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  • 8/19/2019 Relaibility Centered Maintenance Rcm





  • 8/19/2019 Relaibility Centered Maintenance Rcm



    Steven L. Purucker and Richard T. Goeltz _ _ ' e _ _oe -Energy D ivision _ o ._; -0- -_._-_

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory ° _ __ ___ .-_ =_Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831 _ _, = .. = . o _v,_ : _

    O o

    Ken Hemmelman and Rod Price _

    Bonneville Power Administration _ _._ _ - =

    Van Couver, Washingt on _=_-__-'__ __io_ =._i=, ,,.,.__= =t_ _ _'_

    ., August 1992 _ z _ o .

    i -or Presentation at the EPRI Computer-Assisted Technologies for NDE &• Plant Monitoring Workshop, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania


    Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6285managed by


    U.S. DEP ARTMENT OF ENERGYUnder Contract No. DE-AC05-840R21400

    The _itted _t h ns b eenauthored by a co _ttr_etor of the U.S.Governm ent u nde r co _trnct No . DE-ACOS-84OR21400. Accord ing ly, the U.S.Governm _t ret _ a no _x_,royalty -f_ee _ to pub lish o_ rel _o aucetpe publ _ted formof this contr ibut e , o _allow othersto do so , fo¢ U.S , Goverr _tent

    ,,,.,,o_.- M AOTEBILR

  • 8/19/2019 Relaibility Centered Maintenance Rcm



    Reliab ility Cente r ed Ma intenanceof Power Tran sfor mers and Cir cuit B r eak ers _ , ,..

    i L '_ Jr , / _ •


    Ken Hemme lma n, Rod Pric e

    8o.. o,, il,.ow., 0, 3' 7' Ste ve Pu tucke¢,Rick Goe ltz

    Oa k R idg e National Labo ra tory

    At the Bo nnevill e Po wer Administration ( BPA), w e h ave i_ ;s tor icBllymaintained hi gh voltageeq uip me nt , Inclu ding transfo rme rs an dpow er ci rcuit breake rs , on a time cl riven bas is. While th isha s s e rved our n ee ds in th e past , n ewer me thoOsa re ne eded to ef fec tively ma int ain the I_ow ers ys tem in futur e y ea rs. Today agi ng equi pme nt, mai ntena nce ba cklo gs , and b udg et co ns tr a ints iraa r ea lity. BPA h as Initiated a re sea rnh and d eve lol_me ntI_rojec tto examin e ral iab ;liW cen te redmaint enanc e (RCM] as a n alt e rn at ive to ti me t:_se clma int enanc e o n high volt age equ ipme nt.

    Und er RCM , th e perform anc e of each piec e of equipme nt is to be monito red by o bserving ma ny¢_e ra ting pare mete r#. I=orexample , with circ uitbrea kers w e will o bse rve (meas ur e ) the aridtime ,accumulat ed co rtt ec t,wea r _:slng lit, timing of th e rn echani cm, plus le veral o ',h ir pe rim ete rs.EQuil3m en tI)er'fo rmin_ bcJ lOwa o red ete rmin ed lea ,e l, o r equipm en t h _,viag accu mulated a la rgeamount of u sa ge* will rec e tve ma int enance. Th e mi intsninel will r esto re full pe rfor man ce a ndpres e rve a n a cc eptable s e rvice lifo for tl_a t pie ce o f equip ment.

