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  • I had been homeless, stayed in shelters, and even Central State Hospital. For a couple of years I had almost no connection with my family. But when I got involved with Wellspring, my parents helped them with getting me into a furnished apartment, and I got some of my own things back. Its been 4 years now, and my place feels really homey. I keep working on my treatment plan, participate in group therapy, and I even volunteer when I can. But best of all is that now I can stay in the lives of my parents and my two children, and I especially look forward to the holidays. Because of Wellspring, Im stronger and I can enjoy my life more and I know my family does, too!

    ScottWellspring Independent Living

    Im really pleased to be helping some of our communitys most vulnerable folks have a chance at recovery through the Rx: Housing Program at Wellspring. Ive learned the skills it takes to live with stability in spite of having a mental illness. My role as a Certified Peer Specialist brings me the opportunity to see how the choices I once made have all come together to get me where I am today. All those experiences mean that I have a lot to offer others looking for the hope that I have found. And that helps me continue with my recovery, too.

    WillyWellspring Peer Support SpecialistRx: Housing

    My main struggle in recovery was myself I was always fighting myself, denying my illness, and feeling afraid of where my path might lead. Wellspring helped me accept my mental illness and understand how alcohol played a role in it. Once I finally had the strength to walk through the fear and trust the process, I learned how to use structure, rather than run from it. And now, I get to help others peel the onion and find the answers that they have deep within themselves. Thats what I love about Wellspring - how it restores hope in people. I get to see eyes light up when it begins to happen. And thats about as good as it gets!

    MaureenWellspring Peer Support SpecialistDavid J. Block Crisis Stabilization Unit

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