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  • Giving Transforms Us and the WorldOn December 17, 2015, your Church Council adopted a budget for 2016 totaling $1,534,629. This budget incorporates the cost of:

    Discipling people of all ages through the many opportunities we provide for Christian Formation,

    Providing a space for worship and work as

    we gather to praise God and study His Word, provide meals and clothing to those in need in our community, and provide a safe place for preschoolers to learn,

    Compensating the pastors and staff who facilitate all of our efforts, and

    Sending aid to those in need in our community and around the world totaling over $265,000 or 17% of our total budget through our conference and our denomination in addition to our churchs direct missions support.

    All of this is made possible because of your willingness to grow in generosity in giving.

    As of December 17, 2015, our church received commitments to give from 300 households

    The Wellspring January 2016 Fuquay-Varina United Methodist Church

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    Spring Confirmation Class Registration OpenRegistration for this year's Confirmation class is now open to all students 8th grade and older!

    To meet the needs of our students and their schedules, there are several time slots being considered for this class. Concrete dates and times will be announced in mid-January, and the class will run from the end of January through April.

    Email Bobby Rackley (brackley@fvumc.org) for questions and go online to fvumc.org/spring-confirmation to register.

    On Sunday, January 24 beginning at 5:00pm, we will have our first Leadership Summit. This gathering is designed to equip and connect everyone who is serving at FVUMC in 2016 - whether through an administrative committee, on a ministry team, or in other capacities such as Sunday School leaders, small group leaders, etc.

    5:00pm Gathering in the Centrum Mission and Ministry Where is God calling us?6:00pm Dinner6:45pm Breakout groups7:30pm Best Practices7:45pm Worship and Communion

    Everyone is welcome! Please join us. Registration is available online at fvumc.org/leadership-summit or by calling 919-552-4331.

    Leadership Summit

    January 245-8pm

  • SWFCA Is FACES: Family & Community Empowerment ServicesSWFCA has a new name with the same mission and an expanded vision: To be a Christ-like community organization devoted to empowering families to live successful and stable lives. For over 50 years, the organization first founded as Fuquay Family Aid Council (1964) has served those in need in our community. More recently known as Southern Wake Faith Community in Action, this faith-based, community focused non-profit corporation has

    worked hard to help our neighbors facing financial challenges. Over the years, people have been helped to avoid eviction from their homes, avoid the loss of electricity in freezing or sweltering weather, or avoid going without the benefit of a life-needed prescription. This year 282 of our neighbors have been assisted with $43,555.61 and we give

    ZOE Working Group Continues to Thrive

    Your faithful gifts to FVUMCs general budget empowered our Missions Team to continue supporting a ZOE working group. Through ZOEs empowerment program, children living in extreme poverty situations are given education, tools, and training to care for themselves and their families.

    FVUMC is partnered with Los Truinfadores (The Winners) Working Group in La Esperanza, Guatemala. This year has been filled with hard work and great progress. ZOE has guided the children down paths of discovery and they have learned:

    They possess strengths and talents that will enable them to overcome their disadvantages,

    They are someone of value who can contribute to the community,

    They do not have to face challenges alone, And that God has not forgotten them.

    As part of their food security program, they are growing corn and black beans. This is an activity

    Missions Updates

    The past 6 months have been amazing and full of many blessings and challenges. The biggest challenge has been the language barrier. But this challenge has brought with it great blessings as we encounter many people of Costa Rica who are very patient when they realize we are trying to learn.

    Our Spanish has progressed to a point where we can stumble through most situations, whether trying to purchase items in the pharmacy or hardware store, or trying to successfully complete the many levels required to register our car and pay taxes for next year. As Karen told a friend here it does take a village to complete things and learn the system(s).

    Les spent three days working with Hill Harris, a doctor from Denver, and Marshall Cobb, a retirement financial adviser from Houston, at

    Operation Share Served Local FamiliesWith your help, our youth collected nearly 1,000 toys and books for children in the community, including over 50 bicycles from the Spiritual Spinners cycling team. While 110 children received gifts directly from Operation Share, more families benefited from your generosity. Donations remaining after our Christmas Store were divided among other organizations With Love from Jesus, the Key Club of Fuquay-

    Varina High, and to military families through Military Missions in Action.

    Hola! from Costa Rica Updates from the Page family

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  • Holy Conversations: Sacred Space for Open DiscussionAnother shooting, another bombing, another plane shot down, these are headlines we have become all too familiar with. Emotions run high, and fear prevails instead of calm consideration and conversation. News organizations and politicians capitalize upon our emotions to secure more viewers and higher approval ratings. Yes, friends, the days are dark, indeed.

    As Christians, we are tempted to forget our grounding in these times of upheaval. We can be caught up in the hype of hatred and the ferocity of fear. Rather than speak to one another in truth in love, we try to speak over one another. A quick glance at any one of the number of social media outlets and we can see this at play.

    Whats a Christian to do? I submit that what the bible teaches is that we are to have a conversation, a holy conversation. In Pauls letter to the Philippians, he tells his readers to not worry about life but to turn all requests over to God - a remarkable statement coming from someone who was in prison at the time for his faith.

    Fear and all that goes with it, such as worry or anxiety, subsides when we approach the God who has all things, both great and small, in Gods hands. Everything that belongs to the realm thats beyond our control, belongs in the hands of the most holy God.

    Where are we to find holy conversations in the church? Holy conversations at FVUMC happen in a number of places. Our Growth Groups and Sunday school classes provide a place to dialogue about lifes issues. These are sacred spaces where faith can be openly talked about, encouragement can be received, and comfort given.

    Recently, FVUMCs Peace with Justice group launched a new quarterly series of Holy Conversations. The desire for these gatherings is to bring together varying views on current events so as to have an open discussion in a Christian context. Issues, such as immigration reform, mental health, racism, gun control, and creation

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    UM Social Principles on Health and Human DignityPeace with Justice will be holding a Holy Conversion on February 12 to discuss health and human dignity as it relates to our daily lives. Everyone is invited to attend. The intent of the event is to open a dialogue about these issues and how they impact our daily lives as Christians and Methodists. Save the date and be a part of this important discussion.

    As a denomination, The United Methodist Church has adopted a series of statements, called the Social Principles, addressing issues in the contemporary world from a biblical and theological foundation. Below is an excerpt related to our upcoming conversation:

    The Social Community: Right to Health Care

    Health is a condition of physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. John 10:10b says, I came so that they could have lifeindeed, so that they could live life to the fullest. Stewardship of health is the responsibility of each person to whom health has been entrusted. Creating the personal, environmental, and social conditions in which health can thrive is a joint responsibilitypublic

    and private. We encourage individuals to pursue a healthy lifestyle and affirm the importance of preventive health care, health education, environmental and occupational safety, good nutrition, and secure housing in achieving health. Health care is a basic human right.

    Providing the care needed to maintain health, prevent disease, and restore health after injury or illness is a responsibility each person owes others and government owes to all, a responsibility government ignores at its peril. In Ezekiel 34:4a, God points out the failures of the leadership of Israel to care for the weak: You dont strengthen the weak, heal the sick, bind up the injured, bring back the strays, or seek out the lost. As a result all suffer.

    The right to health care includes care for persons with brain diseases, neurological conditions, or physical disabilities, who must be afforded the same access to health care as all other persons in our communities. It is unjust to construct or perpetuate barriers to physical or mental wholeness or full participation in community.

    We believe it is a governmental responsibility to provide all citizens with health care. We encourage hospitals, physicians, and medical clinic