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Power Point Presentation on Effective Intercultural Communication. The presentation shows: what is meant by culture and intercultural communication, different types of communication, the most common problems that hinder effective intercultural communication and possible solutions, intercultural communication in the classroom and in our city, and finally some tips to improve intercultural communication.



2. GLOBAL CULTURE 3. Culture gives man the ability to.It makes us specifically rational, critic and ethically Through culture we discernand makechoices. Through culture man and becomesaware of itself, recognizes itself as an unfinishedproject, questions his own achievements, seeks for newmeanings and creates works that transcend. 4. CULTURE ISThe set of sharedattitudes, values, goalsand practices thatcharacterizes aninstitution, organization,group or society.As such it includescustoms, practices,codes, standards andrules of behaviour, dress,religion, rituals, and beliefsystems. 5. INTERCULTURALCOMMUNICATION 6. What is interculturalcommunication? The way people from different countries andcultures act, communicate and perceive the worldaround them, how people from different culturalbackgrounds interact. It involves understanding different cultures,languages and customs. 7. The phenomenon of globalisation helps us tobe more open-minded and reduces theopportunity for misunderstandings, butunfortunately it cant be generalized.


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