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Slide presentation for "Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants" , by MarK Prensky, in "Theoretical foundations of teaching/learning English as a second language" course - Prof.Reinildes Dias - 30.08.2011


  • 1. DIGITAL NATIVES, DIGITAL IMMIGRANTS By Marc Prensky Group 1: Cinara, Najla, Neemias, Sonia

2. "A really big discontinuity has taken place." Call it Singularity? "an event which changes things so fundamentally that there is no absolutely going back." 3. Todays students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach. N-genorD-gen = DIGITAL NATIVES 4. 5. ...Digital immigrant instructors who speak an outdated language (that of the pre-digital age) are struggling to teach a population that speaks an entirely new language.

    • They learn to adapt but retain a certain accent

Digital Immigrants 6. What does "dial" a number mean anyway? 7. 8. 9. " is very likely that our students brains have physically changed - and are different from ours - as a result of how they grew up." 10.

11. Should the Digital Native students learn the old ways, or should their Digital Immigrant educators learn the new? 12. "...unless we forget about educating Digital Natives...we need to reconsider both our methodology and contents." 13.

  • First - METHODOLOGY - not changing the meaning of what is important...but... going faster less step-by-step more in parallel more random access

14. Second - CONTENTS Legacy - all of our traditional curriculum, like reading, writing, math, logical thinking...etc. Future - digital and technological contents. Example: hardware, software, robotics, nanotechnology, ethics, politics, sociology...etc. 15. " Edutainment"- education + entertainment Math- "future math" - approximation, statistics, binary thinking... Geography- no need of memorizing names and numbers, cities and capitals. All depends on how it is presented. Games should be created. 16. "We need to invent Digital Native methodologies for all subjects, at all levels, using our students to guide us." 17. Conclusion "If Digital Immigrant educators really want to reach Digital Native students - all their students - they will have to change." "Just do it!"