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Structure of seminar

Who are you??what do you mean by introverts and extroverts??Some popular introvertsQualities of introverts and extroverts Misunderstandings people commitWhat you should be??conclusion

Who are you??Human being??Student??Men/women??Professor??Anchor ??Actor ??Well the answer for this question here is not what you are thinkingYou are either an introvert or an extrovert or both

What do you mean by introverts and extrovertsLets start with extroverts ,they are the people who get energized by interacting with people .And introverts are people who get drained by interacing wit5h people

Some famous introverts Do you know that even Mahatma Gandhi is an introvert at first But later on he changed himself and became a reason for our independenceEven Emma watson is also an introvert she said herself that she is an introvert Most interesting thing is that even Billgates is also an introvert in the beginning Finally we can say that even the introverts can do miracles if they will change according to situations

QualitiesIntrovertAlways silentWant to be aloneFeel drained or dull when surronded by peopleHave many thoughts which can make wonders but they never say themExtrovertNever shuts there mouthAlways wants to be in a groupFeels energized when surronded by peopleThey dont have much thoughts but they can solve mystery cases easily

What an introvert should do??Read some motivational books ,listen to motivational speeches This will help them slowly to gain confidence and feel happy to be with more peopleThey should develop their speaking skills

What an extrovert should doAn extrovert instead of speaking continously without reason should stop doing itExtrovert should develop their listening skills more

Misunderstandings people commitPeople generally consider introverts as shy people and they hurt them literally by their wordsBut actually they are not shy , they just dont like to speak in groupSimilarly they consider extroverts as people who has no other work than taking ,they want the extroverts mouth to be shutIn this case also the extroverts are misunderstood ,they always want to be active that iswhat that makes them more talkative in groups

How you should be??

You should not be completely an introvert or an extrovertAn ambivert is an person who has these two personalitiesEvery should be an ambivertCan you think the reason why I am saying you should be an ambivertIt is to obvious an ambivert person can easily understand an introvert and extrovertThey can help them out to become an ambivert

conclusionSo finally by now you should know who an introvert and extrovert is Change is what that you need if you are purely an introvert or an extrovert Bring the change in yourself and bring miracles to the worldExpress your wonderful thougts well

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