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  • Growing Complexity Intellectual Property Management

    Trends Report

    2015 Wellspring Worldwide Inc.

  • IP filings continue to break records. Initial data suggests that 2015 will set new records in the number of IP filings worldwide. New players enter the game. An ever increasing mix of countries enter the coveted most innovative list as more patents are produced overseas. More markets = more problems. Non-domestic filings are more important than ever. Globalization is only possible when ideas are protected at home and abroad. Bring on the red tape. The downside is greater regulation, great administrative burden, and higher costs associated with IP management. Software can deliver the systematic approach to identify your opportunities, reach your maximum portfolio value, and mitigate potential risk.

  • 9.2% Growth 2.6 Million Patent Applications

    WIPO reported the highest growth rate in 18 years for new patent


    This growth reflects the larger trend of corporations seeking

    legal protection for any potential competitive advantage.

    Going up

    Source: WIPOs World Intellectual Property Indicators, 2013

  • Source: IP5 Statistics Report, 2012

    Approximately 1.98 million patent applications were filed at the worlds top 5 offices in 2012.

    Global Trend Growth Among Top 5 Offices

    The graph to the left illustrates that growth over time. Notice the acceleration after 2009.

  • Great ideas come from everywhere


  • Bloomberg ranked their annual list of most innovative countries, and came up with some surprising results. . . South Korea earned the top spot while Denmark, Sweden, and Finland all landed within the top ten. China, however, proved to be the single largest contributor to global intellectual property.

    Going Global

    Source: Bloomberg Business 2014 30 Most innovative countries

  • China Dragon on the rise

    Excluding China, patent applications would have only grown 4%.

    Firms are scrambling to protect themselves in the red hot Chinese market

    Chinese Patents

    Source: WIPO World Intellectual Property Indicators 2014 Report

  • Covering all the bases


  • Looking Abroad Non-resident Patents

    Growth in foreign markets One of the most striking trends is the growth in filings in non-resident markets. Protection is increasingly a concern for firms looking to do business overseas and across borders

    Source: WIPOs World Intellectual Property Indicators, 2014

  • Australia, Mexico, and Indonesia All saw greater than 80% of patent applications come from non-residential sources

    Not Just China

    Source: WIPO World Intellectual Property Indicators 2014 Report

    Firms are forced to file in markets big and small, all across the globe

  • Administrative burden

    The Cost

  • The data shows that not only are IP filings increasing in number, they are being created in more locations, and filed in a greater number of patent authorities worldwide. Your IP strategy will have to take these factors into account moving forward. The question is, can you handle the additional complexities while maximizing your IP value? Smart firms understand that IP strategy needs to be front and center. Defining a process, tracking intangible assets, and adopting a systematic approach are key to remaining competitive.

    Adapt or Die

  • Maximize the value of your intellectual asset portfolio with intelligent software. Leverage your intellectual property effectively Protect your assets globally Streamline your workflow Learn how at Wellspring.com

    2015 Wellspring Worldwide Inc.