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  • 1. @AngelaLRomero
  • 2. Design Thinking Design Thinking Consump(on situa(ons: studying & sports Goal: Enhance performance Concept: if you add Monster to normal people, they will turn into outperformers, like Albert Einstein and Brian Wilson
  • 3. Prototype: Albert Einstein
  • 4. Prototype: Brian Wilson Ad
  • 5. Research Results 4 out of 5 said the Wilson ad was more eec(ve 5 out 5 thought the co-branding strategy was a good t 3 out 5 people were unable to make the connec(on of the Einstein and Monster
  • 6. Final Outdoor Ad
  • 7. Media Billboard San Francisco Between Highway 80 and AT&T Park
  • 8. [email protected] Target market: males between the ages of 18-35 Monster will give you the energy you need to become more athle(c. The Giants fan market will easily persuaded to purchase Monster. Easy to read: leS to right Humor: unbelievable transforma(on