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  • 1. SMALL BUSINESS/MARKETING $18.95 Authentic Marketing forThe plan is simple The things that made you hate marketing, make you good at it in todays world, and more likely to be successful now. Forget the old glad-handing, networking without connection, calling-to-quotas style. Its over. It no longer works. What Introverts do well, is made for this era of new marketing. YOU R T H R E E G R E AT E ST ST R E NGT H S Long focus Relationship skills, and Introverts Drive for authenticity make for successful marketing today. No more trying to change yourself into an Extrovert. Be yourself. There are one or two powerful things you can do to draw clients to you. Find them inside. CHRISTY STRAUCH CHRISTY STRAUCH has helped hundreds of creatives, entrepreneurs and small-business owners, many of them Introverts, master the other half of their businessthe business plan, the marketing, and the numbers. www.printedvoice.comNovato, CaliforniaMarket4Intrvrts_FullCover_1.23.13.indd 1 1/23/13 11:22 AM