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Sit Back And Enjoy…Identifying Your Sound Space

Design & Construction

Pass The Popcorn

Home AutomationMany homeowners are boosting the IQ of their domiciles

with automated systems. Constituting what’s known as “smarthome” technology, these systems do everything but load thedishwasher. Home automation provides enhanced security,comfort and safety for you and your family.

Unique Audio Video offers a comprehensive selection ofoptions in integrated lighting and temperature controls, secu-

rity, multiroom audio, outdoor sprinklers…you name it. Thesesystems can be programmed however you like, according toyour lifestyle and schedule. Lighting, for example, can be trig-gered by sensors, coming on when a door is opened or a carenters the driveway; or it can be set to operate on a timer.Also, the lights can be programmed to go on should the alarmbe tripped, to help deter intruders.

Today’s smart homes can even be controlled and monitoredremotely. Parents can receive an email message when theirchildren return from school. Service visits, such as housekeep-ing and lawn maintenance, can be monitored. Residents candisarm alarms by telephone or over the Internet to permitentrance of visitors. Get email or telephone alerts in the eventof an intrusion, carbon monoxide detection, leaks, freezingtemperatures or any other condition that would require yourattention. Security cameras can be viewed on your laptopwhile you’re sunning yourself in the Caribbean or enjoying anespresso in Rome.

With a combination of voice recognition, Internet accessand all the other sophisticated features available in these sys-tems, home automation will leave you nothing to worry about– except your kids’ SAT scores.

Choosing A SystemYou have any number of options in selecting a system that’s

perfect for your lifestyle. If you entertain outdoors a lot, forinstance, all-weather speakers are perfect for enhancing yourevents on the veranda, poolside, on the lawn…wherever youspend a lot of time. Or perhaps you’re intense about motionpictures, reveling in every detail – the subtlest expression in anactor’s face, the exhilarating feel of wide panoramas and theemotional impact of sound effects. A home cinema system,with its surround channels, center channel and subwoofer allassociated with an advanced display monitor, is obviously for you.

One possible system for someone who wants all the bellsand whistles of a sophisticated audio/video setup would be aNAD L 70 receiver (with a built-in DVD player) paired with aCanton MX16 system (the speakers are in the form of smallcubes). Just add a TV and you’re all set. Your options include a

flat-panel plasma display or a rear-projection monitor, such as OptomaTV™. This 21st century display is ideal for HDTVbroadcasts, with razor-sharp images and six-channel sound,and features the Emmy-winning Digital Light Processing (DLP™)technology from Texas Instruments. OptomaTV – available in a 50” and 65” unit – has a slim, lightweight design and is configured for a true 16:9 aspect ratio picture so you canenjoy widescreen viewing without letterboxing or distortion.

Another possibility for a system setup is a dedicated theater,with a 100” (or larger) electric screen, an HDTV projector, theaterseating, a multichannel surround sound system and accessories.A third popular preference is an A-BUS™-distributed audio system for three to eight rooms, with a 300-disc CD player.We’ll help you to decide just what kind of entertainment setupis right for you.

The components that make up your home theater, stereoor any other entertainment setup are critical to the level of enjoyment you’ll experience for years to come. That’s why Unique Audio Video uses only the finest products in ourinstallations.

With the increasing popularity of flat-screen displays, certain companies have emerged as leaders in the industry.Our discriminating customers choose from among such elitemanufacturers as Panasonic, NEC, Electrograph and Fujitsu.One much-demanded product, for example, is Fujitsu’s 50”high-resolution Plasmavision® SlimScreen® P50XHA10USmonitor. This plasma display features an award-winning digital video processor, virtually eliminating flicker and producing a superior image so that your favorite actors, athletes and artists will seem to be right in the room with you.

Enthusiasts require sophisticated electronics to handletheir program material of choice. Manufacturers such as NAD

continue to meet the high expectations of connoisseurs.Renowned for its “music first” approach to sound reproduction,NAD offers receivers, DVD, CD and MP3 players, stereo andmultichannel amplifiers, and other components to processmusic and motion picture soundtracks with the greatestfidelity. Unique Audio Video is dedicated to installing the highest caliber in electronics to give you the greatestenjoyment possible.

When it comes to loudspeakers, it’s hard to surpass theperformance of products by Canton, Pinnacle, Triad and PSB.The most demanding music and cinema buffs are pleased tofind that components such as PSB’s Image Series floorstanding,bookshelf, center channel, powered subwoofer and bipolesurround speakers reproduce audio material with an exceptionalmusicality. For those who prefer in-wall speakers, PSB’sCustomSound Series offers great performance unobtrusively.All the loudspeakers installed by Unique Audio Video are top-of-the-line products to satisfy a knowledgeable clientele.

