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Cluster Initiative Program

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Cluster Initiative Program

Section Title1Overview1What is a cluster?2What is a cluster initiative?3Section Title5Cluster Initiative Program Overview4Nuts and Bolts of application5Award Management6Technology Based Economic Developmentis about investing in innovative technologies that create high paying jobs, build sustainable value and generate wealth for Maine.

The Maine Technology InstituteIs Maines leading tool to invest in and develop innovative technology companies that bring new opportunity and wealth to Maine.

$150,000,000+Invested in the companies,organizations and people in Maine. .For Maine

1,973 investmentsSpanning all sixteen counties

and all 7 technology sectors.

Aquaculture & MarineBiotechnologyEnvironmental TechnologyAdvancedCompositesAgriculture& ForestryPrecisionManufacturingInformationTechnologyMaine Technology Institute (MTI)Business Ventures Group (BVG)Cluster Initiative Program (CIP)Maine Technology Asset Fund (MTAF)SBIR/STTR supportTechStart GrantSeed GrantDevelopment LoanBusiness Accelerator Grant (for DLs and SBIR/STTR)Equity CapitalCIP Planning AwardCIP Implementation AwardAwards for capital investments in R&D leading to commercializationBlackstone Accelerates GrowthFiscal agentSection Title1Overview1What is a cluster?2What is a cluster initiative?3Section Title5Cluster Initiative Program Overview4Nuts and Bolts of application5Award Management6The term Technology Cluster is an organizing principleClusters have the following elements:Concentrations of companies that typically serve related markets or a targeted need, and draw on similar knowledge and employee/workforce skills to develop innovative products and services.Supported by common organizations: industry-knowledgeable universities, specialized supplies, trade associations, legal/financial services and government agencies.Relationships, the sharing of knowledge, skills, and activities among the industry group are the keys to being a cluster, rather than simply an industry concentrationThese elements lead to a collective competitive edge

Cluster ElementsNetworks& Knowledge SpilloversProduction& DistributionKnowledgeSkills& InnovationEntrepreneurshipFrom Charlie Colgans presentation: Tracking Cluster Evolution in MaineThe Formation and Evolution of ClustersProduction ServicesEngineering/designMarket researchCustom toolingMaterials testingSubcontractorsMarketsProductionBoat BuildingRegional AssetsSkilled workersEducational Institutions Research CentersIndustry AssociationsFinancial institutionsInfrastructure/PolicyDistributionBoat Dealers/rentalsBoat Haulers/ground trans.Marine shippingDistributorsIntermediate GoodsEngines, motors, generatorsMarine hardwareElectronicsSearch & navigational equipmentPaints, coating, adhesivesComposite MaterialsStorage, Repair, Misc. ServicesBoat yardsMechanics / SystemsCanvas ShopsMarinasSection Title1Overview1What is a cluster?2What is a cluster initiative?3Section Title5Cluster Initiative Program Overview4Nuts and Bolts of application5Award Management6Guiding Principles on Cluster InitiativesPrivate sector-led strong partnershipsBuild on knowledge-based and value-added advantagesInnovation can occur in a variety of ways: products, services, and business modelsMoney is important but networks are more importantMeasure success/impact throughoutThe Stages of Cluster InitiativesDo we have a cluster or potential cluster?Sustainability and impact of the initiativeDo we have industry and complementary partners ready to build the cluster?Launch of the cluster initiativeCluster identificationPreliminary research on key assets and competitive advantages and disadvantagesArticulation of the value propositionAssembly of interested partiesValidation of common issues and the value of collective activeOrganizational structure put in placeArticulation of key prioritiesDevelopment of short and medium-term strategyIdentification of partners and funding sourcesImplementation of action agendaFunding streams identified and medium-term sustainability achievedExpanded services for the clusterContinuing research conducted16Examples of Recent Cluster Initiative AwardsDevelopment of a cyber-security laboratory and testing facility for the IT cluster.- University of Southern Maine, Lead

Organization and expansion of Maines Ocean and Wind Energy cluster through strengthening supply chain.- Maine Composite Alliance, Lead

