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The Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce sponsored this session for area business owners and leaders. The session was facilited by Tim McAdow, Director of Marketing and Communication for Integrity Insurance; Tom Clifford, Director of Digital Development at HC Miller, Susan Finco, Owner and President of Leonard & Finco Public Relations; Patrick Hopkins, President of Imaginasium; Robert Jahnke, President of Top Hat Marketing; Diane Roundy, Director of Business Development for Schenck SC


PowerPoint Presentation

Secrets of the Marketing Pros

Brought to you by:Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

Tom Clifford

Director of Digital DevelopmentHC Miller

EngagementBe YourselfBuild Personal Relationships Listen

How Do You Engage?Tweet-ups / Meet-upsBlueberry HillCommentingSharing ContentFacebookBlogs

Take Risks!Try Something NewVideo BlogPodcastingFormspring / QuaraDiggMeet Meme CardsMake Mistakes

Differentiate Yourself!Everyone is making WidgetsWhat makes You Special?Thought LeaderWrite white papersReviewsBlog Posting

Susan Finco

Owner and PresidentLeonard & Finco Public Relations

Managing Your Social Media

Know what youre using and why

Managing Your Social Media

Integrate your social media tools


Managing Your Social Media

Be spontaneous, but plan ahead

Media Relations Made Easy

Understand the media

Media Relations Made Easy

One newsworthy item a month

Media Relations Made Easy

Dont simply do a news release

Secrets of Crisis Management

Have a plan

Secrets of Crisis Management

Act quickly, but not instantly

Secrets of Crisis Management

What people want to knowWhat happenedWhy it happenedWhat youre going to do about it

Patrick Hopkins


Identifying & responding to Pain Points

1.] Whats the challenge? (The assignment) 2.] Whose perceptions matter? (Target audience)3.] Whats going on? (Research)4.] What do people think? (Current perceptions)

Aligning your team around your brand

Boardroom to the Switchboard involvement

Explorecompany, industry, competition, customer segments, brand emotional & rational perceptions of employees/customers/ industry/community.

Identify what winning looks like (Goalposts)

Wish/Grantedimpact the operations

Basic TenetsStart at the top, every opinion counts, show how they fit, win hearts & minds, train for change, tell the world (long term), stay brand focused.

Align your team around your brand

4.] What do people think? (Current perceptions)5.] What are you really? (Facts) 6.] What should people think?(Desired perceptions)7.] What will you tell them? (Value propositions)

Creating Engaging Experiences

8.] How will you speak? (Tone, brand, delivery)9.] Whats the rally cry? (The one thing) 10.] How does it look to the world? (Creative direction)11.] Howd it do? (Measurement of success)

Fluid Brand

How do you feel?

Its outside the old traditional thinking of consistency in building a brand.


It drives for consistency of response with a wide variety of audiences.



Its All in the Packaging






Design the Experience

Involve all departments

Chart the touchpoints

Avoid Kmart

Pursue Disney, Starbucks, SuperBowl

Think like John Deere

Robert Jahnke

President & Visionary Marketing & Advertising ConsultantTop Hat Marketing

People dont care who you are until they know what you can do for them!

Top 3 secrets to grow any business!

1. There Are Only Three Ways to Grow a Business

More clients

Increase transaction value

Increase transaction frequency

Top 3 secrets to grow any business!

2. Easiest way to get more sales? Re-activate old customers

5 top ways to re-activate

1. Loyalty programs2. Follow up calls3. Rewards for referrals4. Coupons5. Free give-a-ways

Top 3 secrets to grow any business!

3. The fortune is in the follow-up

Follow Up Statistics48% of sales people never follow up with a lead25% of sales people make two contacts12% of sales people make three contacts 10% of sales people make more than three contacts

Sales Statistics2% of sales are made on the first contact

3% of sales are made on the second contact

5% of sales are made on the third contact

10% of sales are made on the fourth contact

80% of sales are made on the fifth through twelfth contact


If 85% of sales people dont follow up more than 3 times.AND 80% of all sales are made on the 5th 12th call, who makes all the MONEY/SALES?

Less than 15% of sales people.

1st two questions the top marketing consultant would ask you!

1. What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)Wal-Mart Save money. Live better.Subway Eat fresh. Live green.McDonalds Im lovin itAT & T Rethink PossibilityClark Howard Save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off

Life-time value of a clientone time sale, yearly sales and lifetime sales

Lifetime Value

To illustrate the concept of Life Time Value of a client, let's imagine you are the owner of a hair salon. Questions to ask: 1. How much do you charge per haircut?2. How many times per year, on average, do clients get their hair cut?3. How many years, on average, do clients stay with you?4. What other products do clients purchase from you?5. How much do you charge per product sold?6. How often do clients purchase these products?7. How many referral do you get per client?

Formula:$40 x 6 = $240 on visits$20 x 3 = $60 other services$300 per client per year x 5 years = $1500Plus 15 referrals in the 5 years

Every new client is worth about $5,000 lifetime value if optimized

The right formula to get advertising to work!

Right MarketRight MediaRight Message

What are your clients hot buttons?Example: Construction CompanyShow up when you say, work done on time, dont charge me more and do what you say you will do.

Example: Fencing CompanySame as above, plus my gates to work right, and stand straight.

The right formula to get advertising to work!

(Headlines are 20 times more important than anything else)

Example Headline: Old ad: 2/3 bank financing on silver and gold New ad: If gold is selling for $300 per oz., send us $100 per oz. and we will send you all the gold you want! This increased response 500%

Diane Roundy

Director of Business DevelopmentSchenck SC

Diane Roundys Top 3 Ideas

Cross media lead generationRecognizing and embracing the skills and talents of your entire team 5 key networking tactics.

Cross Media Lead Generation

Common Cross-media Campaign Elements

Recognizing the skills and talents of your entire team


5 Key Networking Tactics

10 second elevator speechCan I follow up with you sometime?Following through on promisesName nightmareWherever you are, whatever you are doing, you can be networking