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Pareto Analysis for - Why do students bunk classes?

Pareto Analysis for - Why do students bunk classes?By:-Stutidutta MishraAggyapal SinghSubhabrata ChatterjeeBIMTECH, Greater Noida

Introduction to Pareto DiagramNamed after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto.Method of identifying the causes of poor quality.Most quality problems & costs result from only a few causes.Correcting these few major causes will result in the greatest cost impact.

Following reasons were identified that make students bunk classes

To avoid boring lectures10.4 %

Not feeling well9.4 %

Random / Emergency work at home6.5 %

To enjoy extended holidays at home 6.0 %

To complete Pending Projects / Assignments5.8 %

Got late for class5.5 %

To prepare for academic/competitive exams5.5 %

To capitalize on minimum attendance criteria5.5 %

Dislike for subject5.3 %

To hangout with friends5.3 %

Dislike for the faculty5.3 %

To participate in extra-curricular activities4.1 %

To meet relatives after long time3.6 %

To go on a trip with friends / family3.6 %

Odd class timings3.6 %

To celebrate festivals3.4 %

Mental stress caused byPersonal matters3.1 %

To meet Girlfriend/Boyfriend2.7 %

Did not complete theHome assignment2.2 %

Peer Pressure1.7 %

Inconvenience ofTravelling to class1.0 %

Availability ofFree study material0.7 %

To attend tuition / coaching classes-1.0 %

Methodology adoptedThe whole process started with a brain-storming session (which also included a exploratory research) to find out the reasons for the bunking of lectures. Some of the reasons which were correlated were grouped into a single factor23 factors were short-listed and the same was surveyed by conducting a secondary research (via emails and printed surveys) on BIMTECH as well as students from other colleges.100 responses were collected and a Pareto chart was drawn using the cumulative percentages generatedAround 14 factors (refer to excel sheet) were found to be causing 80% of the reasons of bunking the lectures.