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Magazine Deconstruction KERRANG!

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Magazine Deconstruction


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Front coverColour Scheme:Mainly black/grey and yellow with red at the top and the bottom.

Main Picture:Nirvana, in front of the title of the magazine name. “Nirvana” is written in yellow and in capitals, so it stands out.

Buzz Words:“Awesome” posters, written in yellow on a red background.

Puff:At the top there is a puff so it attracts the reader’s attention, and adds something else for them to buy

“The untold story” implies that this is an exclusive, and the reader will want to find out the whole story.

Smaller images:The poster images also show what else the magazine has to offer

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Contents“Contents” is written in a different font to the front cover. The tagline underneath is funny so would appeal to different ages.

Main image:The two men are looking at the camera, so it must be one of the main stories.

Colour scheme:Similar to the front page, the text is yellow on a black strip to highlight the important features.

“The ultimate rock-star test” would appeal to younger readers because it is fun for them.

Smaller images:Other stories in this issue which aren’t necessarily as important as the cover image or the main. Other things in the issue to keep the reader’s attention.

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Double Page SpreadColours: Light yellow background, with red and black. “Angels” is written in red, above Cobain’s head and he also has red and blue wings. “Demons” is written in black, with a red outline which could connote evil. Main Images:Kurt Cobain takes up the whole left page, and on the right is the full picture of the band, taken in black and white.