    To develop and e valuate RCM conce pts , BPA is insta lling a I_ro tot yge s ys tem a t our Alve ySubst a tion on 4 tran ifor mer s and 25 bre aker s . Th e Alvey p ro to tVlOew ttl be used to el a l_orateonthe b asic princil _laao f RCM as a pp tled to h igh voltag e equipme nt, an d to prov ide the 10asiifor a

    design th a t couldbe used ac ro ss th e BPApowe r system. Our prese nt sc hedulecell s for c ompletionof the monitorin g s ylltem by fall o f 1992 , and d evelop me nt o f the RCM algorltl_ms for theeq uipment b y the foil o f 1993. The syst em will b e evaluate d for a periodo f time beg inn ing in thefa ll of 199 :3 to fin alize the algo rith ms , andd evelop a sy s tem-wi de Impleme nt a tion st rategy =fwarranted,


    Historic a lly at BPA , the sche duling of main tenanceon power syite m eq u ipmen t, includingtran s for mer s a nd pew ter c ircuit breake rs, h as bean dr iven primarily by the time Ilncl lbl liltma intenance. Aging pow er syste m equ ipme nt , g rowing maint enan ce ba cklog s , and budg etconst ra int s constitut e p res su res that ar e co mpe llingus to c ha ng e ou r his toric a l me tlnoda . Hence ,

    we a re evaluating n ewer an( :loot enti a lly ba tte r ,Ite rn a tlves to sch ed ul in0 maint enance , me thod s thatare s en sitive to Individual equi pment pe rform ance , ma nu factur er a nd mod e l, age , etc. W e be lievethat RCM will pro vide a tool t hat c an provid e for reliab le ope ration and good s e rv ice life fro m ou requipment , yet be =e n iltlve to changingcor porate culture.

    Re liabilit y cen tered maint enanc e (RCM] has been usedsucc ess fullyin the p ow er ge neration Indu stryfor many ye lr= (se e EPRIr efe rence). With RCM, th e p er forma nce of ea ch p iec e of e¢lui l_me ntt lmonlt;o r=}don in on _oin g bas is . If th e pe rfor minc e of that piece of equil= me ntfalls b e low apredetermin ed level , the n ma int enanc e ii don e to re s tore full se rvic e ii we ll as mai nta in In

  • 8/19/2019 Relaibility Centered Maintenance Rcm



    ac ce p table s ervic e life. T he uti(i ty indus try inves tecl si gnifican t resc, urces towa rd DreO_c tingca tas trolohic f a ilu res of ecluil_ men t, bu t to ou r knowledoe re tat ivel v little ha s bee n clo ne _ p red ic tt_e nee d for preven tive ma in tenance (PM).

    A s ignific an t am ount of resea rch ne eds to b e done be for e a n op e rat iona l RCM system c _n geimplem en ted fo r sub station equip ment , To eva luate RCM ¢ onc eOtSo BPA h al made a de cis ion to¢leveloP end Insta ll tsp roto type syste m at ou r Al,oy Sub s tat ion . The Alvey protoIy pe w ill monitor 4on-l ine tran sfor me rs a nd 25 on.lin e _ owe r circuit breaker =. The prototyl_e w ill b i u sed to =e ve tol_t_e b&si¢ princi ples o f RCM as al _Diied to high voltage su bstation eauiom en t, a nd to I_rowde thebas is fo r e de si gn that could by us ed acro ss th e BPA i _ow e r sys tem, Our plan is to beginma in taining the AIve y eq uipmen t pe r RCM Ioractic es within t he next :2 ye ar s .

    Becaus e o f th e magnitud e o f thi s I_roJ ect , we h ave cont rac ted for supoort from th e Oak Ri dgeNatio nal L ab o ra tory (ORNL) . Th e ORN L pe rsonn e l ar e do ing t he re se arch and deve loping thea lgori thms to predict equi pme n t pe do rmanc e , and any su bs eq uen t need for main tenanc e . They a reworking with other uti lities, indu st ries (e .g.J.W . Har ley, Dob le , e tc .), and r ese arc h ins titu tions(EPRI , e tc.) to develop ana lys is s trategi es , Finally , they will d eve lop or acquir e the ha rdwa re a ndsoftw a re that will b e u sed in th e monitoring for the Alvey I _ro to type , Eventually th e RCM systemmay be e xten ded to BP A's entire sys te m.


