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“Big Data” is a phrase we hear often in business these days, and not just in the context of client and customer-related operations. Companies that are putting data to use in innovative ways are finding it can have surprising benefits to the business’s bottom line. – For example, tools like Quantified Self, FitBit or Jawbone can track things like your employees’ sleep patterns, mood and emotions. Soon you'll be able to tell in real-time how your employees are doing and where they're happiest in their jobs. For the November 2013 Best Practice Network webinar, VolunteerMatch is joined by John C. Havens, Founder of the H(app)athon Project and author of “Hacking Happiness - Why Your Personal Data Counts and How Tracking it Can Change the World,” and Arthur Woods, co-founder of Imperative, the leading consulting agency helping companies measure and maximize employee purpose and well-being. John and Arthur will describe the bottom-line benefits of tracking your employee well-being, and how to bring these merry methodologies to your companies. You’ll walk away with ideas for how to use existing tools and technologies to bring greater well-being to your workforce, and greater value to your customers and stakeholders overall. Speakers: John Havens Founder, The H(app)athon Project Arthur Woods Co-Founder, Imperative Follow the conversation on Twitter @VM_Solutions, #VMbpn


  • 1.From Productivity to Purpose: How Worker Well-Being Increases Your Bottom LinePanelists:Facilitator:John HavensArthur WoodsFounder The H(app)athon Project @johnchavensCo-Founder Imperative @ArthurWoodsLauren Wagner Business Development Manager VolunteerMatch @Lauren_Lynn2November 13, 2013

2. How To Ask Questions Type questions into the box on the right side of the your screen Submit via Twitter to @VM_Solutions using #VMbpn We will pose questions at the end of the presentation A copy of the sides will be circulated after the event2 3. Panelists From Productivity to Purpose: How Worker Well-Being Increases Your Bottom LineJohn HavensArthur WoodsFounder The H(app)athon Project @johnchavensCo-Founder Imperative @ArthurWoods3 4. Volunteer Match Solutions Presents 5. Little Data 6. I sync therefore I am. 7. Little Data at Work 8. Take Data to Heart 9. Meeting Mediator 10. Tidepool 11. N(app)s 12. Connecting Happiness to Action. One phone, one heart, one city at a time.Connecting Happiness to ActionThe Science of Positive Psychology proves that when youre engaged in activities that bring you meaning or when youre helping others, your happiness increases.One PhoneWe use surveys based on economic Happiness Indicators people take over time on their phones. We use passive sensors in phones to identify behaviors or emotions related to our survey questions that provide insights on how people feel about their communities.One HeartOne CityOur Goal is to foster transparent civic engagement while democratizing citizen data. We want to create an economy of happiness built on trust.The Happathon Project provides a tactical approach to community engagement, equipping governing bodies with the ability to more accurately customize policy goals for the citizens they serve. 13. Thanks! @johnchavens John C. Havens [email protected] 14. imperative : 15. At Etsyimperative : 16. imperative : 17. imperative : 18. At Elanceimperative : 19. At Elanceimperative : 20. imperative : 21. imperative : 22. Connect people to purpose on a massive scale. imperative : 23. imperative : 24. The bottom line?Talent Retention + Recruiting, Productivity, Deepened Culture, Improved Customer Experience, *Impactimperative : 25. Thanks! @Imperative Arthur Woods @ArthurWoods [email protected] omimperative : 26. Thank You! 27. Q&A Type questions into the box on the right side of the your screen Submit via Twitter to @VM_Solutions using #VMbpn32 28. Stay Informed Blog: www.VolunteeringIsCSR.orgTwitter: @VM_SolutionsNewsletter: Monthly Good Companies newsletter - Sign up on the blog!33 29. Save the Date December 18th 2013 Giving in Numbers: Insights from CECPs Annual Research Wednesday December 18th, 2013 10 a.m. 11 a.m. PT (1-2 p.m. ET)Featuring: Michael Stroik Manager, Research and Analytics CECPRegister here: