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2. Chris started his career with Dura Pharmaceuticals in 1996. He established himself shortly after by winning the "Beast of The East"award for outstanding sales performance in 1996. In 1997 Chris manager awarded him "Outstanding Achiever" in his district.In 1998, Chris sales were consistently above quota, and he was given the "Consistency Award" for his performance. 3. Chris was named "Sales Pro of the Year" in 1999. 4. In his first 3 years, Chris turned a new territory into atop territory, winning Presidents Club in 1999. 5. Dura Pharmaceuticals was acquired by Elan Pharmaceuticals in November, 2000. 6. Chris contributed his computer skills to his district by developing aspreadsheet to automatically rank doctors by several parameters. 7. In just over a year of selling 2 new products; to a mostly newcall list, Chris sales performance at Elan ranked in the top 15%. 8. King Pharmaceuticals acquired Elan Pharmaceuticals Primary Care Sales Force in June 2003.Chris was promoted the following October to the newly formed Neuro-Psych Specialty Division. 9. Chris was awarded the "Court of Excellence" in 2003 for portfolio performance that exceeded goals. 10. As early as Q1 2004, Chris made significant gains in his new position asSpecialty Representative. 11. Chris continued to increase sales in the 2nd Quarter of 2004. 12. By the end of the 3rd Quarter of 2004, it was evident thatChris was in the running for a Presidents Club Award. 13. Chris with King Regional Director Mark Semiao and DistrictManager Rich Dalcero after winning Presidents Club in hisfirst year as a specialty representative in 2004.Chris had propelled his territory rank from 80/80 to 3/80 injust over one year! 14. While at King, Chris was chosen on the basis of his computer skills to becomecertified as a Field Technology Trainer. As such, he provided his team with CRM instruction, and first line support for computer issues. 15. Chris ranked in the Top 20% for his primary productin the 1st Trimester of 2006. 16. Chris continued to rank in the top 20% in the 2nd Trimester of 2006. 17. Chris completed a "virtual" pain management preceptorshipsponsored by King Pharmaceuticals and Jefferson Medical College. 18. Chris won the "Blitzkrieg" Award for outstanding sales results with Skelaxin in Q1 2007. 19. Chris also won the "Blitzkrieg" Award foroutstanding sales results with Avinza in Q1 2007. 20. After a layoff in 09,Chris became a Medical Services Rep for the Visiting Nurse Association 21. In his first year with the VNA,Chris grew the Medicare business by 44% ! 22. In his second year with the VNA,Chris grew the Medicare business by 47%! 23. Recommendations from Superiors 24. Chris always displayed a single minded focus on thecustomer. His product knowledge and selling skills werestrong and his passion to meet needs excellent. Strengthsthat immediately come to mind are maturity, professionalismand work ethic.I would be available for a phone conversation if desired.Mark Semiao - Regional Sales Director - King Pharmaceuticals - 2/23/09 25. Chris is a talented sales professional that has a track record ofperformance and established professional relationships in southFlorida. He works strategically with his counterparts and peers todrive sales growth and was recognized as a leader in theorganization. 2/4/09Kevin Pecot - Specialty Sales Manager - King - managed Chris at King 26. Chris Bates is an exceptionally perceptive and well balancedworker. he can communicate clincal and sales information in away that makes people wnat to listen. Chris credibility in hisoffices has always been high, as a result of his actions andconsultative selling style. He is the consummate professional.It is no wonder that he has earned Presidents Club Awardsand has been promoted to higher level positions during hisyears at Elan while on my team and when we were at KingPharmaceuticals together. I would recommend Chris to anycompany that want a results oriented and experiencedrepresentative who get the job done right! I would also gladlyhave Chris back on my team without hesitation. 2/2/09Shawn P. Means - Sr. District Sales Manager - managed Chris at Elan Pharmaceuticals 27. I had the opportunity to work with Chris during my tenure with Dura.Chris brought an award winning performance to the team and to theorganization. His work ethic is impeccable and his interaction with hiscustomers brought value with each and every sales call. Chris bringsa positive, results oriented, demeanor to his role and is highlyfocused on the expectations that he places on his individualperformance.3/2/09 Lee Stout - Sr. District Sales Manager - Dura Pharmaceuticals- managed Chris at Dura 28. Recommendationsfrom Doctors 29. Recommendations from Colleagues 30. Chris Bates is a class act and one of the best sales reps inthe pharmaceutical business. Chris and I started back in theearly days of Bio-tech at a small company in San Diegocalled Dura Pharmaceuticals. He and I would spend timetogether during National Sales Meetings, and at companysocial functions. He is a down to earth, attention to detailoriented individual. His relationship management skills andhard work ethic have made Chris a standout performer yearafter year. I would recommend him to any organization thatseeks results oriented people with a high level of integrity.2/2/09Art DeMatteis - Sr. Sales Representative - King Pharmaceuticals-worked with Chris at King 31. I have known Chris for about 8 years.We both worked for ElanPharmaceuticals and recently King Pharmaceuticals as SeniorSales Representative. While Chris covered the West Palm BeachTerritory, I covered the Miami, Hollywood areas. Chris hasearned Presidents club honor in the past with KingPharmaceuticals. He is self motivated and takes pride in his work.Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I would not onlyrecommend him for a Pharmaceutical and Medical sales but forany type of sales job."2/19/09 John Sarduy - Sr. Sales Representative - King Pharmaceuticals - worked with Chris at King 32. Based on what youve just seen, is Chris Bates thekind of sales professional youd like to have on yourteam? Call Chris today ! 561-313-7260