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  • Module 1 - IdeationAdam Galvin | 585356 | Semester 1/2012 | Group 08

  • Page 2Adam Galvin 585356 | Semester 1/2012 | Group 08

    Page 3Adam Galvin 585356 | Semester 1/2012 | Group 08


    The general struggle for exis-tence of animate beings is not a struggle for raw materials these, for organisms, are air, water and soil, all abundantly available nor for energy which exists in plenty in any body in the form of heat, but a struggle for [negative] entropy, which becomes available through the transition of energy from the hot sun to the cold earth.

    The design both represents a process of entropy, and under-went a process itself. In initial representations, simple undu-lating sine waves were used (1). Later, exponential (2), and random (3) properties were added to better represent the concept.

    The laws of thermodynam-ics are universal, and control all aspects of life. The cooling of all things, or expenditure of energy is inevitable and impossible to avoid. Entropy represents forwards motion & procession through life; That all things end at a base line.

    Entropy in the context I am considering is the measure of randomness within a system. Therefore, it in itself is not a process which I can represent. Instead, I seek to express its nature through a process in which it is prevelant. Repre-senting the lapse of time in this system will be recquired to communicate the increasing presence of entropy in a sys-tem.

    I plan to explore three actions in which this process plays a major role; of melting, the mix-ing of fluids, or the breaking of waves.

    Finding the most apt embodi-ment of the process and then persuing it into a form which can be utilised as a lantern is my aim herein.

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    Page 5Adam Galvin 585356 | Semester 1/2012 | Group 08

    MeltingA time lapse of plastercine deteriorating in a microwave; photos taken in 10 second in-crements. The rate at which the cylinder deteriorated is initially predict-able, along with the forms pro-gression as it melted. At 1:10 the piece slipped on its self, an interaction that is hard to predict and model reliably. The process of melting was then accelerated by liquid pools of plastercine, causing different parts to melt at dif-ferent rates, then to slip more.

    This accurately represents the process of entropy, as the number of members increase the process becomes more chaotic, and eventually de-volves to an end point - a pool of liquid,

    As much as this is an accurate representation of the process I am exploring, it seems like this particular embodiment could not be effectively communi-cated through a single, static piece of sculpture.

    DropletsMy first model, scribbled over with arrows to try and hide its disgusting form. Representing the process of a boiling droplet of water being dropped into cool water from height. Fluid dynamics arent a sci-ence, but rather a matter of probability and statistics, with the inherent randomness in-creasing over time due to the dispersal of energy through-out the medium. The thick-est white arrows represent definite movements I observed during experementation; the narrower showing less predict-able movements.

    I encountered a few majour problems creating this particu-lar representation, mainly that the modelling clay I was work-

    ing with would not retain its form for any extended period, causing the shape to droop to a degree that distorted the accurracy of the model. The model also had a distinctly static feel, wich wasnt con-gruent with my aims to portray the progression from predict-ability to psuedo-chaos.

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    Page 7Adam Galvin 585356 | Semester 1/2012 | Group 08

    WavesHaving observed a number of waves breaking I felt like I could create an accurate rep-resentation out of modelling clay with little trouble. The challenge was communicat-ing the lapse of time as the wavebroke, though this proved easier than the represenation for droplets or melting. Time is presented as flowing from left to right of the image,

    This form is a representation of the process of a wave break-ing, which is the process I wish to actualise as a lantern, effec-tively communicating the con-cept and progression of entro-py within a system. Though the lapse of time is not completely intuitive, it is more so than the other designs as there is a clear and linear progression through the form.



    The form placed against a graph better communi-cates its intent - The bell curve relationship between inverse predictability and time. The final phases only become more predictable

    where zero energy remains, resulting in the form being completely predictable (al-beit non-existent) again.

    as the amount of available energy reduces due to an increasing amount of en-tropy. As energy leaves the system, the systems abil-ity to change is reduced, eventually reaching a point

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    Page 9Adam Galvin 585356 | Semester 1/2012 | Group 08

    Abstraction - PrecedentsPresenting an idea in material form recquires that it be abstracted, that is transformed from a complex concept (En-tropy), to a final form (The lantern).

    I drew inspiration from the works of Mark Brooks, a graphics de-signer whose work communicates unique themes. Though the type is too small to see, the text discusses the rela-tionship between energy and mass, which is in-tuitively communicated in the Disintegration or coming together of the pictured giraffed. The second layer of ab-straction present in the design is the ability to intuitively read the col-lection of shapes and being a giraffe, despite it lacking elements of colour or a distinct out-

    line - the ability to com-municate the form is based upon the use of a common and easily rec-ognised element - The spots of a giraffe.

    The Cutt cutlery set and Black Lines Chair pose a question: How far can a design be simplified whilst remaining true to its original purpose?. By cutting down on os-tentanious parts, the most basic & functional aesthetic is created, and communciates its pur-pose in the most dis-tilled matter possible.

    By extracting common elements of a wave in my designs, I intend for my sculpture to be eas-ily read as representa-tive of a wave, and of deterioration.

    Black Lines Chair - Nendo Design

    Particle Accelleration - Mark Brooks

    Polyhedra - PrecedentsI tried to build a model out of soap, so that it wouldnt wilt as time progressed. It didnt go to well, so I decided to omit it from these pag-es. This soap however, is lazer cut! Designed by Yevgeny Razumov, the soap explores the simplification of com-mon forms with the aim of creating an aestheti-cally pleasing means of encouraging people to use less environmentally harmful liquid soaps.

    In a literal sense, these soaps prove influential in providing ideas for expressing my forms through angular, simpli-fied surfaces - Razu-movs soap is clearly still a bar of soap, just sim-plified.

    On another level, Mor-foze soap tells a story

    over time, as seen in the upper image - as it is used the edges soften, returning to a state not dissimilar to that of a regular bar of soap - the use is mapped through changes in form, which could be factored into the lantern, perhaps over the time axis. Doing so, however, risks over complicating a very complex piece which I would like to be as intui-tive as possible.

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