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Gamifying Employee Development Company WALL

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Corporate Culture

Gamifying Employee DevelopmentCompanyWALL

#1 ProblemTransparency

Common questions companies wont answer:How do I get a decent raise?How do I get promoted?How do I get recognized for my work?How do I get more responsibility?How can I plan for long term career growth?How would I be able to become an executive?

BasecampPeople ManagementLeadershipTask/ProjectManagementExpertiseThoughtLeaderSolution:Gamified Career Paths THEORYOrientation (Required)Basecamp/General Training (Optional)Mountain Peaks/Specialized Training (Optional)Everest Peak/Executive Training (Optional)Promotes a grassroots system where the employees are free to choose how to engage themselves, and gives them the ability to choose their career path

BasecampTechnical, financial, wellness, industry, etc training

People ManagementLeadershipTasksExpertiseThoughtLeaderAfter completing Basecamp, an employee can select a track


Leadership TrackLead YourselfLead Small ProjectsLead Ad-Hoc TeamsLead Large ProjectsLead high-level company strategiesLVL 1LVL 2LVL 3LVL 4LVL 6Lead Change ManagementLVL 5A track has different levels

LVL 1 - Lead YourselfLVL 1 Test - Lead a Lunch & Learn

Project Components: Goal Learn leadership styles/practices and teach others via a company lunch meetingSuccess Criteria 70% company attendance and 70% NPS ratingAssessment tests to benchmark leadership scoresTime Commitment: 1 hourLeadership ReadingsTime Commitment: 5 hoursLeadership ExercisesTime Commitment: 10 hours

Lead Yourself

Health and Experience Points

60%80%John R (LVL 4)

Health Points (HP)Experience Points (XP)Employees can see their progress via HP and XPHP is a factor of the employees reviews, performance, innovativeness, and emotional intelligenceXP is the progression to the next levelHigher levels would have higher minimum HP requirements

Moving up the mountain

60%80%John R (LVL 4)

XPMinimum HP to advance to next level40%50%60%70%80%Health Points (HP)Experience Points (XP)

HP CalculationUses Cy Wakemans formula on your annual review

50%Health Points (HP)If (Performance + Innovation - 3*Emotional Expense) = 0, then HP = 50%(Room for improvement & new ideas)(3X multiplier since bad behavior is infectious)(0 means not adding value to the company but also not detracting)Scores would reset once a year after annual review

Ways to build HPLeadership initiativesBook studies, L&Ls, Leadership program, etcCultural involvementParticipating in & organizing eventsWinning in wellness/company challengesCompleting Personal Improvement PlanHelping othersTraining classes, mentoring, get others to participate

Raises would be tied to completing a level andPromotions would be tied to finishing a track

People ManagementLeadershipTasksExpertiseThoughtLeaderAfter completing all peaks, an employee can select the Thought Leader track to become a thought leader in the industry and join the executive team after completion.



TransparencyIncreased employee engagementBetter retentionHappier employeesMore freedom and choicesBetter culture (people who arent a fit will leave on their own accord)