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Unleash the Potential of Smartphones with Project-based Assessments Erik Christensen Got Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop? Please have it ready to use!

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Five ways to integrate smartphones into your curriculum


  • 1. Unleash the Potential ofSmartphones withProject-basedAssessmentsErik ChristensenGot Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop?Please have it ready to use!

2. You Cannot Ignore Mobile Devices! Today the number of mobile devices exceedsglobal population. It is expected to triple inthe next three years! 3. St. Peters Square 4. In Middle School 70 percent use laptops 66 percent use desktops 47 percent use smart phones 25 percent use small tablets 23 percent use larger tablets 17 percent use basic e-book readers 12 percent still use netbooksSource: Pearson StudentMobile Device Survey 2013,published April 2013. 5. In High School 75 percent use laptops 65 percent use desktops 60 percent use smart phones 19 percent use full-size tablets 17 percent use small tablets 16 percent use basic e-book readers 10 percent use netbooksSource: Pearson StudentMobile Device Survey2013, published April 2013. 6. eMarketer, Aug 2012College Student SmartphoneOwnership 7. Short multimedia presentation that containssome combination of: text images audio video Allows for reflection The process is as important as the product 8. } TraditionalAssessmentProject-BasedAssessmentTraditional BloomsTaxonomy Pyramid 9. Samantha PenneyBlooms DigitalTaxomomy Pyramid 10. Inspiration for this Presentationhttp://bit.ly/UUzglj 11. Project-based Assessment Students are happy Get to use their Smartphone for class See relevance for what they are learning Empowered to demonstrate creativity Instructor is happy Students are more engaged in the material MUCH more enjoyable to grade Develops an inventory of reusable objects 12. In My Classes General Physics Term Project Extra Credit Astronomy Extra Credit FYE Seminar Final ExamStudents can choose which project typebest matches their learning style. 13. InfographicPhotoVoiceFive-Photo StoryOne-Minute VideoThree-Minute Podcast 14. InfographicPhotoVoiceFive-Photo StoryOne-Minute VideoThree-Minute Podcast 15. Infographic = Information Graphic A graphic visual representation ofinformation, data, or knowledge thatpresents complex informationquickly and clearly They are everywhere!What is an Infographic? 16. Types of Infographics Statistical Numerical data and statisticscompared to each other Timeline Data and statistics compared to aperiod of time Process Data and statistics compared toa workflow Location Data and statistics compared togeographyOften use a combination of these 17. Core Elements of an Infographic Visual Color coding Graphics Reference icons Content Time frames Statistics References Knowledge Facts Deductions 18. Source: Pearson StudentMobile Device Survey 2013,published April 2013. 19. Source: Pearson StudentMobile Device Survey 2013,published April 2013. 20. Whats Neededoror 21. My Assignment Pick a topic from the chapter (textbook) andillustrate it with an infographic. Write a 500-word essay discussing the issueyou selected and what you learnedconstructing this infographic.My Assignment 22. Useful References Five Incredible Tools to Create Infographics I Came, I Saw, I Learned PowerPoint: Create anInfographic Easelly Piktochart Infogram Creately Visual.ly 23. InfographicPhotoVoiceFive-Photo StoryOne-Minute VideoThree-Minute Podcast 24. What is a PhotoVoice?Picture + Paragraph 25. Participatory PhotographyA methodology for marginalized communitymembers share their words and photographs asa way to reach decision-makers and implementpositive change in their home communities.Historically used as a tool for social activism 26. Our Vision: a world in which no one isdenied the opportunity to speak out and beheard. Our Mission is to build skills withindisadvantaged and marginalized communitiesusing innovative participatory photography anddigital storytelling methods to achieve positivesocial change.www.photovoice.org 27. Whats Neededoror 28. PhotoVoice = Picture + Paragraph Take a picture of something that is part ofyour everyday life that relates to the chapterwe are studying. Write a one paragraph caption explaining theconcept. Post one slide with the photo and paragraphon the class online discussion board.My Assignment 29. Examples 30. Useful References Slideshare Picasa Flash Slideshow Maker Sound Slides YouTube Flickr 31. InfographicPhotoVoiceFive-Photo StoryOne-Minute VideoThree-Minute Podcast 32. What is a Five-Photo Story? 33. Tell a story in 5 frames(Visual story telling) Creating and tell a story through visual means(five photos) with only a title to help guide theinterpretation. Creating a story in five frames is not easy. Very easy to create a flickr set 34. Whats Neededor 35. My Assignment Using just five photos, illustrate a commonissue related to first-year students. Notext, other than a title is allowed. Post to aFlickr set. Write a 500-word essay discussing the issueselected and why you chose each photo.My Assignment 36. CLEAR YOUR MIND, FOCUS,FORGET YOUR PROBLEMS,AND NOTHING WILL STAND INYOUR WAY 37. http://forum.baby-gaga.com/about858688.htmlhttp://faculty.stcc.edu/nash/A+%20for%20tutor%20page.jpghttp://www.hoffmaneducation.com/sat/applying-for-sat-and-act-testing-accommodations-part-1/http://www.hercampus.com/life/academics/hardest-college-classes-countryWorksCited 38. Useful References Story in Five Photos Tell a Story in Five Frames Flickr Help with Sets and Collections 39. InfographicPhotoVoiceFive-Photo StoryOne-Minute VideoThree-Minute Podcast 40. Very short video covering one topic Easiest to just post to YouTube or VimeoWhat is a One-Minute Video? 41. The One Minutes (TOM) is a brand name formoving images that last exactly one minute. The One Minutes, launched in 1998 in theNetherlands, has developed into a global networkwith makers from 100 countries and an archive of10,000 video works that are shown internationallyon many podia.http://www.theoneminutes.org/ 42. 1 Minute Vimeo Project Group This project aims to study the forgotten momentsand times in life that we often pass by withoutacknowledging. The rules: Video must be exactly one minute long No camera movement (no panning, tilting, etc) No editing whatsoever Use original sound Tag with 1 minute Have fun!http://vimeo.com/groups/1minute 43. Whats Needed 44. My Assignment Create a one-minute video covering oneaspect of this course (or chapter) that youfound most interesting. Your goal is to teachthat topic in one minute! Write a 500-word essay explaining theconcept, your video, and how you plan to usethis concept in the future. 45. Procrastinationhttp://youtu.be/g9KrIiSzSG8 46. Useful Resources YouTube Vimeo 47. InfographicPhotoVoiceFive-Photo StoryOne-Minute VideoThree-Minute Podcast 48. What is aThree-Minute Podcast? Podcast = iPod + broadcast Can play on any computer or MP3 Player Impose a three-minute limit 49. Whats Needed 50. http://n.pr/ZG2ilO 51. How I use audio and videoHow to get to my office video Whats due this week audiohttp://bit.ly/16pbxMqhttp://youtu.be/QUrJ5bPK1rQ 52. My Assignment Create a three-minute podcast covering oneaspect of this course (or chapter) that youfound most interesting. Your goal is to teachthat topic in three minutes! Write a 500-word essay explaining theconcept, your podcast, and how you plan touse this concept in the future. 53. Useful Resources Audioboo Audacity 54. Project-based Assessment OptionsReplace an examAugment an examProject AssignmentExtra Credit 55. Dont limit a child to your ownlearning, for he was born inanother time.- Rabindranath Tagore 56. Erik ChristensenSouth Florida State [email protected] You!