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Getting the right information to the right people, at the right time, in the right format, and in the right language is the goal of every professional content marketer. But, the pace of change is fast, and each and every step forward is often accompanied by two steps back. That’s because the speed of technological change is outstripping our ability to keep up. It seems we’re always playing catch up. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this Content Marketing World 2014 presentation, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, showcases five powerful information technology innovations that, when harnessed by professional content marketers, can help us future-proof our content marketing efforts and ensure we’re meeting – even exceeding – our goals.


  • #cmworld The Content Marketing Futurist 5 Revolutionary Technologies Content Marketers Cant Afford To Ignore aka Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler
  • #cmworld scott abel @[email protected]
  • #cmworld about me content strategist conference organizer faculty at Berkeley iSchool columnist EContent Magazine
  • #cmworld the problem marketers are overwhelmed and unprepared
  • #cmworld the problem many of us treat the world wide web like the Ohio web or the American English web
  • #cmworld that needs to change we need to change
  • #cmworld the problem technology is accelerating faster than we are
  • #cmworld the problem new devices and new markets and new demands
  • #cmworld the problem outdated notions of success in what other industry would 2-5% response rate be considered a success?
  • #cmworld the solution new approaches new responsibilities new roles and new tools
  • #cmworld The Content Marketing Futurist 5 Revolutionary Technologies Content Marketers Cant Afford To Ignore aka Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler
  • #cmworld what is technology?
  • #cmworld technology is the purposeful application of scientic knowledge in the design, production, and utilization of goods and services
  • #cmworld why do we need to know about technologies?
  • #cmworld by 2017, CMOs are expected to spend more on IT than CIOs do Source: Gartner
  • #cmworld what technologies can we not afford to ignore ? Ill provide a basic overview of each and some key points for pondering
  • #cmworld #1 automated translation
  • #cmworld aka machine translation
  • #cmworld some know it as google translate
  • #cmworld but its much more than that
  • #cmworld what is automated translation?
  • #cmworld automated translation is a process that uses software to translate content from one language to another
  • #cmworld why?do we need to know this
  • #cmworld the world wide web [not the American English web] is the land of opportunity
  • #cmworld in a global market reaching customers previously viewed as out of scope is the goal
  • #cmworld 96% of the consumers on Earth do not live in the US Source: US Small Business Administration
  • #cmworld but they all speak English, right ?
  • #cmworld wrong!
  • #cmworld less than 6% of the worlds population speak English well enough Source: Nationalencyklopedin to understand your prose and marketing mumbo-jumbo
  • #cmworld many people who understand spoken English cannot read English Source: Wikipedia in fact, many cannot read at all
  • #cmworld human translation can be time-consuming and expensive many languages arent supported due to lack of resources
  • #cmworld there are over 7,000 languages spoken by the people of Earth Source: Ethnologue especially when you consider that
  • #cmworld word translated costs about .25 a word multiplied by the number of languages and that each and every the average multi-national support 20+ languages Source: 2010 Web Globalization Report Card
  • #cmworld translated into 22 languages at .25 a word a 15,000 word document 15,000 X .25 = $3,750 X $82,000 Source: 2010 Web Globalization Report Card
  • #cmworld how?do we get started
  • #cmworld for both humans and machines recognize that today you write our content must be both human- and machine-processable to have maximum ROI
  • #cmworld rst for machines then for humans recognize that today you write if content is not ndable (by machine) or accessible (by machine) it doesnt exist
  • #cmworld is destined for humans but machines are of course the content you create gatekeepers to success
  • #cmworld were developed long before technology recognize that writing rules made instant global communication possible
  • #cmworld you learned in grade school Language Arts classes recognize that writing rules are no longer sufcient for a world in which Language Science is needed
  • #cmworld the vantage point of a rules processing engine examine your content from and ensure it is optimized for machine translation we do this already by making content conform to standards like RSS
  • #cmworld #2 automated transcription
  • #cmworld automated transcription what is ?