Your home is much more than just a piece of real estate. It’swhere you take refuge from the “slings and arrows” of daily life.Today’s audio/video technology makes it possible to keep the world atbay, taking pleasure in great music recordings and the inexhaustiblewealth of films produced since sound was first introduced to thecinema. Conventional two-channel stereo is no longer your onlyoption. Audio performance now includes multichannel soundreproduction, with dedicated low-frequency components, centerchannel speakers, and front and rear surrounds. Combined with a display monitor, this constitutes home theater.

Total Home IntegrationWith all the astonishing features now found in audio/video

and “smart home” systems, “Star Wars” seems less and less likefantasy. You can choose from among a wealth of componentsthat incorporate space-age technology. From the digital TV

broadcasts and film soundtracksthat mesmerize you to the hard-ware used to play them, therehas never been a more excitingtime for movie, sporting eventand music enthusiasts.

Motion pictures are a synthesisof artistry and technical wizardry,both on camera and behind the

scenes. Audiences experience the explosive impact of filmslargely through the technologies imbedded in the sound-tracks. Today’s movies feature DTS®, Dolby® Digital, THX® and other encoding, so it’s important to have the electroniccomponents and loudspeakers that can handle these effects,faithfully reproducing them so that you can enjoy a film the way the director intended you to. An ensemble of speakersto acoustically “image” the soundstageconvincingly is a must-have, along with a receiver and DVD player with the requisite technologies onboard toprocess the program material.

One product that enables you to multitask your entertainment with moremundane activities is the iCEBOX™ by Westinghouse™. This unit takes

the concept of a kitchen appliance to previously unchartedterritory. Send an email and check out a Web site, listen to aCD or your favorite FM radio station, watch a movie, check outthe traffic report, or check on your sleeping child upstairs…all from your kitchen. To distribute audio throughout yourhome, Russound’s® revolutionary A-BUS® module replacesyesterday’s clumsy and overcomplicated equipment with anintegrated system to keep you singing along with the musicwhile you go about your routine tasks from room to room.

Never before has it been so easy to take advantage of suchadvanced technologies from the comfort of your home. We’llshow you how you can make it all work for you to fit intoyour lifestyle.

Your viewing and listening environment is as important as the image and sound quality produced by your home theater components. We offer you an array of furnishingsand accessories to complete your home cinema experience. We have everything from luxurytheater seating to candy counters; electric shades for your display to popcorn machines; decorative component racks and shelving to movie posters. Once your entertainment space is ready, it will be difficult to think of any reason you’ll ever have to leave home (oh, yeah,you’ll just need to pick up some popcorn).

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The Latin proverb, “In vino veritas” (In wine there is truth), is as old as the seven hills of Rome. Wine and spirits, unique among the vast array of beverages enjoyed throughout history, have occupied an exalted place on the stage of life. Is this simply because of their intoxicating properties? Perhaps it has something to do with the aforementioned ancient adage. In any case, there is much more to wine and spirits than the alcoholic content.

These beverages embody intangible qualities that one cannot measure, justify or even explain adequately. Unlike sports drinks, wine and spirits do not pretend to quench your thirst or replenish your electrolytes. They don’t really supply vitamins or sustain your body’s health. And while the best wines and spirits can boast a definite cachet, they do not exist to impart a trendy chic-ness to the imbiber (unlike certain brands of bottled water and ubiquitous coffee blends out there). They simply possess an elusive appeal.

IDENTITY. Wine and spirits are not “here today, forgotten tomorrow.” A fine wine or liquor perpetuates (or, in some cases, establishes) an honored legacy, often intertwined with an illustrious family’s

heritage, as well as the particular (sometimes almost miraculous) climate and soil conditions of a region. This legacy needs to be preserved; the label on the bottle identifies and reinforces this.

SOPHISTICATION. New York Label understands that the mystique of a fine wine, scotch, cognac or other type of spirits should be

reflected in its label. Ordinary labels just won’t do. Whether the coating is gloss or matte, varnished or not, and the printing in spot-color or four-color process, hot-stamped or not, we can put your message on the bottle...on a tangible, exquisite label.

Whether a bottle appeals to consumers merely visually or on the reputation of the

product, it’s essential that the product’s quality is announced to consumers in the best possible packaging. Perhaps clothes do not make the man, but a poor wardrobe hardly does justice to the soul within his breast. The same is true for wine and spirits. New York Label will adorn each and every product as it deserves. Rest assured that we’ll give you labels that will truly manifest the product’s spirit in intoxicating style.

