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FAULT Group 10 : Dimas Ahmad Syafi’i Fani Anisa Ayu Desiana Faruk Afero

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Group 10 :Dimas Ahmad Syafi’i

Fani Anisa Ayu DesianaFaruk Afero

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1. Definition 2. Properties of fault’s motion 3. Classification of fault4. Cause of fault 5. Fault dealing with earthquake

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Fault is a fracture in a rock formation along which there has been movement of the blocks of rock and either side of the plane of fracture. Faults are caused

by plate-tectonic forces.


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What we need to know dealing with fault?

1. Strike : direction of the line formed by the intersection of a fault, bed, or other planar feature and a horizontal plane.

2. dip : is the angle at which a planar feature is inclined to the horizontal plane; it is measured in a vertical plane perpendicular to the strike of the feature

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3. Net slip : relative displacement of a point on the fault plane coincides initially, due to the fault

4. Rake : the angle formed by the net slip with a strike-slip (horizontal shift in the direction of the moment) on fault plane

What we need to know dealing with fault

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5. Hade : angle between the fault plane to a vertical plane parallel to the direction of fault

6. Hanging Wall: rock body parts relatively over the fault plane

7. Foot Wall: rock body parts relative is under fault plane.

What we need to know dealing with fault

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Picture 1. Parts of Fault

α = dip β = rake of net slipθ = hade = – dipab = net slipac = strike slipcb= ad = dip slipae = vertical slip = throwde = horizontal slip = heave

Foot Wall

Hanging Wall

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Properties of fault’s motion 1. Translation : occurs when there is no

rotation between the parts to one another fault.

2. Rotation : occurs when lines or parallel bedding before the fault become not aligned again after the faulted.

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Classification of fault

1. Geometris classification- Dip-slip- Strike-slip - Diagonal slip

2. Relative motion - Normal fault- Reverse fault- Lateral fault

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Fault Classification Based on Geometries

Dip slip fault is fault movement parallel with slope of fault. Devided by 2 : Normal fault and Reverse fault

Strike slip fault is fault movement parallel with strike direction.

Diagonal slip fault is diagonal fault movement

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Fault Classification Based on Relative Motion

1.Normal Fault2.Reverse/Thrust Fault

3.Strike slip Fault

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Normal Fault

Normal fault is created by tensional stress, the hanging wall and footwall are pulled apart from each other

Hanging wall drops down relative to the footwall



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Listric faults are similar to normal faults but the fault plane curves,

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Reverse Fault

Reverse/thrust fault is created by compressional stress, the hanging wall and footwall are pushed each other,

The hanging wall moves upward along the fault relative to the footwall.



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Strike-slip Fault

Strike-slip fault is created by shearing stress

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The Characteristics of the existence of fault

1. Changing of river flow2. Presence of Escarpment

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The Characteristics of the existence of fault3.Exist of Triangular facet

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The Characteristics of the existence of fault4.Morphological change in rock

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The Characteristics of the existence of fault5.The emergence of the lake

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What Causes of Fault and how does it formed?

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Fault dealing with earthquake

Approximately 95% of the world's earthquakes occur at the boundaries between the plates of the earth's crust and in the

area of fault.

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1. We may know the oil trap2. Knowing migration of oils and gases

3. Knowing endogen Forces

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