how to stay motivated when starting a small business

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  • HOW TO STAYMOTIVATED WHENSTARTING A SMALLBUSINESSM a t t h e w R e d i n g t o nFounderandCEOofGangstir,arestaurantconsultingcompany.

  • Work When you Wake Up

    Lounging around in the mornings before you get down to workmay actually be hurting your productivity. Studies have been

    done showing that people are most productive in themornings, so wake up and get to work!

  • Take Care of Your Health

    You may not think you have the time, but finding time toexercise and meditate daily will clear your mind and help yoube more productive. Think of these activities as an investment

    in your work.

  • Find Balance

    When you start your own business, your work will become yourlife. You will find yourself absorbed in the lows and highs of

    being your own boss, and pushing yourself to get things done.Remember what is important, and make time for family and

    friends. A support system is necessary for you to continueworking at your best.

  • Plan Your Weeks

    A way to give your brain a break outside of work is to planmeals and relaxation time ahead of time. Part of starting your

    own business is making a large number of decisions. It ishelpful to be able to step out of that role and already have

    decided what you will have for dinner, or how you will spend afree night.

  • Track Your Daily Income

    A huge motivator when starting a business is money. If youknow how much money you are bringing in per day, you will bemotivated to get more things done on a daily basis in order to

    raise this number.

  • Read Books Related to Your Field

    When you are feeling burnt out, take some time to read a bookabout someone who is working or has worked in your field.

    Chances are, both their successes, and learning experienceswill motivate you to work more and have some of your own.

  • Take Note of Your Weekly Progress

    It is easy to lose motivation when you are constantly focusedon what needs to get done instead of what you have already

    gotten done. At the end of every week, be sure to look back onyour progress and congratulate yourself.

  • Remember Why You Started

    Everyone starts their business for a reason. When yourmotivation is down, it is helpful to remember that reason.

    Whatever it was, taking note of it will move you to get moredone.


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