. . . labels that will

manifest the

product’s spirit in

intoxicating style.

Wine & Spirits

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Forget glamour, luxury and whimsy. Vitamins are levelheaded products. They don’t offer you fame or an instant fortune. Like an old-fashioned country doctor, a jar of vitamins soberly tells you exactly what it can do for you – no empty promises, no miracles, no embellishments of reality. Truth in labeling is at a premium here.

ROLL TO ROLL. Although the vitamin market isn’t regulated as rigorously as the pharmaceutical industry, recent FDA regulations have radically affected not only vitamin products, but the printing industry that labels them, as well. For instance, vitamin product labels that were once printed by offset presses on sheets are now being printed by flexography, roll to roll. This method satisfies the FDA’s restrictions against “loose” labeling, which can result in mislabeling of containers. New York Label’s expertise in roll to roll flexo meets this emerging necessity in the vitamin industry. Our exacting S.O.P.s (standard operating procedures) further ensure accuracy in bar coding, ingredients and every component of every label.

CONSISTENCY. Vitamin producers tend to market their entire range of dietary supplements, e.g., Vitamins A, B12, Zinc, etc.,

with highly similar packaging; the brand is immediately recognizable from product to product. Consistent color is a crucial element within each manufacturer’s product line. Consequently, precise color repetition is essential, especially because these various containers sit side by side on the shelf. New York Label comes through (with flying colors!), matching colors exactly, even from lot to lot.

Additionally, we take pride in how well we’re able to reproduce the small type on vitamin labels, excelling in challenging areas, such as reverses. On our labels, the text is cleanly replicated for legibility. And, in the vitamin industry, legibility is an absolute must.

COMPETITIVE EDGE. Who needs glamour when you’re being

reliably assured of good health? However, although it’s been said that a good product sells itself, that’s not easy to do on a shelf that’s cluttered with competitors’ products, all vying for the attention of the health-savvy consumer. So, give your customers’ products a competitive edge. New York Label will invigorate any vitamin product line’s energy level...that’s something you can rely on.

. . . in the vitamin

industry, legibility

and consistency are

an absolute must.


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FOR STuDENTS OF ALL AGES, A NEW SCHOOL YEAR BRINGS FRESH challenges. The perfect eyewear can give anyone a smart, new Back-to-School look for September. With the wide selection of optical frames available from

companies such as Marchon Eyewear, finding a comfortable fit in the latest styles is elementary. Parents who are feeling a bit overwhelmed just need to narrow it down to a child’s age, facial features, personal style and activities.

Generally, square frames are flattering on round faces, and round frames complement square faces, although tots between the ages of two and five look best in round or oval frames. While a low-set bridge will downplay a long nose, a high-set bridge deemphasizes a short nose. The top of the frame should follow the brow, but without obstructing facial expressions, and the width of the frames should be equal to the width of the head. The combination of a bridge in a subtle color and temples in a conspicuous color works well with close-set eyes.

Frames in soft colors are appropriate for children age four and under. However, as children grow older, they may develop strong preferences, with bolder colors – such as the sporty options offered in Marchon® X-Games eyewear – earning high marks. When it comes to personal style, teens (and even tweens) view eyewear as the fashion accessory that can help them express their individuality. Remember that your child will wear his or her favorite more willingly than yours.

Construction and design are also important considerations in choosing frames. Cable temples, which wrap around the ear, are a great feature for very young or very active children and for those who spend a lot of time at the computer. Spring hinges expand over time, as needed, and also resist bending when glasses are removed improperly with one hand. Other kid-friendly options are easily adjusted gooseneck nose-pad arms and comfortable PVC nose pads.

Parents in the know like Flexon Kids® frames, which incorporate space-age technology to ensure a superior fit. The proprietary manufacturing process uses a titanium-based alloy that is corrosion-resistant, fatigue-resistant and 25 percent lighter than conventional metals. The patented Flexon® material has 20/20 memory, so the frames return to their original shape if twisted or bent. In other words, they’re practically childproof! Because of their extreme springiness and durability, Flexon® frames are worn by bicyclists, skiers, firefighters and just about anyone with an active lifestyle.

Choosing eyewear frames for the new school year should not be difficult, especially with the assistance provided by your Henry Ford OptimEyes professional. With a little work and the confidence that comes with wearing the frames that suit them, students are sure to make the grade!

Back-to-School with the Right Eyewear

Marchon® X-Games

Flexon Kids®