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  • Sensible defence

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  • CIA and prevention/dectection/response Risk management and its pitfalls Economic incentives Liability/regulation/compliance Due care and due dilligence Technology Awareness Conclusion


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  • To ensure the CIA triad we use:




    How security works

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  • Identification Identify the actual threat

    Impact factor The possible consequences of an attack

    Frequency The probable frequency of the occurrence of a threat

    Probability The extent of how confident we are a threat will happenTodays risk managementIdentification of a threat

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  • Identification of the current risks

    The cost/benefit justification of the countermeasures

    Influences the decision making process on hardware, etc

    Focus on security resources where they are needed mostTodays risk managementRisk analysis goals

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  • Threat Asset Vulnerability Safeguard Asset value (AV) Exposure factor (EF), value in percentage Single loss expectancy (SLE), dollar figure (EFxAV) Annualized rate of occurrence Annualized loss expectancy (ALE= SLExARO)

    Todays risk managementRisk analysis key terms

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  • Aims to assign tangible values Relies on qualitative data Process Estimate potential losses to the assets Analyze potential threats to the assets Define impact and frequency levels Define the ALE

    Todays risk managementRisk analysis Quantitative

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  • Scenario oriented approach Rank threats on a scale to evaluate their risks, costs and outcome

    In contrast to quantitative analysis a purely qualitative analysis is always possible

    High guess ratingTodays risk managementRisk analysis Qualitative

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  • Misunderstanding between risk and certainty A risk is the anticipated frequency of losses Certainties are occurring with high frequency

    Reliance on probability, impact and frequency The unknown, controls the probability, frequency and the impact of a future incident.Todays risk managementPitfalls

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  • Benefits vs costs

    Economic pressureSensible defenceEconomic incentives

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  • Laws push standards

    Liability creates awareness

    Regulatory bodies motivateSensible defenceLiability, regulation, compliance

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  • Due care is using reasonable care to protect the interests of an organization

    Due diligence is practicing the activities to maintain the due care efforts.

    Common sense security frameworkSensible defenceDue care and due diligence

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  • Functionality vs security User friendly does not mean insecure Ease-of-Use + Common Sense = Security Privacy vs security Sacrifice privacy for security? Should security protect privacy or ignore it to enhance security?Sensible defenceTechnology

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  • Human intelligence most important

    Reduce risk without technology

    Limit damage in case of an incident

    Give users insight in values of company assets and the usage of information systems

    Sensible defenceAwareness

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  • Sensible defence is balanced security Balance cost vs economic gain Balance liberty vs privacy Balance functionality vs security Liability, legislation and regulation

    Sensible defencesecurity is a trade-off

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  • Q & A

    Thanks to:My colleaguesDonn ParkerBruce SchneierRebecca HeroldsSensible defenceQuestions?

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