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  • 1. Autumn SchafferStoryboardSpring 2010 Whats So Great About the Media Center?Frame Description Narration Media List Image1- *Original photo of Welcome to *Photoexterior of school Our School! *Narration(Long Shot Photo) We are so glad *PhotoStory that you are 3 Music*Used to introduce here! Creationlocation.*Narration playedover music2- *Original photo of Come inside! *Photoentrance doors into We would love *Narrationschool (Medium Shot to show youPhoto) around!*Used to transitionviewers into theinterior of the school3- *Original Photo of Oh Look! *PhotoOutside of Media Here is the *NarrationCenter (Medium Shot media center!Photo) This is one of(From Hallway our studentslooking inside favorite placesthrough windows) to visit. There are books,*Used to introduce DVDs, ebooks,media center magazines, and computers here to help you research and learn. Would you like to see whats inside?4- *Original Photo of This is what *PhotoInterior of Library the inside of *Narration(full view-wide the mediaspread) center looks like. This is the*Focus on e-book area where westorage area and store the e-
  • 2. chapter book shelves books. They are books that*Used in process of you can readshowing audience online or usingwhere materials are a DVD player!located in media Also, there is acenter. special storage area for chapter books. This media center is used by pre-k, kindergarten, first and second grade students. Many of the advanced readers love to check out books from their favorite chapter book series!5- Original photo of This is where *Photostacks of shelves in most of the *Narrationthe media center books are(wide view of stacks) located in our library! We*Used in process of have books ofshowing audience all kinds!where materials are Every book haslocated in media its owncenter number, which helps the media specialist find where it belongs. We have different categories of books including fiction, nonfiction, biographies,
  • 3. and even a reference area!6- Original photo of There are *Photowhole-group area in plenty of tables *Narrationlibrary (wide for classes toview/scan) sit at in the media center.*Used in process of Many come toshowing audience learn aboutwhere materials are how to use thelocated in media library to helpcenter them conduct research or learn more about certain types of books. The media specialist uses the active board to help the students build their information literacy skills.7- Original photo of This is where *Phototables used for small small groups *Narrationgroup as well as can meet in thestudent computers media center.(full range/wide view They mayshot) come here to*Used in process of work on ashowing audience project, towhere materials are conduct somelocated in media research, orcenter just read quietly with each other. Also, there are some student computers used for research or to look up books located within the library.8- Original photo of This is where *Photo
  • 4. back area of library story time *Narration(medium view) takes place! *Photo Once a week Story 3*Used in process of the media Musicshowing audience specialist orwhere materials are the media clerklocated in media meets withcenter each pre-k classroom to read a fun and exciting book!9- Original photo of This is the *PhotoFranklin stuffed rocking chair *Narrationanimal in rocking used by thechair media specialist or*Used in process of clerk duringshowing audience story time. Canwhere materials are you think oflocated in media your favoritecenter read-aloud book?10- Original photo of This is where *Photolamination/storage the media *Narrationroom (wide spread of specialiststorage area) stores some of the extra*Used in process of readingshowing audience materials,where materials are supplementarylocated in media materials, orcenter class sets of books. Also, this is where the laminating machine is located. The teachers in this school certainly love
  • 5. their laminating machine!11- Original photo of Lights, *Photothe press room Camera, *Narration(Close of up title Action! This ispress room) where the morning*Used in process of announcementsshowing audience take place. Thewhere materials are principal,located in media assistantcenter principal, and a few lucky students meet here every morning to tell the rest of the school about the special events going on that day.12- Original photo of This is called *Photocheck out/return area the circulation *Narrative(regular photo shot) desk. It is where the*Used in process of students eithershowing audience turn in theirwhere materials are old librarylocated in media book or checkcenter out their new one! There are also some big books located here that the teachers can check out! You cant miss them! 13- Original photo of Every book in *Photolibrary books being the library has *Narrationheld so that call a call number.number shows. (close It is located onof of Dewey decimal the spine of thenumber) book. It helps the librarians
  • 6. keep the books in a certain order. Did you know that you can tell exactly where a library book should be shelved based upon that number?14- Original photo of You can *Photoa table full of library check out all *Narrationbooks sorted by types of bookscontent area. (high from theangle) library. There are fiction,*Used to show nonfiction,students what types of easy readers,books are available to and even e-them in the library. books in the(Aerial view of entire library. Looktable) at the different types Ive just checked out!15- Original photo of Some *Photoa classroom library teachers also *Narration(shelf of library books have librariescategorized by topic) in their very(medium angle) own classrooms! Just like in the schools library, the