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When you look at content strategy closely, you'll discover it runs through virtually every disciplineboth online and offfrom web development to service design to advertising. Once you understand the generic principles, you can apply content strategy anywhere you choose.


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Content strategists:the men and women of a new renaissance

Eric Reiss@elreiss

CS ForumSeptember 5, 2011

London, England

We have 39 speakers lined up forthe Content Strategy Forum 2011,who will shock and amaze.

The strategy part is easy

Define, acquire, publish, and link:

the most useful content, in the most usable form, in the best possible quality and ensure it stays fresh

The rest is tactics!

Are we making thingseasy for our clients? Ness Bailie

There is no doubt that thediscipline of content strategy exists

but is there such a thingas a content strategist?

Lessons learned from IA and IxD Accept that there are other disciplines that also

do what you do Use your energy doing the work,

not defending your turf When youre the smartest kid in the room,

it pays not to let the others know Beware of title creep

(neither IA nor IxD have learned these lessons yet)

Senior consultantBusiness analystContent strategistInformation architectSEO expertVisual designerSocial-media guruDigital ninjaGeneration Y sociologistContent expert

(the PM took the picture)

tin iron foam

i n f o r m a t i o n

So much for the snark.

Now, its time to get down to business.

Three key take-aways Create shared references

(this is the essence of much content strategy) Build strong contextual relationships

(this is the key to valuable info architecture) Practice basic cognitive techniques

(this is the secret to effective interactions)

Soho (NYC)

Soho (Lon)


And what are you looking for in a shoe?

Scary fact #1

Longer text outperformsshort text by 40.5%

Short-copy ROI = -14% Long-copy ROI = +21%



Whats in our shared-reference toolkit?


Words of wisdom #1

Content is king.

But context is the kingdom.

And what comes next Big Mac Large shake Fries

The Kuleshov Effect

Words of wisdom #1 (again)

Content is king.

But context is the kingdom.

And finally, a few words about cognition

Cognitive challenges

Control images and colors Limit choices (or expand them) Provide social validation Invoke scarcity Play on fear of loss

+vs. vs.

Three different scenarios Buy camera and case at same time

{ Expectation that some high-end cases would be sold Case bought separately two choices

{ Expectation that mostly low-end case would be sold Case bought separately three choices

{ Expectation that mostly mid-range case would be sold

Inspired by Dr. Susan Weinschenk


Social validation

Fear of loss

So, three things to remember CS is not new. Dont overthink it. Build share references Respect the value of context

My 20 minutes are up.

Thanks for listening.

Eric Reiss can (usually) be found at:The FatDUX Group ApSStrandre 152100 CopenhagenDenmark

Office: (+45) 39 29 67 77Mobil: (+45) 20 12 88 44Twitter: