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How To Engage with Your Customers on Social Media for Best Results?MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENTPPC

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My name is John!

Im a working professional!

I use both, a phone and a computer.

.to access my favorite social media sites.

See how it happens

Im active on social sites all day long

Using my smartphone mostly...

Its so enriching and engaging experience...

I interact with brands

Constant interactionIn fact there is


90Conversations everywhere


Sometimes this conversation goes viral

Hi!I am a brand representative..

And I need to engage with my followers /customers on social media

This is extremely important for you to survive as a business..

First, you need to grab my(Johns) attention. You can ask me to like your FB page, follow your Twitter account and subscribe to your newsletter.

Then you need to publish interesting, entertaining and informative posts about your products and things that interest your social followers like me.

And you would have to do it several times a day at regular intervals but without spamming or bothering your followers

To schedule your posts, you can use a social media tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer. So, they will work for you, even when youre sleeping.

Now, lets have a look at some other things you need to do to engage with your followers on social media!

Feedback FormFeedback

To engage with my customers and improve my products, I need their feedback

They are a customer-friendly brandMonitor their conversations and use it as a feedback...

Lets improve our products and services in accordance with the feedback received on social media

Wow ! They understand their buyers and their needs

Sharing information

You can also engage with your customers by

Announcing Contests!

Announcing discounts

Announcing new products

Sending gifts

Or giving freebies

Or something that adds value

Or featuring your customers in a company video

Or asking them to share their own videos

Or something that

makes them feel important! or delighted!!!

counter negative rumorsRumors are mere rumors

And dont forget to..

address complaints

And dont forget to..and handle grievances.

Being a busy bee

through social media

Using Twitter



& Pinterest etc.

The brand seems to be authentic & reliable

An engaged customer

In fact your brand appears more powerful now!



TacticsAction plansSocial media helps you enormously in achieving your organizational goals through engagement .

Timely response

Handle Queries


Its time to answer the queries of your customers

Offer solutions

There is a human touchThey accept my suggestions/feedbackThey educate me about their productsThey have constant interactions with me..


Company Names

So, when I think about companies offering the product I require, this companys name appears on top of my mind

BRANDHe makes the first visit to your store and buys your products

If you engage your customer properly, he comes back to you again and again.


Awarenessspreads throughword of mouth

and their friends and relatives are also likely to buy your products..


These are a few ways to engage your customers on social mediaBe innovative and discover more such ways

BRANDAnd do it consistently.

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