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Slide deck for presentation at e-Patient Connections (September 2010). Updated for Maker Faire (May 2011) Presenters: Manny Hernandez, Diabetes Hands Foundation (both presentations) Michael Fergusson, Ayogo (at ePatient Connections) Session description: There is a widely-held belief that playing games online is a waste of time at best (“Your friend sent you a sheep!”), and part of an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle at worst. A closer look reveals something quite different, however: games and play are one of the strongest motivators of behaviour, and a key tool for anyone looking to develop or reinforce healthy habits. HealthSeeker is a game that turns your Facebook network of friends onto a source of support as you complete real-world missions to get healthier through simple everyday actions. Join us for a discussion about the game, how it works and how it came about. Play HealthSeeker at: Like HealthSeeker at: Follow HealthSeeker at:


  • 1. Engaging and Motivating with a Facebook Game Developed by In collaboration with Support provided by Designed by


  • President, Diabetes Hands Foundation
  • @diabetesHF


  • CEO, Ayogo Games, Inc.
  • @ayogogames

4. Why a Facebook Health Game?

  • More than 500 million active users(1)
  • Average Facebook user: 130 friends (1)
  • More than 30% of users are 45+ years old(2)
  • 10 most popular Facebook games: 200+ million active monthly users(3)
  • Average Social Gamer is a 43-Year old Woman (!)(4)

(1)July 2010 Facebook Statistics (2) February 2010 Pingdom Study (3) July 2010 Inside Social Games (4) February 2010 -GigaOm 5. Enter HealthSeeker

  • Launched June 14, 2010
  • First Health-centric Facebook game
  • Social and fun way to develop healthy habits
  • Over 3,000 new players since launch @HealthSeekerFB 6. The Gap

  • There is an overwhelming demand for new, innovative tools that willengage ,empowerandmotivatepeople in their day-to-day diabetes management.

7. HealthSeeker: Mission Driven

  • Missions are a means of providing focused, individualized and tangible methods of achieving health-related goals.

8. Feedback from Players on Facebook 9. Feedback from Players on Twitter 10. What are Diabetes Educators Saying about HealthSeeker?

  • For educators who are struggling to help patients integrate behavior change, HealthSeeker will be a great tool.
  • Very clever! Its great that the game gives patients examples of specific behaviors to focus on they need that!
  • I like how the game involves peer support, and even support from a significant other.Its a way for the family to get and stay healthy, too.

11. What are Diabetes Educators Saying about HealthSeeker?

  • Would be helpful for players to get e-mail reminders to check in with their progresskind of like having someone watch over your shoulder, but in a fun way!(DONE!)
  • This game would be great to have as asmart phone app.(VERY SOON! )
  • I now feel like I have a tool to recommend to my patients for ongoing support, especially between education appointments.


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13. Home 14. Missions > All Missions 15. Missions > Completed 16. Friends 17. Friends > Leaders 18. Achievement > My Achievements 19. Achievements > Collective 20. Developed by In collaboration with Support provided by Designed by @ HealthSeekerFB