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Experience SAP's new look! See how the new user interface interacts with your business, making it more efficient.


  • 1. New Look Increase competitive advantage Speed up to the challenge

2. New Look, was a collection of women's fashion of the designer Christian Dior launched in the spring of 1947 shortly after World War 2. The collection marked a break from the gray and dull style that had prevailed during the war, and instead provided future women a new feminine style with skirts, small waist, hat and gloves. New Look had a great impact on fashion and the next decade designers. New Look 3. Opportunities are hidden in all your business processes Most frequently asked question by customers: SHOW ME WHERE IT WILL MAKE MY BUSINESS MORE EFFECTIVE 4. Opportunities are hidden in all your business processes answer: EVERYWHERE! 5. Opportunities are hidden in all your business processes the right question is: WHERE DO I START? 6. New look is changing your business & your competitive landscape! Where could you start? Could be 1. Start the easy way: SAP Fiori 2. Next step: Tranform traditional use of SAP from the traditional GUI to HR- Renewal and Personas 7. In General The new look of SAP transforms the SAP ERP from a heavy and complex user experience into an instantly understandable, ready and easy to use experience. The ease of use makes your business more effective not just because it captures data easier but also because the IT services become pervasive and easy to use. 8. Benefits This makes it possible to have IT Business support in the very frontline of your business where the data is created and makes your processes flow faster and more smooth - Effectiveness It makes it easier to adapt to new demands in the competition - Agility 9. SAP UX User experience is more than new technology Easier interaction with SAP Simplicity in use Ease of implementation No training needed when changed Whats next? .You decide 10. Prediction: In less than 30 months we all have access to SAP from other frontends than SAP GUI and SAP portals In less than 30 month most non regular users are accessing SAP via Fiori, Renewal or Personas Imagine your business with that power 11. Today we will introduce NEW LOOK by SAP SAP Fiori SAP Personas SAP Renewal SAP Netweawer Business client Success Factors 2BM and SAP in the cloud 12. Business benefits in the user experience Why the user experience is part of the business case 13. Seen from a helicopter view What is happening 14. General In our projects we have changed from talking about User Interface to focusing on the entire User Experience We use user stories and mock-ups instead of traditional blueprinting We use agile project methodology instead of waterfall Product User Interface User Experience 15. The frontend of SAP is in major change The fundamental change is in the SAP core itself where all the SAP functionality is being web-enabled SAP has been working on this SAP's user experience innovations since 2012 Simplicity makes foundation for change and speed Agile projects Simpler infrastructure Reduced complexity Easy to use better user adaptation less errors less training costs The SAP Portal is being phased out as new technologies take over and make the system access easier to tailor-make for specific user scenarios Several different options from SAP are competing for glory, giving you as customers, several options for getting more out of your SAP solution and business execution 16. More platforms We are going from a situation where we designed to 1 platform (the PC/Laptop) to a new reality where there are at least 3 platforms: Laptop Tablet SmartPhone Enabling our SAP solution on multiple platforms gives us flexibility and new ways of working Question: On what devices do your company provide the SAP functionality? 17. New users and user-groups Blue colored workers have new demands for the user experience! The process support is extended to the forefront of the workforce More effective and differentiated interaction with our office workers dependent of their work-profile 18. What makes the difference How we meet the system makes all the difference 19. Make it easy for the user One size does not fit all processes and every user! New user groups need fundamental new solutions! Solutions must give the user what the user needs Remove all the barriers like Menu navigation Unnecessary clicking and screen flow Disturbing fields that are not used Waiting time Start-up procedures 20. Actual support for better business execution From: Complex, heavy, difficult, Computer based, client dependent, etc. We had: Administrative support To: Web applications with responsive design accessible on any device any where We get: Support in business execution 21. What is support in business execution The major change is the enablement for business execution support To show what actual support for business execution is all about lets take a peak into the future (2 to 5 years from now) But lets not lose focus we must take a lot of baby steps to get there Question: Does your company have scenarios in todays SAP solution that give actual business execution support? 22. Business Benefits Look at the business case 23. Pervasive SAP support Both excising and new users benefits from the new ways of getting SAP business support from SAP Office users Employees that have most of their working time in the office space Mobile users White colored workers that are frequent or often on move Service and Field service technicians SAP support all the way to the frontline SAP becomes a tool in the toolbox Blue colored workers demands solutions that meet their way of working 24. Reduce training costs In the old days we had to have huge training sessions and change management programs when launching new functionality and solutions Today the solutions must be intuitive and easy to use they must be so intuitive that no (or limited) education is needed! You dont need education for solutions that are user friendly we are already looking for the next level a good user experience! 25. Data quality Data is captured closer to the source We support the process of data capture, data selection and traceability Right data in the entry process has a positive effect through the entire business process... 26. Considerations in the business case 1. Makes data capture more easy at the source 2. Eliminates the paper and double data entry in the work processes 3. Give the relevant and updated information for the actual work task 4. Make life easier for both employees and managers 5. Get better data quality 6. Minimize the risk of errors by use of barcodes, location, pictures etc. 7. Reduce travel time and make employees productive while on the move 8. Supports your employees in the business process whenever possible 9. Gives easy access to system, functionality and information 10. And much more Question: What solutions have given your company the best business case? 27. Wrap-up Get the SAP ERP as close to the actual business processes as possible to enable pervasive It support and better business execution To gain higher productivity Change your mindset from UI to UX To strengthen the overall agility SAP has become less complex and faster to create solutions Enables continues business improvement and strengthen completive advantage for SAP companies 28. Whats all that cloud The basics of Cloud computing 29. Get started what is cloud General On premise: Solutions like: Your SAP Environments, File share, Mail server etc. In the cloud: Solutions like: LinkedIn, Nexflix, GoogleDocs and SuccessFactors etc. Some Other buzz words and concepts SaaS Software as a Service: SuccessFactors and Afaria PaaS Platform as a Service: Amazon Web Services 30. The business model of the cloud Traditionally on premise The company invests in the hardware and the software licenses, and pays a yearly software maintenance fee Cloud Solutions The company rents the operating user licenses for the solution. There is no up-front investment or hardware involved Lets compare it to a car: You buy a car and pay for the yearly maintenance (On premise) You lease the car and pay a monthly fee that covers mileage, maintenance and depreciations (Cloud) Its from CAPEX to OPEX 31. Cloud offerings by 2BM We have proven higher efficiency, lower costs and reduced risk at our cloud customers 32. 2BM Cloud offer: SAP try & buy We offer SAP DEMO Cloud including: SAP ECC IDES + FIORI + SAP Screen Personas + NWBC Benefit for the customer Try out scenarios, configurations and ideas, before agreeing upon the scope and implementation model in your own infrastructure Use the 2BM cloud to support the design and scoping phase Make correct choices before you implement on your own infrastructure Get more solid ground for your implementation decisions Make a better budget for your implementation project We have successfully provided this infrastructure to support customers in selecting and scoping for the SAPs new look We say: Sign today Start tomorrow! 1. 33. 2BM Cloud offer: SAP Mobile Platform Taking the step to the mobilize the business processes includes new servers in the company infrastructure. 2BM offer sthe mobile infrastructure as a cloud service Benefits for the customer Shorter implementation time Dont waste time and money making the basic settings Reduce your risk and get started at low cost We have successfully provided this infrastructure to several mobility customers and they have experienced: Faster implementation time Reduced the implementation costs Reduced the risk and give flexibility in the PoC phase Gives you the options to try out before agreeing on the final scope We say: Sign today Start tomorrow! 2. 34. 2BM Cloud offering: SAP Project Environments We offer full proje