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  2. 2. Your Speakers Today Brian Adler Principal Cloud Architect, RightScaleSteven Goldberg Cloud Solutions Engineer, RightScalePlease use the Questions window to ask questions at any time!
  3. 3. Agenda What is Hybrid IT? Hybrid IT Trends Use Cases Connecting your Hybrid IT Environment Management of your Hybrid IT Environment Q&A
  4. 4. Creating the Cloud-Enabled Enterprise7 years 10 public and private clouds 50K+ users 6M+ servers 10K+ servers per appCloud management tools bring order to the chaos of multi-cloud management without limiting developer productivity. -Dave Bartoletti3
  5. 5. Enterprises Using Cloud with RightScale HealthcareFinancial ServicesPublishingHardwareSoftwareEntertainmentConsumer/Retail Advertising4
  6. 6. What is Hybrid IT? A combination of the following for capacity or capability: Public Cloud resourcesPrivate Cloud resourcesVirtualized environments
  7. 7. What is Hybrid IT? Capacity A +Capability =CBSource: 10/3/13 Hybrid Clouds and Hybrid IT: The Next Frontier, Tom Bittman, GartnerWorkload XResource AWorkload YResource B
  8. 8. Definitions and Terminology Private Cloud/Virtualized environment: Compute, storage, and network resources for a single tenant that are accessed programmatically via an API and/or a user interface. Cloud Architecture: A similar set of multi-tenant resources provided by a cloud vendor with access via an API endpoint. Multi-Cloud: An environment that spans two or more separate clouds, be they both public, both private, or one (or more) of each. Hybrid IT/Cloud: An environment that spans one or more public clouds as well as one or more private/virtualized environments.
  9. 9. Hybrid IT Trends Enterprises are Choosing Multi-Cloud and HybridMulti-public15% Multi-private15% Hybrid IT 47%Source: RightScale State of the Cloud 2013 625 respondents IT professionals and practitioners
  11. 11. Use Case: Public Cloud for Agility o Agility for faster time to market Web Dev/test Self-service IT o Geographic Expansion o Op-ex model o Alternate resource pool
  12. 12. Example of Self-Service o o o oIT can be the hero; agility with control Provide standardized builds with operational excellence Leverage all resources Increases agility across the board
  13. 13. No Wait IT Keeps R&D Productive Lilly is leveraging RightScale against application stacks in a vending machine concept that allows self-service to infrastructure. -Dave Powers Increase Enterprise AgilityRightScale SolutionImprove IT Efficiency Reduce provisioning time from 30 days to 30 minutes Serve up applications in an IT Vending Machine Measure costs per hour for compute and storage
  14. 14. Self-Service Portal Increase innovation DevelopersEnd UsersRightScale Self-Service PortalDesigners3rd Party Self-Service PortalRightScale Service DesignerRightScale Service CatalogRightScale API Access to portfolio of approved cloud providers Standardized technology stacks Instant provisioning for innovation Visibility and control Access controls Budget controls Audit trailsRightScale Multi-Cloud Platform Integrate to existing systems AWSAzureGoogleCloudStackOpenStackvSphere13
  15. 15. Use Case: Cloudbursting o An application deployment model in which an application runs in your datacenter and bursts to a cloud provider when the demand for computing capacity spikes. o The advantage of a cloud bursting-enabled deployment is that an organization only pays for extra compute resources when they are needed.
  16. 16. Use Case: Cloudbursting Automated EfficiencyEND USERSLoad BalancersApp ServersMaster DBSlave DBReplicate >PRIVATE CLOUDApp Servers Run Steady state in private cloud Burst to public when capacity is reached Public cloud scaled down after load decreases Own the base rent the spikeSlave DB PUBLIC CLOUD Replicate >15
  17. 17. Cloudburst for ScalabilityCloudburst Private CloudImprove IT Efficiency Reduce RiskLow latency Private NetworkPublic CloudRightScale Solution Global delivery of mobile apps through hybrid cloud Support unpredictable demand with cloudbursting Single pane of glass across clouds16
  18. 18. Use Cases: Disaster Recovery o Production environment in on-premises o DR environment in cloud o Most common configuration is the Warm DR scenario Replicating slave in the cloud All other servers in non-operational state
  19. 19. Implement DR Architectures DNSArchitect for SLAsPRIMARYWARM DRLoad BalancersLoad BalancersApp ServersApp ServersMaster DBSlave DBSlave DBReplicate > HA/DR reference architectures Cross-region and crosscloud Auto-scale to meet demand Monitor and automate failover Hot, warm, and cold DR scenariosReplicate >18
  20. 20. Use Cases: Data Residency Requirements o Country requirement for data stored in country o Datacenter based o Necessity for servicing global customers/expansionPrivate Clouds in Geography
  21. 21. Expand with Ease RightScale has provided Coupa a standardized and manageable way to rapidly expand. Sanket Naik, Senior Director of Operations Coupa SoftwareExpand Markets Improve IT EfficiencyRightScale Solution Clone customer environments to new cloud Consistency and push-button Single pane of glass across clouds 20
  23. 23. Direct Connect Your Datacenter AppsYour Cloud AppsActive DirectoryUsers & Access RulesNetwork ConfigurationYour Private NetworkEncryptionEncryptionBack-up AppliancesBack-upsVirtualized Datacenter or Private CloudDirect ConnectPublic Cloud
  24. 24. On-Premises Hardware Device Your Datacenter AppsYour Cloud AppsActive DirectoryUsers & Access RulesNetwork ConfigurationYour Private NetworkEncryptionEncryptionBack-up AppliancesBack-upsVirtualized Datacenter or Private CloudOn-premises hardware devicePublic Cloud
  25. 25. Software-based Your Datacenter AppsYour Cloud AppsActive DirectoryUsers & Access RulesNetwork ConfigurationYour Private NetworkEncryptionEncryptionBack-up AppliancesBack-upsVirtualized Datacenter or Private CloudSoftwarebased solutionPublic Cloud
  27. 27. RightScale Cloud Portfolio Management RightScale Cloud Portfolio ManagementSelf-ServiceCloud ManagementCloud AnalyticsManageGovernOptimizeYour Cloud Portfolio Public CloudsPrivate CloudsVirtualized Environments
  28. 28. Building a Hybrid Cloud with RightScale Freedom of choice RightScale UI On-Demand Management PlaneSelf-Service PortalRightScale APICloud ManagementCloud Analytics Deep integration to public and private cloud providers Elevates: Multi-Cloud PlatformYour Cloud PortfolioPublic Cloud ProvidersPrivate Cloud PlatformCloud Appliance for vSphereHypervisors Configurations APIs Automation behaviors Access control Billing and governanceDeploy to any cloud Move between cloudsHardware27
  29. 29. High-level Architecture View RightScale Cloud Portfolio ManagementOn-premisesCorporate Firewall RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere Works with vSphere 5.1 or 5.5 Enterprise, Enterprise Plus supported today. Support for Standard edition on roadmap Does not require vCloud Suite Simple, Stateless, FaulttolerantvCenter ServerPublic CloudsPrivate CloudsESXiVMware vSphere28
  30. 30. Cost Management through Cloud Analytics o Visualize all of your IT costs o Forecast future spend o Optimize your spend and reduce waste
  31. 31. Thanks and Q&A Sign-up for the Beta www.rightscale.com/vsphere Contact us for more information +1 (888) 989-1856 (toll free) sales@rightscale.com* Follow-up email will include link to slide deck, recording and link to beta sign-up
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