  • #cmworld automated transcription is a process that uses software to translate speech to text
  • #cmworld why?do we need to know this
  • #cmworld for many of the same reasons automated translation is needed AND the fact that video content is not keyword searchable without a transcription
  • #cmworld the content locked inside of video is hidden from view CRM integration personalize
  • #cmworld
  • #cmworld how?do we get started
  • #cmworld use one of several software providers to create transcriptions for your videos and post them along with your videos
  • #cmworld transcription les can also be translated and the translations used as sub-titles in other languages
  • #cmworld #3 terminology management
  • #cmworld terminology management what is ?
  • #cmworld terminology management is the process of controlling the words you use by organizing them in a central repository that contains a list of approved terms and rules for their usage
  • #cmworld the goal of terminology management is to ensure that the words that are most closely associated with your products, services, and branding are used consistently
  • #cmworld terminology management efforts result in a controlled vocabulary that is made accessible to all who need it across your organization as well as partners and service providers
  • #cmworld why?do we need to know this
  • #cmworld terminology management helps ensure consistency throughout your content assets in both your source and you translated content
  • #cmworld terminology management can help ensure legal and regulatory compliance, brand consistency, enhanced content quality
  • #cmworld how?do we get started
  • #cmworld seek guidance from a global content strategist to help you craft a terminology management strategy and look for opportunities to standardize your content creation processes
  • #cmworld adopt a terminology management system
  • #cmworld #4 adaptive content
  • #cmworld adaptive content what is ?
  • #cmworld adaptive content is content that is structured and designed adapt to the needs of your customer
  • #cmworld adaptive content changes not just cosmetically, but also in substance and in capability
  • #cmworld adaptive content also adapts to the capabilities of the device it is viewed on if a GPS is available on a handheld device, the content will be able to take advantage of location aware features of the device automatically, on-demand
  • #cmworld for example, an instruction like click on a laptop would be automatically adapted to touch on a smartphone and say in an automobile GPS
  • #cmworld why?do we need to know this
  • #cmworld customers demand exceptional experiences; their expectations have changed and they expect you to change and adapt to their needs
  • #cmworld adaptive content makes it possible for you to publish to multiple-platforms and to multiple-devices often, automatically
  • #cmworld adaptive content is consistently structured, providing a predictable customer experience
  • #cmworld adaptive content is content separated from formatting information; allowing authors to focus on what they do best
  • #cmworld adaptive content makes your content ndable and reusable by others who need it
  • #cmworld how?do we get started
  • #cmworld adaptive content involves rethinking how you create, manage and deliver content; its best to seek advice from an experienced pro
  • #cmworld there is no EASY button; moving to adaptive content involves work, but the pay-off (ROI) can often be realized in months, not years
  • #cmworld #5 component content management
  • #cmworld component content management what is ?
  • #cmworld component content management is the creation, administration, organization and governance of small, discrete, re-usable components of content
  • #cmworld component content management focuses on the storing of content components that are used to assemble documents component content management systems are designed for this purpose
  • #cmworld components of content come in various sizes and types and can be as small as a single word or as large as many paragraphs they can be recombined/remixed to create new deliverables
  • #cmworld components of content can take the form of graphics, hyperlinks or other repurposable content your company logo, product description, value proposition, link to benets
  • #cmworld component content management is about managing content not about managing les content versus les
  • #cmworld content date(s) time(s) topic(s)/title(s) description(s) keywords presenter name(s) presenter bio(s) sponsor name(s) sponsorship level(s) directions price(s) link les email invite printed invite registration microsite printed program at-event signage voicemail script telephone script advertising contract tweet/update blog post mobile app
  • #cmworld content date(s) time(s) topic(s)/title(s) description(s) keywords presenter name(s) presenter bio(s) sponsor name(s) sponsorship level(s) directions price(s) link usage same same same same same n/a n/a same varies (gold, silver, bronze) varies (deliveries) varies (gold, silver, bronze) same
  • #cmworld why?do we need to know this
  • #cmworld structured content combined with CCMS supports personalized content and targeted marketing, increasing response rates