headline?

    After a day of Downhill Skiing, Getting a Fine Meal Shouldnt be an Uphill Battle.

  • Parts of a Print Ad

    Copy- the selling message.


  • Parts of a Print Ad

    Illustration- the photograph or drawing of the product.(AIDA)Attract attentionCreate InterestArouse DesireAsk for Action

  • Parts of a Print Ad

    Signature- Logotype, Business ID, Trademark, Phone Number, etc...