Definition and analysis of the clean tech cluster in Maine.- E2Tech, Lead1Overview1What is a cluster?2What is a cluster initiative?3Section Title5Cluster Initiative Program Overview4Nuts and Bolts of application5Award Management6Types of AwardsTimelineEligible ApplicantsPlanning, Feasibility, Demonstration, or Pilot Projects: up to $50,000 with application accepted at any time and decisions made on a rolling basis.Implementation Projects: up to $500,000 awarded twice per year for complex, multi-year projects.Implementation proposals are accepted in March and October with award decisions announced in June and January, respectively.The next application deadline is March 24, 2014. Awards will be announced in June 2014.Up to $50,000 projects are awarded on a rolling basis with a sixty-day turn-around.Business, trade associations, nonprofits, universities and nonprofit research institutions across the states seven technology sectors. Ideally, applicant teams should be industry-led in a project that includes significant collaboration.Eligible Spending(examples)Award Duration(for implementation awards)Awards for up to 36 months (longer may be considered) with appropriate phases and milestone reviews throughout the project. Typical projects are 12 to 24 months in duration.Building networks for sharing information, building relationships/social capitolStrengthening cluster capacity for R&D/innovation leading to commercializationDeveloping services that support the growth of a specific cluster or strengthen a capacity that is weak across clustersImproving workforce skills and availability/developing specialized labor forceMaking connections outside of Maine.Award Amounts1:1 matching funds required actual cash, salaries, staff time (in-kind), equipment, and overhead (up to 20%)MatchingFundsOver $50,000 to $500,000 for multi-year awards evaluated on a side by side competitive basis50,000 or less for planning, feasibility, or special nature awards evaluated on a rolling basisCluster Initiative Program TimelineDateActivityJanuary 2014Release of RFAMarch 24, 2014Proposal due at MTIApril 2014MTI committee reviewMay 2014Interviews for Recommended ApplicationsJune 2014MTI Board Approves AwardsWithin 6 months of approval Contracts Executed(larger competitive award process)Outline of the CIP Review ProcessCIP Application Evaluation CriteriaStrength of cluster description, stage, and importance to MaineQuality and clarity of information including project needs, timelines and deliverablesDegree to which project takes advantage of and develops technology and skills/knowledge transferProjects contribution to Maine R&D and product development capacityDegree to which innovation is central to the projectDegree to which effort is industryledCaliber, experience and completeness of the CIP application and team. Is the planned collaboration sustainable after the project completion?Scale, breadth and sustainability of the activity including on-going impact. Are the results quantifiable and measurable?Appropriateness and completeness of budget and financial information. Quality of the matching funds.Application Evaluation Criteria (contd)Each evaluator will complete a narrative on strengths and weaknessesEach evaluator will identify questions for the interview (if recommended)Each evaluator will recommend, or not recommend, for an interview

The committee will meet to recommend applications to interviewIn addition to scoring the individual categoriesCluster Initiative Program Award DecisionsMTI Board may require certain applicants to make an in-person presentation to BoardAward decisions will be made in June 2014All applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of application, including written review and commentsThose not receiving awards may reapply in October 2014 for awards to be made in January 2015Section Title1Overview1What is a cluster?2What is a cluster initiative?3Section Title5Cluster Initiative Program Overview4Nuts and Bolts of application5Award Management6Information to ReviewCluster Initiative Program Description and RFP instructionsApplications Forms (found within RFP)Maines High Technology Clusters: Status and Strategy Report dated March 2008

For more information please

Application Format and ContentCover Sheet FORM A 1 pageNon-confidential project description approx. 50 wordsExecutive Summary up to 2 pagesProject Plan Narrative 20 pages or 10 pages limit, depending on type of applicationMilestones FORM BEconomic Impact FORM E (implementation applications only)Budget FORM CRecipient financial statementsCommitment letters FORM DProject participant biographiesSupporting documentation up to 10 pagesCover Sheet Form AOne PageInstructions in RFPNon-confidential information onlyInclude organization EIN (Federal ID #)Must be signed by the principal contact, recipient organizationA Detailed Explanation of the InitiativeCluster description and diagramCluster initiative team and degree of project collaborationProject impact StatementProject details, activities, and timelinesTechnology and innovation objectives and contentProject scale, breadth, and sustainabilityOutreach plan and transferabilityResults measurements/performance metricsTo Be Covered in Project NarrativeMilestonesDescriptionStart DateProjected End DateCorresponding Budget Items and projected costDeliverablesMilestonesMilestones are not simply tasks, but are stages of the effortMilestones should not overlap; one milestone should be completed before the next beginsAwards are paid out by milestoneContdEconomic Impact MeasureWithin applicant organizationWithin individual participating companiesWithin overall cluster sector or industryMethodology or citation for economic projectionsProjected number of new jobs created and wage rangeProjected number of existing jobs preserved and wage rangeAnticipated new products and/or services (number and/or one sentence descriptionAnticipated number of invention disclosures, licenses, and/or intellectual property protectionsProjected amount in new sales of licensing revenueProjected dollar amount in new grants and/or contracts from non-state government sourcesProjected dollar amount in debt or equity investments from private capital sourcesOther (joint ventures with businesses outside Maine, businesses moving to Maine, workforce training and development)Budget Items of NoteDetailed Program Description and RFP identifies allowable expenses and matching qualifications and requirementsMatching funds required 1:1Matching funds can include: actual cash, salaries, staff time, consulting, equipment, and overhead (up to 20%), both cash or in-kindQuality and amount of matching funds will be an important consideration35Financial InformationProvide prior two years financial statementsMay include financial forecasts to demonstrate financial stability/sustainabilityCommitment LettersCommitment letters for each source of matching funds (see FORM D)Matching fund resources will not be counted unless a commitment letter is includedCommitment letters are accepted at any time up to the time of the Program Committee ReviewExplain why any missing letters are not included and when they may be expectedProject Participant BiographiesCurriculum vitae A one-page curriculum vita for principal project managerCurriculum vitae Up to one page each for other key collaborators and/or anyone being paid from project budgetSection Title1Overview1What is a cluster?2What is a cluster initiative?3Section Title5Cluster Initiative Program Overview4Nuts and Bolts of application5Award Management6Award ManagementAll award contracts should be executed within six months of award, with all match documentedSample award contract on MTI websiteIf equipment is purchased, MTI may take a security interest in the