    T}_e b as ic RCM system will monito r var iou s i_aramete r$ o f operating equipment. T heSe i_a rame te rswhich w e h ave te rmed obs e rvable va riab le s _r e fe d ln..P, = maln ten_ n, _e deci s ion matri x. OU tl:)Utfrom this ma trix are recommendations Ide ntifyin0 wha t ma intena nce ne eds to be do. _e . Sae Figure1. The k ev to this proc ess i$ tt _e de cis ion logi c. While this l ogic m ay be e xpr e t=ed a s and and or ga tes , it can a lso b e co mpari sons to nominal values, referen ces to d at l bases , co mDar lao r_$ tOgr ap hic a l data, t rends, a tc , This w ill becom e c learer as t he logic for bre ake rs n n_l transfor me re isdi scu ss ed ,

    _'_L_._' t'l me : 23 1PXUOC BL,u =_t:Lonu _t t B _kee

    011_-w ,ush11. ,_aLa. l.bLeai RahJfStona maai a¢:ILM:ILr.

    fPi= Cotl /'_

    _an.,v tee

    14un J= e=,i(-,, _ _ j_

    Zm =

    |en.v tr, m

    knL]bLon e_]L'onlpOa _kua,,o _ YLgUIPll L •

    Maintenance Decision Matrtx-- _ iii |L I in _ __ n _

    lr i _ , ,ii , ,

  • 8/19/2019 Relaibility Centered Maintenance Rcm



    To research and e valuate RCM on hi gh vo lta ge equipment , we a r e

  • 8/19/2019 Relaibility Centered Maintenance Rcm



    For circuit breaker =, we a re loo king a t thr ee I;rima ry source s of moni torin g, Th e firs t is a l oreak ermonitor t hat is being de ve lop ed un dercon trac t with ORNL. lt wi ll moni tor the current D rofile in t ripco il(s ) andclose coil( s ), cont act interru pting curren t and time, and h as th e Cal:) ab ilitvto monito r

    event= if th e need er ilel. T hll sys tem ii show n in F igu re 3.__._ lira - - ,i *,,, , ..... I II

    IP_II G4apIPe fit (11} f', [email protected] _ T L_p-Trip CeL l _lPIPen l (K3) ; r ii IvLllek

    -.-, OpoPi t $111t/I---- -I

    1 ' e IiiL

    B_lii lip lteilli_ lt_il=l

    (ii/ hood P_ l_oilllid i ii _iAivllHelle)

    litli ii Illo , til lo ingu l diii. ._lndiill on

    Iii bl=alp ui liaiil_l, illlll lu lybi ii/el ep lived Iii il it_telt.

    • lq ill liil_lll,i ills eu_lil,i Ciillllliill lUpil/.

    I RIIII lor ll i

    ii lliil_qt I llimm

    Pi_u, i 1,

    Breok4 rMonitor

    The secondmonitorings yste m is S CADA. Wl th SCADA we wi ll ge t time tag ge d indicationofevents that occur, Thl s inclu des numbero f breaker ol _er at lon s , a larms from auxiliary systems suchas SF, ga s , com pressorrun time s for a ir systems, and su bs ta tion operatingconditions such asam bient temper ature and bu s voltages,

    The third monitoringsy stem i s th e Schweitze r Engineer ing Labor a tori es (SE L) line and b rea ker fa ilur ere lays . These relayswill provid e fault magnitudeend dura tton data. Thi s data will b e usedtoca lculate th e I=t which i s en indicationof contact wear. Not e that there i s i redundancy i n thecoll ectio n of fault d ite with th e breaker monitor. Thi s p rovid es correl a tionof v ariabl es from thedifferent sys te me , and allows u s to make an in formed de cis ion r egardingt he most effective methodfor coll ecti n9 br eak er dite In th e final syst em ,

