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  • 1. ACTi Corp. Sep-30th, 2013 Revista Digital Security (Brazil Magazine) - Interview

2. Agenda ACTi in Surveillance Industry ACTi Products Offering(main products & new products) ACTi in Brazil & CALA (popular models & distribution channels) 3. ACTi in Surveillance Industry 4. Incorporation Date: September 11th, 2003 Headquarter: Taipei, Taiwan Branch Office: Irvine, U.S., Employee: 300+ ACTi Briefing 5. ACTi Value Position Camera Deliver Spec, Quality & Price at the same time. VMS Deliver Simple, Reliable, Scalable Unified Solution. Tools & Utilities Learn Nothing & Win Everything VMS Tools & Utilities Camera 6. ACTi Product Offerings 7. Hardware Solution Camera Platform Platform D Discovery Platform E Essential Platform B Brilliance Platform K KCM Platform I Innovative 8. Price Relates to Spec and Quality Platform D Platform E Platform B Platform K Platform IPrice Spec / Quality Price Driven Spec / Quality Driven 9. 9 types of Product to fulfill different application No. 1 Cube No. 2 Box No. 3 Fx Bullet No. 4 VF Bullet No. 5 Fx Dome No. 6 VF Dome No. 7 Fx OD Dome No. 8 VF OD Dome No. 9 Mini Dome or PTZ/SD 10. High Five to cover customer requirement Platform D Platform E Platform B Platform K Platform I 1M~3M 1M~10M 2M~4M 5M~10M 1M~10M Basic Superior /WDR Advance WDR Superior/ Extreme WDR Basic Superior /WDR Super Low Light Fish Eye Zoom /PTZ 11. Equipped with Superior Low Light Sensor, camera is able to deliver excellent video quality under very low light environment, even seeing nothing from humans eyes. Superior Low Light Sensor 12. Low Light Comparison ACTi KCM-8111iPhone 4S @Moscow, Russia 17:40 @Moscow, Russia 17:38 13. Fisheye Technology No Missing ACTi NVR3Fisheye Camera Hemispheric View + ePTZ Double Panorama Mode Panorama Mode Panorama Focus ePTZ Mode Surround Mode 14. Durable Outdoor Versatility HD Quality for security purpose Clear license plates and faces Zoom IN and OUT are clear: 18x/22x Zoom remotely Auto Focus Like PTZ Enhanced Image ExDR Advanced WDR 2D+3D DNR 15. Zoom & Auto focus Technology Easy to Control, by Mouse or Mobile phone Fast to Re-position the focal lens Less installation time consumption 15 Autofocus Auto Back Focus Remote Focus Manual focus Time to Focus 1-3 sec 7 sec 7 - 40 sec 5 min + Installation Use Yes Yes Yes No Zoom & Focus for Event Use Yes No No No 16. ACTi VMS Solution Type 4CH 9CH 16CH 32CH 64CH 100 CH Unlimited Mobile Client IVS (Video Analytics) TV Wall Software NVR Standalone NVR NVR Solution Multiple channels selection (Up to 100ch) Software and hardware base Selection Mobile APP Support (iOS and Android) Video Analytics (2014) CMS Solution (Central Management) Unlimited Client visit Mobile APP Support (iOS and Android) TV Wall support NVR GNR-3000 5 bays ENR 2 bays (4/9/16ch) 4bays (16ch) CMS iOS & Android INR 410/420 8 Bays (200ch) 17. Single to Multiple sites accessibility and controllability CMS 2.0 Headquarter NVR 3.0 Branch Office ENR Small Store GNR Big Store Monitor all your NVRs and cameras in the same time 18. Mobile Solution Active Mobile Client Keep you alert to what important in anytime, anywhere CMS 2.0 NVR 3.0 Support Android and iOS Active Mobile Client Get event notification immediately 19. ACTi and 3rd party Vendor VMS Partners Partial List 20. ACTi in Brazil & CALA 21. ACTi Distribution Channels Syscom (Mexico) HT Com (Costa Rica) 22. ACTi Distribution Channels SAC (Colombia) ISTC (Brazil) Grupo Com (Ecuador) Bash Seguridad (Chile) 23. Local stock (including ACTi) Logistic support (quick delivery) Branches all over LaTam (Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, etc) Local support in engineering matters, sales, training, and certification requirements Qualified professionals to provide the best solutions and support ISTC Brazil Value Position 24. D31/ E31 Fx Bullet D41/ E41 VF Bullet E46 VF Bullet D54 Fx Dome E62 VF Dome KCM-3911 Fisheye Camera ENR-1200 NVR v3.0 ACTi Popular Models (in Brazil) 25. In October 2013, ISTC Brazil will inaugurate their new installations in Sao Paulo In the new installations, we will provide more training and ACTis certifications Show room with ACTis products ISTC and ACTi will partner with an aggressive expansion plan for Brazil ACTi-ISTC Brazil will be an extension of the partnership with ISTC in other locations in LaTam Feedback from ISTC Brazil (by Fabio Pinto, CFO) 26. CALA is a emergent territory where ACTi is focusing resources for 2014. In CALA we have several project references in government and private companies in countries like Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador. Join local tradeshows like Exposeguridad Mexico, ESS en Colombia o Seguri Expo Ecuador. Status in Other CALA Countries 27. Alice Wang (Senior Territory Sales Manager, Brazil) Marcos Chen (Sales Executive, Brazil) David.Regueiro (Sales Account Manager, CALA) Sara Costa (Sales Executive, Brazil) ACTi Team Members in CALA