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  • Unit 7 Cultural relicsWarming upListeningSpeakingPre-reading

  • The Pyramids in EgyptThe Great WallStonehenge

  • SimilaritiesA long historyWorld famousMade of stonesBuilt by many peopleSymbols of their countries and culturesTell us stories about ancient times

  • 1.All of them are old. Do you think they are still important to the people today? Why? They stand for cultures of the countries. They tell us history. They make money from tourism.2.What can we do to protect them? We should protect them from being destroyed. We should

  • 1.Suggestion n. suggest v. (1)suggest sth. (to sb.) (2)suggest doing (3)suggest (that)+ The teacher suggested we (should) work harder. The doctor suggested the medicine (should) be taken twice a day.:suggest ,. Are you suggesting I am not telling the truth?2.baseon/ He based his arguments on facts.3.list sth.=make a list of sth.4.What is being done to protect them. What is doing:(1)We are building the new hospital in our hometown. The new hospital in our hometown is being built. (2)We are discussing the problem in the class. The problem is being discussed in the class.


  • A Chinese knotA five-star red flagA toy pandaA pair of chopsticksA Chinese paintinga map of China

  • 1.prepare prepare for prepare a book/a meal/your dictation exercise books prepare for a trip2.Include (1) Please include me in your group. (2)including prep.( Ten people were present at the meeting, including me. (3)included adj.( Everyone laughed, our teacher included.

  • ancient, burn, damage, include, represent, stone, statue, ruins, portrait, limit, breath, dynasty, photograph1.The storm did great _____ to the crops2.Many people like the book, _____ me.3.He is a famous _____ painter.4.He took a deep _____.5.There is a _____ to what I can do for you.6.We choose a committee() to _______ us.7.The old church is in ______.8.Sometimes workers and painters used old _______ to help them rebuild the city.9.The ____ of liberty() was presented to the United States of America in the 19th century by the people of France.10.In ______ times, women were not allowed to go to the school. next damageincludingportraitbreathlimitrepresentruinsphotographsstatueancient

  • A Brief Introduction The reading uses the reconstruction() of St Petersburg as an example of how cultural relics and sites can be successfully restored or rebuilt. The text also suggests that cultural relics are an important part of a citys and peoples culture. The efforts() to restore St Petersburgs old glory() show the peoples determination to preserve() their culture and describe some of difficulties the people had undertaking() such a project. next

  • QuestionsWhat does the city in the title refer to?When did the Russian Czar come here and build a new capital?How long was the city under attack?How can people bring back the beauty of their country and culture?


  • ExpressionsPara I 1.Where there is a river, there is a city.,. 2.on the bank of a river 3.flow through 4.be proud of 5.during ones lifetime 6.look like 7.out ofPara II 1.mang important events in history 2.under attack 3.give in to sb. 4.in ruins

    5.lie in pieces on the ground (lie)6.do everything one can do to do sth.Para IIIbe used to dobring sth. back to life=sth. come to lifewith the help ofbe able tomissing piecesa portrait ofPara IV1.look out over the city,2.come true