    The list of parameter s to measure for b reaker s ii shown i n Figure 4. From the ob servable va riabl e s ,a main ten an ce de ci s ion mat rix (e sample i i show n in Figure 5) i s usedto determine t he needtocor rect an tnc l¢tent I_rob lem, and project the n eed fo r preventiv e ma intenance ,


    There a re two I _rimary sys tems for monitorin g transfo rmers O ne ii grovldedb y J. W. H arley, I nc, ,the Transfo rmer Performanc e Ana lysis System (TPAS). The TPAS s ystem mon itors oi l tsm l:)e ri*_ure ,gas.In-oil , int ernal vibration and tank vibration (for I _a rtia ldischarge), an d moisture-in-oil , TPASforms the b ells for mon itori ng the transformer tndetail.

    The second monltorlng sys tem la via $CA OA, Th e $ CADA RTU l _rovlde sus w ith MW , MVAR, kV,

  • 8/19/2019 Relaibility Centered Maintenance Rcm



    • t


    i iii1, __ t5 I£ l,, ii --

    _ _ _ii l;_'_ ,_

    > I

    f .i i - ,_

    > i i .......

    ii' ° 'II'illli• iii

  • 8/19/2019 Relaibility Centered Maintenance Rcm


  • 8/19/2019 Relaibility Centered Maintenance Rcm



  • 8/19/2019 Relaibility Centered Maintenance Rcm



    • i

    ambi ent tem peratu re , nu mber of tap cha nger op eratton s , a larm 0at a , et c , This r.ta ta is in tegr a teclwith th e TPAS d ata in the RCM com put er .

    The comDle te li s t of pa ram ete r= for transformer monitoring is s hown in Figur e 6. .he m aint enanc edeci s ion n _etrtx for transfo rmers is being cleve toged.


    The Alvey p rotot ype is a relatively com plex a nd expens ive system . As no te_l abov e Dart of i tspur pose 18to evaluate monitors and senso rs , and re fine t he a lgorith ms and da ta system suc h tha twe can i _lan for an e ffective system wide installation. We have consciously overbuilt t he prototVl 3eto provid e for d eve lopment and analysis o f substation RCM,

    If we look Into t he future , beyond th e Alvey pro tot ype to a system wide i mplementa tion, w e canpredict several needed ch anges. W e will add poin ts to the ol_e ra tional SCADA anti sequence o fevents sys tem s for dat a acqu is ition . This date w all provide the RCM system with event (da taIncluding al arm s lind o pe rat ing co ndition s (such a s co mloress or runnlng), and oth er Wplc81 $CADA

    data such as ambient temper a tu re , bus volta0e s , a tc , Figure 7 showl how the ¢.,_timst es ystem ma ylook•

    i . _ L II i i i lbl _ . ii IlL

    litlms.L _ _

    [tt_=&ll ]'O | na il _lul mtta t:L_ .l .| eom,.vee,_l l_e oa I N I_V14et wet .h , t ki a M?_ Ju _teA /e_L en

    = I ii._ lI 1 t u'...'. i :i To SN II luke on I/ It_ m/ Xo=wn_l_ I

    L. / V/thin me av_ t ed t e,_, _ .

    ' 1 ' 0 .... lt li llttt I l _lltil li I ItWl lll_

    ubeta¢ tone I _ ,, _I Ituont ',IPJ ,j _ m=,=o_ ,

    q tw t ft flit i t it = t i t = ........ _ t _ wtm ttti. l_ . ... t t _

    P trur e 7 .

    Rn_ _ tem Wlde Config urationiii i i • i i - - i

    Th e vreee n tco st Oft he Ha rleym onito rsIwhich a re , In e ll fairnes s ,still in the deve loc men ts tages )iiin th e ne ighborhood of $100 k per tr ans for mer , while th A proj e ct ed production cost o f th e br ukermonitor I i lasl thin $5 k Der br ea ker. Cost fo r monitor s m ust be minimized in ord er to ma ximizethe ir pen e tr at ion fo r ma int enanc e monito ring , If monitors could be insta lled In n ew equi pment a ioars of the Initial cons tructio n, th e cost could be signif ic antly reduced.

    The RCM work sta tion , curr ently a t Alvey i s a Iocaliz e¢l sys tem . Ev en tu a lly it will b ecom e part of tcentr a lized sys tem (tentatively titled a Maintenance A pplicat ion s Proc ess or • MAP), MAP will b einst a lled a t our Oitt me r Control Cen _e r. lt will run the a lgo rithms for =il tra ns former t e nd break ers

    , p , , _

  • 8/19/2019 Relaibility Centered Maintenance Rcm



    o n t h e sys te m a nd w il lr e t ur nin f o r mati on otjus tr aw data t o t h euser swo r k stati o n,B y t h etime th a t we are ready for a system wide i mpleme ntation , ther e_will be a s yste m wide One ra tio na lData Ne twork to ha nd le the lntr a -syst em transfe r.


    The p ur0o se of t he Alvev RCM pro _oty0ei s to eva lua te an d refine t he RCM conc epts as a l_131iedohigh voltage subs tation eq uip me nt on B PA's p ow er sy stem . We hav e made in itia l as su mptions fo r(he spe ci fic par amete rs w hich must be mon itored to predict the ne ed for rout ine ma in tenance , Th ealgo rith ms for PM , failur e preven tion , and life e xte nsion are being d e ve lope d . The pro totyp e will beused to r efine thes e to pro vide a bas is fo r an o per e tlon a l sys tem th a t will be ins ta lled throughoutth e BPA I:)ower syst em. We be lieve t hat some form o f RCM will be a v iab le a lte rna tive to t hel_re se n ttime bas e0 me thod of sch ed ulingm ainten ance,

    After th e co mplet ion of th e Alve y prototype , BP A plan s to u se th e RCM sy s te m for ¢ periodo f timea s a b as is for mai ntenan ce of br ea kers and transforme rs. Ba se d on ou r experi encew ith Alvey ,deci s ion s will be made r ega rdin g | s ys tem wide i ml01eme ntation.Pot enti a l s avings from RCM c|nbe sign ific ant . If =11 rans formers and br ea kersar e add ed to th e eQ uiome ntun der RCM, the gros s

    saving s could incre asetO $8M. Th es e savtng s com e m ostly from Incr ease= in eQ uivme nts e rvice lifeand reducedc a ta s trophic f a ilures . A sma ller per cen tag e of sav ing comes from r educ tions incorr ectivem aint e nance a nd PM ,

    7. B_J EBE tCF, _

    S. L. Pu ruck e r, B. E, Tonn , R. T. Goeltz , R. O . Ja mes , S. K erc e l, O. T . R;cv, M, L. $1 m_ son ,V. W.Van Dyke , F usibility Study: App lication o f RCM Tech nique s for Su bstat ion Mai ntenance a t th eBonnevillePowe r Admini s trat ion ', rep ort pr epar ed b y Oak RidgeNational Laboratory, ma nagedbyMartin M arie tta E ne rgy Sys te ms , Inc . for Oe0 artme nt o f Energy unde r Con tract No. DE -AC05-84OR2 1400,

    EPRINP-6152, Demo ns tra tion o f Reliab il_y*Cen ter edMaintenanc e, Volum e 1 ' Proje ct Des crl l_tlon ,=J anu |rv 1989 .

    The author = would lik e to giv e cre di t to Sa h_g Chi linge rian an d Abe l Pe reir e , s enior technic a lengin eer s in the Division of Sy s tem Main tenanc e , Bonnev illePower Admin istra tio n. Thei r exl_er tleewas in valuable In se tting uP the Al vey pro totype a nd e sta b lishing the base line a na lys issystem,

    If ,,

  • 8/19/2019 Relaibility Centered Maintenance Rcm